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  1. Last round of the year. Didn't play stellar myself, but I wasn't too much of a hinderance to the group either. We played in a 4 person best ball (2 lowest net scores on each hole) and won by 5 strokes. It was a little awkward since I'd been somewhat vocal about sandbagging earlier in the year. Oh well, at least by next year nobody will even remember who I am. Have a great off season my fellow Canadians (both of you).
  2. I don't think Irish players vying for a spot on the Olympic team will be offended in any way.
  3. What if the Olympic format is match play and it's two man teams like the World Cup (formerly Canada Cup) was. Who of Poulter, Westwood, and Rose would Rory replace, in match play, in 4 years. My guess is it'll be Poulter and McIlroy if he gets a spot or Rory and McDowell if he doesn't,
  4. 38 front with three 3-putts. 43 back with 3 double bogeys (11, 15, 16) including going birdie, par on 17 and 18 from the wrong fairway on both holes. A somewhat disappointing 81 considering I played 15 decent holes.
  5. I encourage people to putt with a long iron or a very old blade putter (not an Anser like blade, but a real blade) before buying a new putter, whether they get a fitting or not. It's not hard with a grooved stroke (proper path hitting ball on COG) to decide whether or not the putters off the shelf are right enough. Can't find one? Get fit. I just recently went back to a putter that I'd spent a whole season trying to find. Then it didn't work all of a sudden. I went back to basics and now it's money. Whatever flatstick a person ends up with, they need to work on maintaining the "natural" stroke
  6. Who's to say how much actual wood would be in these new clubs? I think it would be more of a carbon composite design. In any case, this is a potential marketing ploy because titanium is probably close to hitting a ceiling in performance. They get underground movements of good golfers to push for a more traditional direction in golf. This way they can open up a new technology whereupon all of us would need to replace all our drivers to be USGA compliant. I can also see the potential replacement of irons with "wooden" clubs like those pictures of clubs from the 1700s. Super-wood-irons? Plus
  7. Sounds like you're recounting a dream you had last night.
  8. Agreed. They lost me when they insisted on using the most expensive courier every time. Never again.
  9. Sounds like the misguided tool fool who was eliminated in this season's first episode of Big Break
  10. Thanks for the bad memories John. http://www.pgatour.com/golfers/001249/john-daly/scorecards/#!/r047/2012
  11. Post a recent video, where you're not sucking, or shut it.
  12. He was playing from the Ultra Mega Championship Tees of the Gods where the par 3s are all > 250 yards. Don't forget he's only hiting those perfectly straight 2-irons 225 yards!!
  13. What if he had a non-conforming club in his bag but didnt use it? He still played the best using conforming clubs. I don't know how I feel about the scorecard error / DQ. A 35 versus a 3, 4, or 5 seems extreme. What if it was an 8 instead of a sloppily written 3? Maybe just DQ the kid and if he's really all that he'll win something even bigger in the future.
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