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  1. "Sleeper" as in makes me sleepy to read about them.
  2. I'm pretty sure a high handicapper using a 1-iron would not be concerned with my wallet. Unless he wanted me to spot him some money for more golf balls at the turn. Actually it's not hard to find a tee shot when it bounces and rolls < 100 yards down the middle of the fairway.
  3. Might be "when" you play as much as where. If I played between 09:00 and 15:00 then it's rare to see a longer player than you. When I consider players in my Wednesday league and the guys with 06:00 to 08:00 tee times, I've played with many who drive approximately that far (unless your distances are in metres).
  4. You're quoting my comment about A-Rod exactly why?
  5. Speaking of sarcasm, that's winking guy is probably the most sarcastically judgmental smiley I've ever seen. Some people use that specific smiliey quite often and I never know how to interpret what they've just said.
  6. I only comment on the ball because I have some experience playing current tour balls and older tour and distance balls. The modern driver hits the ball farther and the modern ball goes straighter. It's a deadly combination. I don't recall hitting the ball > 325 yards on any drives before 2000. A drive over 300 was a rarity. Surely at 45 I can't be that much more fit than I was at 25, can I?
  7. sean_miller


    Sorry, was I complaining about anything in that post?
  8. Sorry, what in his comment proves Seve wasn't a jerk? He sure was when I was young(er). At least that's how I recall the Ryder Cups playing out pre-1991.
  9. Is this still about baseball? That's specifically what you've quoted - a baseball comment.
  10. If he could knock a few minutes per hole off his putting routine, the 5-hour version might be enough.
  11. Playing to your index under pressure is nothing to sneeze at.
  12. Not sure what that means, but you "debating" with others works out well for both of us.
  13. No, you're just doing selective reading. Since when is A-Rod respected?
  14. If Im hesitant about making the type of swing intended to get extra yardage, then I need to either pull a 3-wood or get a new driver. New drivers rock!!
  15. Right from the first sentence the Mickelson bit is biased. The baseball stuff is not consistent with the baseball I've watched over the years, but maybe those got a dressing down after the game . . . off camera.
  16. A lot of what you're saying sounds made up (like the baseball stuff for example - ie the player is respected he gets props from both teams).. Extremelty biased at the very least.
  17. The changes in the ball are related to everything you listed. If you have a ball that spins less off the driver, you can make longer drivers. If you make longer drivers you'd better make them lighter. If you can make them lighter you can make them bigger. This all puts more emphasis on distance. That is totally on the golf ball. There's better fitness in all sports, and with the money involved players look at every angle. Fitness might not help you hit a couple drives longer, but they'll help you do it for 4 rounds and play in 30 events.
  18. They certainly haven't capitalized on their good products. They missed the mark with the new 588s for example. Great blades and possibly the most attractive forged cavity backs on the market, but available exactly where? And the wedges - if I want a classic 588 style wedge, I'll buy one off ebay or I'll pick up a Scratch, Cobra, or something like that. The forged 588s are stamped like Vokey wannabes, which is so ironic it's sad.
  19. 45 + 45 = 90 Seems like a pretty solid position at the top (I'm jealous of his hand position)
  20. I think that by calling someone with all one brand "brand loyal" can be somewhat misleading. I can throw together a 100% Mizuno bag (except the actual bag since I don't want to be mocked as a fanboy) but it's a snapshot of Mizuno in the past. Am I Mizuno brand loyal with 20 year old blades, 18 year old wedges, a 12 old putter, and a 4 year old driver? What current Mizuno gear gets me excited about giving the Mizuno Corporation [sic] more of my money? To be completely honest - none of it does. I am loyal to what Mizuno was in the 1990s wrt wedges and irons and more recently wrt their woods. I wasn't a fan of their woods garbage in the 1990s. If a person is truly "brand loyal" they'll stay in touch with all that brand's new offerings and drool over their brochure every spring. Not sure any brand of anything ever does that for me at any one time - they all have strengths and weaknesses. I could say that Titleist would be the closest, but I won't use a Titleist ball (personal reasons) and don't plan on replacing any of my gear with what would essentially be replacements in kind.
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