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  1. Maybe Rocco Mediate? Your reference to Tiger Woods is telling. He swings like he's about to explode - I'm probably in the minority, but I find very little subtlety in that swing. It's not one the "average" golfer should emulate. Unless you like looking for lost balls.
  2. And don't focus on golf - play many other sports. There's a lot of valuable muscle memory gained from other sports (tennis, squash, baseball, hockey, track) and you'll be a more interesting person (golf nuts can be kinda weird).
  3. Good additions - I only added equipment I've played - I'd love to try something from Miura or KZG!
  4. Go with the AP2s - I haven't hit them, but everyone who does says they're really good. Plus, they have a classic look - they won't be fugly in 5 years. Your length is likely related to your age - when I was 13 I'd only seen golf on TV. Grip down and by the time you're driving a car you'll be a single digit.
  5. Sure he does. He also has a team of people finetuning his equipment. He can hit new or different clubs whenever he wants. He could even ask for other golfers' opions if he wasn't under contract with Nike.
  6. I'm sure they could. Personally, I've tried so-called game improvement clubs and I hate them. The set up and address position just seems wrong to me. My irons went so high it was ridiculous. Plus, I can't get past those thick toplines. The day I switched back to blades (I've hit quite a few different blades - I like most of them better than GIs) was the day my iron-play jumped ahead by a mile. You can do what you want how you want - I don't need forgiveness in my irons, I just need more practice on my putting.
  7. And vise versa. When I was young(er), a couple buddies and I found some "baked" balls in a dry creek bed. The clay/mud had stained them and they all poor quality balls - very hard covers. We cleaned them up and each kept a couple for emergencies. Whenever one of us was losing too many balls, we'd announce, "I'm gonna hit a rock for awhile" or "I'm putting a rock in play". You couldn't lose those mofos. They always seemed to get a person's game turned around.
  8. My comments were not directed at the OP. I will probably never own a German car - if I want an overpriced European car, I'll go for a Volvo. Audi is a cash cow for VW - enough said.
  9. " Handicap Index: 36" I guess when you find something beautiful, you'll know it - good luck.
  10. I do take a shallow divot with anthing shorter than a 6 iron so maybe I should look closer at my divots. Is it easy to detect a slightly open or closed clubface from a divot? Is there a distinct difference as the leading edge begins to cut through the turf?
  11. You put more stock in your divot than ball flight and how the club feels during contact? Different strokes for different folks I suppose.
  12. I agree with the fact his original idea of a "reliable" car is a tad flawed, but what kind of pompous douchebag needs a beamer or a benz as his first car? You want fast, reliable, and value - Japanese or Ford (they're actually trying really hard these days). BMW are reliable, Mercedes and VW not so much. I'm not sure what a Sky is, but conventional wisdom is to steer clear of anything from the UK - very very over priced and not reliable.
  13. If somebody told me I could permanently shave 5 strokes off my rounds (I typically shoot somewhere between 80 and 86), but I'd have to play Callaway Big Berta irons and use a belly putter, I'd tell them to shove it. I'm not superficial - I don't care what others think - I just don't like the thought of dry heaves every time I pull my bag out of the car.
  14. I think you need to start by getting your loft and lies checked - and maybe some new grips (why not). There are some uneven gaps in your irons. Otherwise get these - now!
  15. I'm not a digger - never have been. Learning the game as a kid by playing in the yard and the pasture is a factor. One too many divots in the yard and - let's just say hitting irons well does not require taking a divot. I like the ball to stop, not back it up. When I play really soft wet fairways I hit more club and back off because beaver pelt sized divots are not my thing.
  16. Most people who see my bag of blades are surprised I can play at all - the pros are switching to players cavity backs and so are many top amateurs. They think I must be a crappy golfer who's playing something they got at Goodwill. I play them because I love them - the way they look in the bag and at address, the way they feel when I'm playing well (and when I'm not), the way they sound when I hit the ball and when they're clicking together while I'm walking, they way they fit together so compactly in my carry bag. I hope my wife doesn't read this.
  17. That all seems fairly straightforward. Of course if I visualize this swing, the player is wearing flippers, a snorkel, and swinging a novelty inflable driver.
  18. It depends on the mat material. I think it sounds like an almost simultaneous click-thump.
  19. It's not an easy club to hit. When I decided to learn to hit my 2 and 3 irons straight (ish) to lower my handicap, there weren't any hybrids (early 90s - just bafflers and other garbage like that). It took about a year to get really comfortable with them. Lostwise, they're like modern 3 and 4 irons. I'd say if you can hit a new 3-iron, you can actually hit a 2 iron. Anyway, they're great off the tee, but into a par 3, they run too far. For par 3s I'd hit my Fybrid (and hope I don't snap hook it).
  20. I have eye issues as well - I see the line okay from behind the ball but not while standing over it. I could go into my specific medical issues, but let's just say, I often miss my turn when driving in a new residential area - by the time I find the street sign, then attempt to read it - it's too late. Anyway, there are two things I do to make putting bearable. 1.) practice while looking directly at the hole (with both eyes) to help judge pace. I find a blade putter (especially the old ones - Wilson Staff, Sportsman, Slazenger, etc) work best for this - think of making a break out pass in hockey - you look at the man you're passing to, not the puck - you have to know where your stick blade and the puck are based on experience and repitition. 2.) Most importantly, I set the line on the ball (the trademark if playing a Top Flite or Taylormade or a drawn line) along the target line before picking up my ball marker - even on 6 footers. I plumb bob with my putter using my "good" eye to confirm the line on the ball is aligned correctly. It's time consuming, but I do what I have to in order to enjoy the game. Nice drive, decent approach and a guaranteed 2-3 putts (sometimes 4) gets old really fast.
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