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  1. I'd like to try that towel - do you have to yell something while wiping your club? Like Pow or ShamWow! I borrowed my wifes brand new oversized Wilson Staff towel, but once I got to the course I couldn't bear to get it dirty. I used a cloth napkin from the clubhouse and my shirt.
  2. Oh, 197 yards - that sounds much more reasonable for a hard 9-iron. Carry on then.
  3. Do all Norwegians hit a lot of 180 yard 9 irons, or just the really good ones?
  4. This is precisely why I voted Brett Fav-re as the greates (i.e. most famous) sports figure of all time - his sheer determination to be the topic of conversation at all times. Once he's the Viking's new starter, he should start dating Lindsey Lohan - they would make a great "Us" and "SI" covers!!
  5. I read somewhere that the Nike Karma a ladies' ball - maybe it was even on this site!?! I'd like to check them out, but I don't want to look like black glove wearing, Ian Poulter head cover sporting, groove brushing, golf newb.
  6. I don't know - ever play Tiger Woods PGA 2009 for the Nintendo Wii? A couple of the default female opponents wear tight jean shorts. I know they they're not real people, but if Nathalie Gulbis or Paula Creamer show up at my course in cut offs, I'll be okay with that. Either way, I'm going to start wearing a golf glove (after ~ 15 years without one) and I'm definitely buying a black one . And not even an actual golf glove either - a batting glove with "Rawlings" or some other obviously non-golf company logo - just because I know how much it seems to rattle people.
  7. Top Flites have always been a good bet for the average golfer. They used to get a bad rap because, like the Pinnacles, they'd scuff, but wouldn't cut. People played them long after they should have been put into the shag bag. Most low or even mid handicappers refuse to put a Top Flite product in play. I laugh at that "logic" On Sunday I was easily as long off the tee as my playing partners - and as close to pin on approaches. I dropped a longish putts on the 8th hole and the two guys hitting the Titleist Pro V1s were surprised to see what I pulled out of the hole. A Top Flite XL Tour - $12.99 / dozen at Sport Mart.
  8. Also be careful with 150 yard markers placed on each side of the fairway - especially on dog-legs. The best way to judge yardage on foot without technology, is to pace from your ball to the dot marker (yellow for 250, blue for 200, white for 150, red for 100) in centre of the fairway. Or, rather, to an imaginary 1/2 circle that goes through the marker.
  9. sean_miller

    Alvaro Quiros

    Quote: Originally Posted by trog2233 I dont know if anyone saw this but on that long 600+ yard par 5. He hit a driver off the tee and hit his driver again off the fairway!! I've never seen anyone hit a driver off the ground. Corey Pavin said in an interview on Saturday that he played driver-driver on 11, too. ______________________________________________________________________________ Players used to do it all the time - back in the old days (pre 2000) when drivers were actually shaped like golf clubs.
  10. These are just funny more than anything - they're not completely useless when found broken, because they usually have some sharp parts that are good for cleaning the grooves - and they're disposable! Unlike regular broken tees they're not great on par-3s. To the list, I would add the person carryiing greater than or equal to 14 clubs when they can only reasonably hit about 6 of them?
  11. You can't imply we talking specifically about the 12th at Hazeltine. I think the OP meant any 500+ yard par 4. If not, option one is worded incorrectly.
  12. You have to read this one in proper golf "fashion" context. These are the same people who "match" white belts to brown shoes. I don't recall Billy Idol wearing one black glove either - maybe they're thinking of Wacko Jacko!?!?
  13. "rawson" on the way back "and" triggers the hips to start moving (before the shoulders etc) "gulbis" gets the club moving on the downswing - impact at approximately, "gul" Put it together and what have you got? "rawson . . and gulbis" Beautiful in so many ways.
  14. I hadn't considered these options. Either way, I'll change my GIR% to < 10%. If I had to play the same 500+ yard par 4, one hundred times in succesion: - I'd probably lose some amount of focus after a dozen attempts. - back spasms and muscle cramps after 50 attempts. - after 70-80 attempts, I'd be begging for death. If I have to rely on playing the whole round 100 times: - this simply isn't going to happen in my lifetime - I don't play 100 rounds in 10 years, let alone playing the same course ever time. - Just kill me now and get it over with.
  15. If I was a full time caddy carrying a staff bag, I wouldn't haul any accessories either. I've caddied in tournaments before and it's not rocket science. You have all the time in the world to put a fine spit polish on each club - it's very rewarding.
  16. I do recall including a crapload disclaimers when I estimated 30%. My long irons and my hybrid are my strengths. And yes, I'd probably 4-putt for a double bogey. * wail
  17. For the Canadians: Did anyone see Daly totally snub Jerry Dee (sp) from The Score at the Canadian Open. I was pleased with John that day.
  18. Aaah, the trusty launch monitor. It's really all you need to make a well informed decision!
  19. With a wide fairway and a receptive green (i.e. huge with room to run it up) I might be putting 30% of the time (driver, hybrid/2-iron). Length is not the issue - hitting/holding the green is.
  20. If you like the look of the bracelet/placebo, $15 isn't a lot of coin. I suspect it's the guitar playing - I had similar problems with my wrists - I assume it's an acoustic!?!?
  21. You should lead with the first thing we should know about you. badum-ching! I'm freaking hilarious - that is the most recent thing you've learned about me.
  22. Is the typical amateur golfer in the US barely making ends meet? Most of the top amateurs in Canada are either trust fund kids (wealthy parents) or they're on scholarships with everything paid for. I haven't ever met an avid golfer who was not well off - unless "house-poor" counts!?!?
  23. From the most recent videos: Tip 1: you need a waggle - a little preshot routine Tip 2: when your friend is drunk, use a tripod Where is this practice facility - it looks peaceful.
  24. Were you a high school teacher, or was she a friend of your 18 year old daughter? (I assume she's over 18).
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