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  1. I'd have to say that on a fall day, with the smell of falling leaves in the air, nothing beats walking down the fairway with a cigar in one hand and a flask to pass around in the other. My favourite flask fillers: Aberlour, Highland Park , Talisker, Oban, Tamdhu, Lagavulin, and of course Laphroaig (try it with cola - just kidding - it tastes like poison). Looking forward to September, Autumn, ALCS and NLCS, and late seaon golf!!!
  2. My main set: MP-11 3-PW for $100 (in 1993 - they were mint condition and probably stolen) MP-11 2 iron $50 convinced someone to pull it out of a 2-PW used set at a golf shop Wilson Staff putter - $15 Driver: Callaway BB Warbird - $75 Gap Wedge: Tom Watson 50* $10 + 2 "new" wedges and a hybrid
  3. ~275 but I hit 2 or 3 iron more often than not, just for placement. Enough room for the foursome in a Subaru Forester. Not perfect but far better than I deserve.
  4. You need to make contact with the leading edge pretty much in the middle of the ball with an ascending blow - flat contact at worst (parallel to the ground in the hitting zone). That's the best way to maximize your short iron yardage.
  5. Any time I play with my brother - last Saturday evening we played 9 holes just before sunset. A little scotch, a cigar, no scorecard, no lost balls, no swearing. Just good times.
  6. You should be able to hit your putter 130 yards.
  7. Some I've seen. - a coworker, tired of waiting on every shot, hit up on the group ahead on a par 5. We were yelling at him not to do it. He landed his 4 iron on top of their power cart. - I was on a par five playing with the local doctor (an impatient dickwad), I wanted to wait for the group ahead to clear the green before hitting - he says "you're too far out, you'll never get there". Stupidly, I believed him, then hit a solid 5-wood. The ball landed in front of the green and rolled up to the hole - right between the legs of a lady who was lining up her putt. They waited for us at the edge of the green to see who hit the shot. She was hoping to tear the doctor a new one, but when she saw it was me she looked at and smiled, "that was a great shot from there" then she shot the doctor a little sneer. - in a company tournament, my wife and I were teamed with another hacker couple. They had no idea what club to use on any shot (they should have only carried 7 irons and putters - they were awful). On the 8th hole, he pulls out a 5 iron for a 120 yard par 3. I tried to convince him to hit his 9 iron. We compromised on 7 irons (his go to club). He puts this gorilla swing on it and hit's up on the ball - barely catching any ball at all. It rolls and rolls and ends up about 5 yards short of the green. He turns and gives me this smug look, "Yup. I knew I should have gone with the 5 iron!". My wife and I still laugh about it. - I was golfing with some buddies and one of them has a pull cart. On one par 5, he left if ahead of him in the rough while looking for his drive. He finds the ball and get's ready to put a hurt on it with his 3 wood. My brother says, "um, Jim, you may want to move your bag.". Jim says no need, he's gonna hit a high cut onto the green - around his bag. Needless to say he hits a missile about 10 inches off the ground and it smokes the bottom of his golf bag. It comes back right at his head almost as fast as it left the club. He ducked and the ball ended up 30 behind him in a fairway bunker. A couple shots I didn't see: - my first round on a real course (I'd played in a field and been to the range a few times), I hit my 3rd shot over the first green into the bush/forest. I went in to look for it and carried my bag with me. I found it right away and a huge opening - if I hit my pitching wedge just the right height. I gave it a wild stab and hoped - I couldn't see it land, but my brother did. When it hit the flag and dropped into the cup, he yelled out, "you phony pri*k!!" We were all about the etiquette! - I was working at a course one summer. A twosome was playing shots from about 220 yards out on a par 5. We were working in the bunker - I wasn't watching their shots - my buddy said he'd keep an eye on the ball. He yells, "FORE SEAN, FORE!!!". I panicked and dove behind the little truck thing into the sand. I looked up and realized they were about 100 years old and both hit their shots < 50 yards.
  8. You don't have to be a pro to judge distance. At a pitch and putt last Sunday, I carried a 56* wedge, 6-iron, and putter. On both the 80 yard holes I hit a ball with both the wedge and the 6 iron - pin high each time (not to the inch, but pretty damned close). Some of us mid-cappers actually have game - when we're temporarily in the zone.
  9. Maybe he can consistently carry a hazard at 230 yards. Personally, I carry my fairway hybrid a bit farther than my driver, which I hit quite low relatively speaking.
  10. hmmm . . . you make that sound sort of logical. Do you do that for all your clubs?
  11. Maybe he wants to upgrade to irons that aren't quite so fugly.
  12. I think you should stick with medicine. The world needs more doctors, not professional golfers.
  13. It's hard to say without seeing the swing in question. If I had to guess (and I do) I'd say you're not keeping your left arm straight(ish). Most people I see with a Dalyesque backswing are cheating a bit.
  14. Can I still say that I hit my tee ball, "off the deck", even though the teeing ground is not made of planks?
  15. People write directly onto their wedges? Is it that hard to keep a piece of paper (or cardboard or business card) in your bag? So where would you write this information? On the face or back of the clubhead, on the shaft, or the grip? I think you guys should get the yardages tattooed on your left forearm, swingthoughts tattooed on your right forearm.
  16. He might mean when using it to lay-up (in the fairway). 180-200 sounds like a pretty strong 7-iron either way. Who needs to hit a 170 yard pitching wedge? You'd need to carry 5 wedges.
  17. BB Warbird Driver (9*) Wilson Fybrid (19.5*) or 2-iron (20*) MP-11 3-pw MP 56*, 60* Ram Tom Watson 50* (relative to the MP, if plays like a 53*) Putter
  18. http://s253.photobucket.com/albums/h...view=slideshow Driver, Fybrid, Putter in the top, 2-PW2-4, left middle, 5-7 right middle, 8-PW (Mizuno MP-11) and other wedges in the bottom. Pretty standard for a carry bag.
  19. >20 for back to back rounds on a 9-hole course. The course I learned to play on had a lot trees on every hole, but the worst part was the river crossed 8 of the 9 holes at least once. I worked on the course so I always had a lot of golf balls (mostly crap) and I had no fear of going for it. Now that I think about it, 20 balls may be underestimating. I calculated once that I probably lost over 600 balls that summer.
  20. So there's only one standard driver loft now? Is that the one we'll see in the Olympics? BTW - your 4 iron sounds a lot like my 3 iron (24*).
  21. Dude, you have to make some assumption when you reply to a topic. For example, I don't know you, but I'd guess you're either not a very long hitter who feels vindicated after being "away" on every approach (when playing with high handicappers), because your skill with mid to long irons and around the green means you're also probably "away" on the next tee box . . . or . . . you are sneaky long off the tee (and with every other club in the bag - hence the ironic nickname your buddies gave you - "shorty" my arse) and you've had more than a few experiences playing with people who claim to hit it long, but in reality they've hit maybe one long shot (total flukes) with each club and have based their average length on these one-in-a-million shots. If I had to wager, I'd say either way, the average golfer playing against you staight up (for money or pride) will have a very long day. Personally, I do hit the ball a long way. It's something always done - maybe it's from playing hockey, baseball, tennis, squash, or maybe it's because when I started playing golf, it was with hand-me-down crap that you had to hit with every ounce of strength/skill you had and it was against my older brother who could beat me at pretty much every sport but baseball. I never "brag" about how long I hit my 9 iron (recently adjusted to 46*) or my driver, because I gladly trade 20 yards of distance for a more pure putting stroke and better vision - for now, I go with my stength - long off the tee (I hit a lot of 2 and 3-irons off the tee on courses I don't know) and decent accuracy with my mid irons. The assumptions I made in the "what to hit from 200 yards" thread were based on what information was not included in the oririnal query. I assumed his ball was in the first cut of rough with possibly of a flyer lie, he had at least an average swing speed, was not playing to an elevated green, did not have a huge forced carry, was not playing in windy conditions, and had the ability to swing hard without falling down. From 200 yards in the rough, I'd personally hit anywhere from 7 to 4 iron. Anthing longer (i.e. greather than 4-iron) is too hard to hit and anything less than a 7 is essentially a lay-up. A typical high handicap player in the rough with 200 yards to the green should probably either lay up or have a good short game, but if they had a good short game, and this is another assumption, they're probably only a high handicapper because they're not very long off the tee or with their irons - hence distance is probably at least somewhat important. What was the question?
  22. @ the OP, Be wary of putting on carpet. The pace is not the same a natural grass and the breaks may be present without being visible - this could introduce a subtle hook or slice in order to hit what you think is a straight putt. I know from experience on the last one. You also don't get the feel of different slopes. I've demoed a few different putters this summer, but just in the golf shops. Whenever I narrow it down to a couple, I seem to tell myself, I'm probably making putts with this one because there's a trough to the hole, I've just been essentially practicing for 40 minutes, and I bet I'd be draining them with one from my basement right now too (plus I could spend the $200 on the wife and reap the benefits). What type of putter do you use? Heavy, light, blade, mallet, centre shaft, long, short, etc? Your putter choice is a very personal one, as it has to feel like an extension of your body - if you're aware of it while taking it back, it's probably not the right one. Another suggestion - if you have a playing partner (friend, spouse, child, whatever) who is interested, spend a few minutes after each round on the practice green - and have a putting competition. Once you're focused on draining the putt to win, you won't need to focus on mechanics.
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