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  1. Hdcp @ +3 !?!? Oh yeah, I'm sure we could all out-putt you on your best day!!
  2. Beige and bland. I'd miss his hit antics and his Sunday reds.
  3. I've worked with a lot of non-golfers who would argue otherwise. They see golf like billiards or darts. An activity that takes some amount of skill to do, but one doesn't necessarily have to be very strong, flexible, fit or agile. I see their point - an out of shape whale can still get around a golf course quite well (especially when he drive a little buggy between shots) a lot better than someone in the same shape would fare against an average opponent playing table tennis. I could do without golf in the olmpics, but mostly because with the Ryder Cup, President's Trophy, World Cup, and the little flag beside every golfer's name during majors, there's already enough flag waving in this "sport".
  4. The US and Australia would have some great players in the field. There are many other countries that could win, but I'm not going to list them. I'm too busy coming up with a list of Australians who are currently dominating the golf world. If it was done like the Canada Cup (World Cup), there would only be one or 2 teams per country anyway. If Olympic golf (that just sounds wrong) is cherished as much as Olympic tennis and soccer (ie. not very much), I don't think the Majors are in any trouble.
  5. When I first started playing golf, the following was the conventional wisdom. When hitting two balls, do it for the whole round(assuming you have the course to yourself. Here's the rub - pick up the better ball - play the ball with worse result. In the long run, you'll play smarter and try to minimize the damage, so even your worst is still playable. I still believe that's the way to go. Edits - my spelling is very poor today.
  6. Grey golf shirt (Bellisimo - Tip Top Tailors) Brown/Grey casual shorts (Sims - the snowboard company) Brown and black Golf shoes (Callaway something or other) Grey ankle socks (no name - Superstore) Red Wings cap ("Original 6" series) "State" visor on the back nine Gloveless as usual Prescription Glasses with clip-ons About 1 litre of SPF 30 sunscreen
  7. I hit my new Wilson Fybrid ~20 yards past my Mizuno MP 11 2-iron (220-250 for the 2-iron) with the same swing as the 2-iron. If I swing full out it may be driver length, but I can't say what the stock shaft would do.
  8. I've tried several of both kinds. I like the foam balls. They're smaller and seem to jump off the irons - then stop in mid-air and drop to the ground. If struck correctly it's easy to tell the difference between a square clubface from an open or closed one(better than the wiffle variety). The Golf Digest brand balls seem to go 30 to 60 yards. Not good for hitting in a small yard.
  9. I'm not sure where this thread's going . . . is this a subtle Titleist marketing scheme? I have vintage Titleist irons (1987 MB) and I love pretty much all of their products that I've tried. So what exactly is the problem that they don't offer huge clearance prices on discontinued crap merchandise like TM, Nike, and BH (even though I love my 1985 Apex PC)?
  10. Isn't "birdie every hole" the same as -18/18 holes -72/72 holes? I'd like to see a hole in one on a par 5 or a long par 4.
  11. Sometimes I forget to take out my 15th club (extra putter).
  12. In my game : 1.) more consistency 2.) better vision to read putts and see my ball land on drives 3.) better condition so I don't tire out by hole 14 Golf wishes in general : 1.) I wish my wife hadn't torn up her shoulder while climbing - she was just starting to enjoy the game - my daughter has just started and she loves it - for about 15 minutes (3yrs old) 2.) I wish it was easier to schedule rounds with some old friends 3.) I wish I could go on a golfing road trip with Tom Watson, Jack Nicklaus, Johnny Miller, Raymond Floyd, Fred Couples, Ian Woosnam, and John Daly
  13. Never better than 75 on an 18 hole track (I can't remember if it was 76 or 75 - I've had a few 76s and 78s over the years - no 77s). I shot 35 on the front 9 once without a single GIR. I started hitting greens and 3 putting on the back nine for a 42. I rock!
  14. That's why I focus on the front and back 9 separately. If the front nine is typically better, I probably need to work on my conditioning. If the back nine rules, I probably need to practice and/or warm up more before teeing off. If it's back to back awesomeness then my work/practice/golf/home life is in complete balance. coughbullshitcough
  15. Since he probably takes a lot of 5s, I'd incorporate "5" into the name. "Gimme 5" "Take 5" "The Jackson 5" "5 Alive" "5 by 5" "MC5" (Motor City 5) "Math Guy" "Sir Cheatsalot" "The Bogster" "Bogeyman" "Humphrey Bogart"
  16. Relax yourself. It's sad that she is probably one of the 12 best looking US women golfers. As much as people want to keep sports pure - love of the game and all that shite - they're trying to sell tickets too, so it should be entertaining. I think there should be a "no fat chicks" rule for major tournaments. Christie Kerr used to be one - now she's a honey and a winner. It's all good.
  17. Really? She's one of the top 12 best looking American women golfers? That's so sad.
  18. Try playing more par-3 and pitch & putt courses. They're cheap, they're typically faster, and you get more chances to work on your trouble areas in a "real" situation. The greens are typically smaller too so you have to be even more accurate.
  19. sean_miller

    no glove?

    I have a nice new glove in my bag at all times. If putting it on crosses my mind, it's time to replace my grips.
  20. sean_miller

    no glove?

    Single digit to pro is quite a leap. I assume his handicap is an estimate since he hasn't golfed in 5 years and only went a few times a year before that.
  21. Dude, how low is your budget? Pick up a used one. I just picked up a new Wilson Staff Fybrid (19.5*) for < $CDN 100. I still prefer the feel of a pured 2-iron, but holy moly does that thing ever put the ball out there!! Edit: added price.
  22. I watched a celebrity tour event - not a fan of Rick Rhoden's stike at the ball. I don't like watching Ian Poulter. John Daly's wacky outfits I like - Poulter seems like a douche.
  23. Do you play any other sports? There are a few power leaks that tell me you need to tap into some experience you may have with other sports. Ever shoot a snap-shot, smash a forehand down the line, crank a ball off the back wall (squash) or hammer a line drive over the 3rd baseman's head? There are some genuine loading and unloading principles that are consistent with all these stick-and-ball sports. If you lack that kind of muscle memory, then lessons are probably a must. Anyhoo, with the driver you seem to be reaching out a bit (arms and hands not relaxed) during the setup. You're not as coiled as you could be in the backswing - don't let club position at the top of your backswing fool you - some of that is collapsing arms (see the "keep the left arm straight" comment). Bending your left arm in order to get the club that far back does 2 things. 1.) It tricks you into thinking you've rotated your legs, hips, and shoulders enough on the backswing, and 2.) you also lose some power on the downswing whie your arms are trying to get the club back in the right position - where it was when your body stopped rotating. It's hard to tell with the 3 wood, but I think it's the same power leaks. You can baby a driver or three wood into play with the right shaft. With an iron, you gotta hit it like you mean it. With your iron shot, it's a matter of physics. You seem to be trying to help lift the ball into the air. You need to hit down through it and let the loft and grooves do the work.
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