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  1. Bo Van Pelt played consistently well without any wins. Wins would have to come in bunches to be considered consistent. He had zero - very consistent.
  2. I'm not sure how a single digit index player in a cart with a wide open course could possibly play slower than 2 hours. Is that even possible? That's one of many reasons I never cart when solo at twilight. If I got used to that pace, then a regular round at ~ 4 hours would drive me insane.
  3. The people consistently saying there's no fitness or endurance component to lugging your bag around for 18 holes seem to be either A.) very fit or B.) people who always take power carts.
  4. I think most avid golfers are brand aware because there are brands they will not use or even try. I've never had someone ask to try my driver. Maybe then cn sense my apprehension and maybe it's because it's a Mizuno. Years ago people asked to borrow my 2-iron quite often and it was a Mizuno. For example, I will not likely ever own a Nike brand golf club (just like I'm not likely to ever own Nike brand hockey equipment). Some of it looks nice and I'm sure the odd stick would fit nicely with what I have, but no swoosh will ever be seen on my equipment . Stange but true.
  5. They were pretty horrible. Luckily they used the VAS technology in the TA3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and beyond. They were the golf club equivalent of a car show prototype that never should have made it to market. Oh wells. .
  6. Witch forged irons are probably a bit better than grain flow forged irons, but it'll cost you . . .
  7. Thanks James for your 100% credible assessment of the awesome power of Miura cavity backs in the hands of a low handicap competitive tournament golfer.
  8. LOL - he uses one every day already, so maybe he has some data?!?
  9. A lot of people who either hit the ball a long way, or have played with many people who do, ignore or block posters like you. I have no doubt that a lot of people exaggerate their distances. I also have no doubt that a lot of regular posters struggle to hit the ball 200 yards. Some of you guys are really really bad at golf. It's a fact that I know to be true. The myswing videos do not lie, even if some posters do.
  10. "Cuz"?!? Did you even write that post. I've followed along from a distance and ever few weeks there was a new eureka moment. A lot of those seemed to be around the driver. I thought for example that acknowledging a positive AoA can be a good thing and that a fade is okay too. Those were pretty radical to me, but if you think otherwise, that's your perogative.
  11. I missed that part. Can't say I've seen a forged cavity back wedge lately. Maybe an off brand or PING?
  12. OMG - you had to dice that up? I doubt you seriously need someone like me to prove to you that there've been modifications by eveyone who's anyone associated with S&T; since it was first rolled out.
  13. How many people complained about being even shorter after starting with the first generation of S&T;? tons How many people teaching S&T; made mods to add power? Based on this forum and others, tons. I adopted the ones that added consistency with the mid to short game but left out the ones that seemed to be obvious power drains. What's your game like these days?
  14. hmm . . . this is true. Gonna stick with pacing.
  15. A net is designed to gently reduce the force from the ball and allow the ball to fall to the carpeted floor. I'll assume you're referring to a screen and not netting.
  16. I would have said Vokeys too. A good match for TA3 irons, so probably a good replacement for TA3 wedges.
  17. Actually it is like that quite often. A fast walker taking a direct route on foot with their entire bag can be just as fast, if not faster, than someone playing paths only. I've seen it many times. It doesn't help when the person is playing paths only when it's not required.
  18. I guess what I'm saying is the bits that work are old. A pure S&T; driver swing, as it was first rolled out though, is relatively weak. It just was, hence the recent mods. Even S&T; is now a modified version of S&T.; That's all I was saying.
  19. I wasn't talking about you actually. I was referring to the 20+ cappers routinely hitting all these blind forced carries based on GPS data.
  20. I may have exaggerated for effect, but I stand by my statement. Had McIlroy not choked on Sunday I suspect that article would not have been printed, because it would have been a different article. You disagree as is your right. I think you're wrong.
  21. Some people don't read good. Check out the G10 or the TM R9. Both really easy to hit. Also consider the R7 if you can find one in good shape.
  22. My BS detector is going crazy. It doesn't matter how accurate most players can see hidden targets beyond forced carries and over hill and dale. The average player is just as likely to sheer one at a 45 degree angle right into those trees anyway. Why not just play to an area where you can see the ball land, then go find it and hit it again . . . instead of irritating the group waiting on the tee.
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