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  1. Why do you always have to add these crazy disclaimers? I've turned down the offer to share a free cart many times over the years. No, I didn't pay for half a cart rental then walk instead, because I'm not an idiot. I made no contribution to the cart rental. If I was forced to pay for a service I didn't want, I'd take that service even if it was for no other reason than to prevent the club from making even more revenue on that cart off some other poor schmuck. I'd also make a point not to play there again so of course I wouldn't know what I'd do with a membership where carts were included in the fees, because I'd never purchase such a thing. Things are different at my little course. I can count on 1 hand the number of players in our weekly league who routinely take a cart. People seem to walk because they prefer it because our course is easy to walk (built in 1961). Or maybe they're "thrifty". Either way, the day they charge me for a cart, or any other service I don't want, is the day I cancel my membership.
  2. Would I ride if I was in A.) a hurry, B.) the cart was free, and C.) I wouldn't still be waiting on other players on every shot? I have just as much chance of winning the lottery as having B and C line up. BTW 90% is a high number. 90% of avid walkers would prefer to cart? And of those other 10%, 90% are lying? You could own the driving distance threads with that sort of positive attitude.
  3. You never answered the question of whether you walk and carry, walk and push, or ride. Or at least I missed it. Do you find that 18 holes of walking and carrying is similar to routine household chores? If you do, my point was you are above average fitnesswise compared to a lot of recreational golfers.
  4. Problem is you'll be standing over your third before we reach my drive - lol - keep on truckin'!
  5. I was being a smarty pants!! I won't lie. I'll admit to drooling over a couple push carts at Golf Town. 9 holes is easy peasy, and 18 at my own pace is easy (ish), but when the rounds bog down due to slow play or it's a course designed around residences, oh man a push cart would be sweet!!
  6. You'll do that exactly how?
  7. You use a pull cart? I don't really care what people do to get their clubs from A to B, but for me personally pull carts are on par with power carts. I might use one when I get old (probably will) but until then walking and carrying makes this hobby seem more like an actual sport. Whatever floats your boat.
  8. Gotta disagree with that somewhat unless you're talking about a shot from an iron or players fairway wood/hybrid. Drivers are so loud (even the quiet ones) that when a bomber hits one it takes a moment for me to get my bearings. By then the ball is long gone. With an iron that generates more spin and is quieter at impact, then I can hear the hum - sort of - it's rare.
  9. Do you walk when you play? If you walk more at work than during an 18 hole round, and don't find walking to be even moderately strenuous, then you are in better shape than the average North American golfer (apparently). Kudos!!
  10. I was always taught to aim or swing out to the right with the face a little closed to the path so may that's why this great conundrum never occured to me. Doing it that way results in a face that's slightly open to the final target. I would think that logically starting with feet and face at the target then turning the body a bit to the right should bring the face along with it, resulting in straight push or a pull draw, much like the pull draw you're hitting in your swing videos.
  11. Golf can sure be expensive if you want it to be. My daughter and I got season's passes at the min-links (a tiny links course - longest hole is 90 yards) and a range pass for $300. Add that to my home course season pass / membership and the total is $1500. More than I wanted to spend, but I didn't play anywhere else this year (other than for business). Next year we might not play anywhere since she really wants to play baseball and tennis.
  12. The Sarazen double eagle meant more in the years following than it did at the time when barely anyone saw it or cared. The legend grew. No event created now has the opportunity to grow like that because within a couple years some other fabricated corporate event will have come along trying to outdo it. The Race to Dubai? Now that is lame!!! Now of course this is all way OFF TOPIC and has nothing to do with Brandt Snedeker's fictional dilema. We should be asking Brandt and his family which he'd rather have in the next couple years - the money he plans on putting to good use in the Nashville area, or a green jacket that has to remain in Georgia.
  13. I think a lot of good players do a modified Stack and Tilt. It's only the original stock version that's controversial (and somewhat weaksauce when using the driver and long irons - be honest - we all know it is).
  14. I thought Ernie Els was The Champion Golfer of the Year for 2012.
  15. Guys who I know would be the most annoying player ever if they played with guys I work with. 1.) Adjusts adjustable driver before every tee shot. 2.) Looks for full 5 minutes for every lost ball (especially if they also have to go back to the tee to hit again - or if they even suggested it). I know it's covered in the rulebook, but during weekend casual means nothing in the big picture round, please do not ever do this. Seriously, just do not do it. 3.) Insisting everyone be silent when they hit, even if the other players are on the other side of the fairway . . . then not being quiet (especially diving your hand into your pocket full of keys and stuff of fidgeting with velcro.) 3.) Walking on people's line of putt more than once 4.) Not caring where your shadow falls when people are putting 5.) Putting your entire group in an awkward position with poor etiquette or slow play
  16. 8.5 Let's take the train wreck that is Rickie Fowler's color blindness to its ultimate conclusion.
  17. If you consider a $75 round cheap, then kudos on reaching a level of wealth I can only dream of right now. I've never been to a course anywhere where going shirtless was considered acceptable. Maybe it doesn't get hot enough in Canada?!? What is a "cutoff shirt"? PS. I know you weren't suggesting Wolf Creek is a good course for beginners, but that would be hilarious. It would take 10 hours and they'd be shedding tears of blood by the 17th.
  18. I've done the vintage versus modern trial a few times and here are my observations, in case you need a head start. 1.) Good luck with the Walter Hagen equipment from the 1970s. You might have some good gear, but every older set of Hagens I've seen had garbage shafts in them. 2.) If you have some brand new balata balls that would be beneficial. A vintage wound ball is not much of a ball, and a vintage balata is shadow of its former self. How well would you expect a rubber band to stand up over the decades? 3.) If one were to say clubs are better by a certain factor, you could double that number and still come up short for the driver. Now triple that number and thats the difference between a new ProV1 and a vintage Titleist Tour 100 balata. Of course I just made those ratios up, but what I'm saying is that if you're accustomed to taking a full swing at a new ball with a new driver, and if you haven't played a wound ball with vintage irons and woods lately, you'll enjoy all the new detours into the neighbouring fairways and bushes. Good luck.
  19. My home course has only two sets of tees. Red (forward) and white. If I want a variety of approach shots I use a variety of clubs off the tee. It's not rocket science.
  20. 330 feet would be almost right on 100m. Maybe he's doing the conversion incorrectly.
  21. Sounds like sour grapes*. And yet it speaks to my comments (in the "other thread" or this one - lost track) that the "FedEx" bubble is sure to burst eventually. They just awarded ~ $30 million in that tournament. They're basically the title sponsor for the PGA Tour right now being mentioned every week (unlike poor Kodak and their season long "ringer score" or whatever it's called) with constant FedEx updates non-stop from corporate schills like Dan Hicks. *If Rory hadn't crumbled on Sunday, would the author have been whining about a large payday not capturing people's attention like the "Open Championship" does? Not likely. We'd probably be reading about how Rory triumphed in the most lucrative and glorious championship any Irishman has ever won.
  22. Comparing a 460 cc driver with maxed out COR then not a chance. Can't say I've ever hit a single drive with persimmon as far as my top 10 or so drives since switching to a modern high COR driver in late 2009. I was also alternating playing rounds on the same courses using persimmon, a BB Warbird, and a G10, so not just going by memory. Compared to a pre-2000(ish) metal wood though, persimmon is about on par. It depends on the wood and the player. A lot of shots would be "about the same", but the longest shots would be with the most modern equipment and the shortest with the persimmon. ymmv
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