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  1. Does the speed a ball was travelling into a net dictate how strongly gravity pulls it to the ground? I questioned why people had such strange monitor experiences until I had a couple myself. I've had clubs tweaked using launch monitor data I trusted and been quite satisfied with the results. I've also hit clubs using another launch monitor and found myself doubting every number.
  2. I was thinking the same thing, except the other way around.
  3. The one thing I know is that using match play to determine a champion of a league made up almost entirely of stroke play events would be like using the shoot out to decide the winner of the Stanley Cup. I don't care for it in any form. If they want it to be a match play playoffs then they need to have match play events determine the ranking system.
  4. A bonus point for the LPGA style socks tan, but he needs to yank those shorts up a little. They're barely half way to his arm pits. 5.5.
  5. Good point! I could watch Snedeker's chip on 17 a few times before it got old.
  6. I played so late that the pins were pulled (lying on the side of the green) to keep the moose from walking on the green. The flags attract them.
  7. To be honest I didn't read the list beyond the past 4 weeks. Moore >> Guthrie this past month, but to be super duper honest, as a Canadian I don't really have a horse in this race. Carry on with your internet Guthrie for president campaign.
  8. Sounds like that DVD is all you're missing. If I was able to sit through hundreds of interviews of anybody on any topic, I'd be jonesing for that DVD!!
  9. Add a couple extra sponsor logos and matching pants and it's a 10.0. Right now it's a 7.
  10. 1.) Keep the ball in play at all costs. 2.) Know your distances with all clubs. Not just your stock distances, but from the rough, from hardpan, and when amped up or worn down. Good to know when trying to maximize GIR. 3.) Forget about the pins unless your course has very large greens. Mine has small greens and I play better when there are no flags - happened twice this month. A tee ball in play, a reasoble attempt at a GIR, and a decent lag putt makes the game almost easy.
  11. I guess it doesn't matter which I'd want, but as a person I'd lean toward Sneds. The OP was asking if Snedeker would trade a green jacket for the FedEx win. He's nowhere near HOF level yet, even though he's about to play in his first Ryder Cup and looks to be rounding into form in his career. I voted "no" because it's closer to "I don't know" which is my real answer. Until Brandt logs onto this site and says otherwise, I'll stick with "I don't know".
  12. Sorry, but no, just no. If anyone's play on the weekend deserved Ryder Cup second guesses it was Ryan Moore. Is anyone else opening this thread waiting for a link to DLIII's Ryder Cup photo album?
  13. Maybe that's what I meant. I learned by watching good players, including pros on TV, but the slow motion bits do nothing for me.
  14. Says the guy who quotes out of context, but seriously my mistake is taking your words literally. No, not everyone "can swing a golf club really fast" (i.e. generating a lot of club head speed). That is a fact.
  15. No kidding. How could anyone say with certainty that someone would give up $10 million dollars? Do players like Snedeker and Dufner seem consumed by the majors? What does one major do for a person's legacy? Are Steve Jones or Todd Hamilton thought of more highly than Lee Westwood or Adam Scott?
  16. There are plenty of once a week golfers playin better than bogey golf. Some are good at sports in general, and others took the game seriously in the past. Sometimes both.
  17. He had me at, "wide brim hat worn so it provides virtually no shade at all".
  18. I find it useful to know distances with various swings, including an all out, swing for the fences recovery/hero shot type of swing. Would never consider that as a stock distance, but it,s nice to know which club will not end up long on a par 5 approach from position A. :-(
  19. 9 holes last night. 3rd straight sub-40 nine (38 front, 37 back, 38 back). Longest drive ever on 18. Solid up and down from the back rough for birdie. Almost choked!
  20. Didn't vote. Looking for "no, don't care". I watch golf on TV for entertainment. If I want to learn, I review my own lesson videos.
  21. One element in being a successful match play player is consistency. Another element is being able to make birdies in bunches and to play with a certain bravado - matching the other player's great shot with one of your own. Mahan did flub that shot, but he's made some great clutch shots since then. Guys like Seve and Tom Watson (for example) could play consistently but they're best known for getting up and down from all over the place. Often for birdie. Did anyone else enjoy Fowler's great finish in that one match last time around? I did. Would Rickie Fowler ever be considered consistent? What about Ian Poulter?
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