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  1. She was number one because she'd a great player and an incredible putter. She hits the ball quite short. the balance balls is a parlour trick.
  2. I guess my original point was that someone "like" Bo Van Pelt would be less desirable TO ME than someone "like" Hunter Mahan.
  3. Using Luke Donald as an example of someone cosistently in the top 10 versus someone who consistently wins is like having your cake and eating it too. Bo Van Pelt is no Luke Donald.
  4. The arrogance of Greg Norman knows no bounds, but I'm prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt and suggest he was referring to the timeline rather than the level of domination. I still think that does a disservice to Watson, Ballesteros, and Faldo, but he's not completely wrong. Just mostly.
  5. Can you post those numbers? The longest hitters at my club seem to all have MBs in the bag. This might be a Chicken versus the Egg debate, but even though our club champion uses GI equipment (RBZ irons and woods - very very ugly but the results don't lie) he's a relative short knocker and an amazing putter.
  6. I think his showdowns with Webb Simpson during and after the playoffs and his almost capturing the FedEx (people forget how close he came) proved he was the best. Many other people would say otherwise. The numbers don't lie though, do they?!?
  7. Pssst . . . I think those chairs are plastic.
  8. Not saying I'd show up in jeans, but some do and they're A.) not turned away and B.) find players. A cut off shirt though? Can't say I've ever seen that allowed on any course anywhere any time. http://www.wolfcreekgolf.com/
  9. Of course he isn't. Nobody ever has, or ever will be, the thread Tiger Woods was in 2000 for example.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Fourputt That 's one reason why I've never even looked into joining a club. They're so stuffy that you can't breathe. Quote: Soooo.....there is a dress code. In order to play golf anywhere, you have to agree to the dress code for that course. And universal "dress code", at minimum, is no jeans or tank tops. And usually more stringent than that. Open your eyes and look around. Show me where you find a "universal" dress code. There is no such thing. Each course sets its own conditions. I can name at least 4 courses within 20 minutes of my house outside of Denver where you would be wrong in your above description. I can name one which charges $75 a round which still allows denim. A few of the top 10 rated public courses in Alberta allow denim. The top 3 public courses in my area allow it. Not very many people wear it, but it's allowed. One reason they allow it they make a lot of money mid-week in company tournaments and if they turned away once-a-year golfers based on attire they'd get less repeat business.
  11. I have a Mizuno toque (knit cap for non-Canadian) but other than that I've never even seen a Mizuno cap or visor worth wearing. Most of the caps at GolfTown right now are so ugly I don't care which logo they have. I wear caps from the team store or snowboard shop. Used to wear North Face ones, but now they're only selling those little shallow runner style ones that I detest.
  12. Yes, that was really the only part I took issue with. Which stat means "the best"? Luke Donald was once the best golfer in the world, based on the OWGR, but many people never really saw him as being the best player, and now that he's not number 1 and still has no majors, many people see the Luke Donald era as a flaw in the numbers.
  13. LOL @ 30 minutes before the round. Or did you mean 30 seconds?!?
  14. I have and I'm not even a big fan of Woods, so maybe I just got lucky and saw him with O'Meara, Stricker, Kim, and a few others on the extremely rare occasions he had what seemed like friendship with another human being.
  15. Blood pressure? Because someone tried to turn a misleading statistic into a point of fact? Okly dokly.
  16. Maybe you drove into them so they put it in the hole while you were in transit, then made up a ridiculous story you could repeat on internet golf forums, and they're reading it right now now laughing like crazy.
  17. I practiced this yesterday from a variety of lies and distances to the green and with varying amounts of green to work with. Playing it like a similar bunker shot works almost every time (I'm not a pro). With very little green to work with approximately the same distance from the ball to the green, both a firm splash whith the ball landing about a foot onto the green and a dead-handed shot where the ball trundles forward off the apron toward the pin, both resulted in similar length putts. Which I'd use during a round depends on the lie and the day, but practicing both means which ever one I choose is probably going to work.
  18. Well you've captured exactly what I said in one of my first posts. The OP listed the top players, OTHER THAN ANY OF THE 4 GUYS WHO WON A MAJOR IN 2012..
  19. Then you have some reeeealllly old persimmons. The insert was replaceable. It wasn't always plastic (could be metal or some type of resin) but it was always easier to get it swapped out. A head made entirely of the insert material would look and feel like garbage. I know because I've hit some. Spalding among others had those in some of their starter sets. The heads last forever (relatively speaking) but aren't worth playing even out of curiosity.
  20. Not sure the exact distances, but ever time I watch her on television she's the shortest hitter in her group. She struggles in the rain (less roll out) using hybrids and fairway woods where other players are hitting short irons.
  21. If you wear shorts all the time, then wearing shorts isn't an issue. You have a reason to purchase nice shorts so you don't have to worry if your shorts meet the dress code. You also don't have to worry about baring your ghost legs that haven't seen the sun in 8 months and scaring dogs and small children.
  22. You're right, it would require some serious control over the club to do it consistently. However, I don't think he said they were consistent shots to that distance with a PW. Normally, I just don't think of the PW as anything more than something I would use 75 yards and in. If I had a choice to hit a 9 iron for a casual 100 yard green shot, I would prefer that.[/quote] Self-deprecating comment actually. I struggle with PW distance. sw and 9-iron distance is solid.
  23. Are you trying to win a contest or something? Why not just disagree with the premise of my post and then move on?!?
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