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  1. So buy a cookie and tip her, or wave her on and let her go serve the paying customers.
  2. My favourite golf memories aren't always good shots or low scores. They often involve strolling down the fairway with a friend or my brother. Sometimes there was a good cigar and a flask of something good to sip, but almost always near the end of the season and always on foot. No scorecard. Just appreciating being able play a game we love.
  3. With a slight punctuation change, I could live with that knowledge.
  4. Like a new car owner walking towards their sports coupe from the 7:30 position (someone hopefull knows exactly what I'm talking about), when the evening sun brings the turning leaves to life and ground contours all seem more vivid, I approach my bag of carefully selected clubs shining proudly in my current Sun Mountain from the edge of the fairway (just a couple paces from position A), and all is right in the world.
  5. Thought this was going to be more about "the big picture", but yeah, frost warning locally last night. Boo.
  6. I'd love to know that a full out PW wouldn't sail any longer than 140 - even from a flyer lie. You must have a very repeatable swing and make very consistent contact every time. Kudos.
  7. I can. It's a pretty small number. This guy's numbers seem off the charts, but in general it's the number of people claiming they never 3-putt and always hit their 100 yard approaches within 10 feet that I find laughable. I've played with a few pretty long hitters in the past few years, but not once have I seen someone hit all 18 GIR or hit every short iron within 10 feet. Sandtrap regulars apparently do it all the time.
  8. Pretty hard to justify cancelling flights, offering people buyouts, and generally not exactly making record profits, then offering someone $10 million for winning a golf tournament.
  9. There's only one person who didn't know what you meant.
  10. I suppose statistically (points system?) you have a point, but I wonder if Scott would trade his 2012 major season with Watson or Simpson?
  11. Yeah, try to start the ball on the right edge and work it back to middle (or left to right) as opposed to a perfect strike down the centre. Once you train your eyes to see a specific ball flight, the fairways will seem much wider.
  12. There's a player nobody likes to get paired with in league play because he's very slow. When I play a round with him I don't pause or second guess any shot and he seems to keep pace okay. I think with experience he'll get faster in league play, but for some people his reputation is permanent. Their loss because he's a really nice person and quite funny when you ge to know him.
  13. I'm not refuting Norman was a great player, but to say he took over from Nicklaus is like saying Nicklaus took over from Ben Hogan. If there was a player who "took over" from Nicklaus, it was Tom Watson or Seve Ballesteros . . . then came Norman.
  14. This just sounds like a rhetorical request for someone to revive and/or update the old "equip2golf.com" or golfclubspec.com" sites?
  15. There's a lot of inside outness to your observations. I suspect you're trying to hit a straight shot with a club mismatched to your swing. Problem with trying to hit it straight down the middle is any slight errors lead to misses in both directions. Pick a shot shape and hone that. Read up on the ball flight laws, shot cones, and a few other topics here and you'll sort it out.
  16. Of course they aren't. They're perimeter weighted and have a friendly grind.
  17. Actually no it isn't since that post was not directed at any single poster. Who's point of view am I misrepresenting? The irony here is your "rebuttal" is a straw man argument.
  18. I'd say that Poulter, McDowell, and Scott were definitely the best . . . of the guys who didn't win any, because winning one is better than contending in 4.
  19. Not a flop. I'd try to thump it out like bunker shot and vary the approach much like different lies in the sand. I'd assume club/ball contact would be minimal and allow for some roll. Target = 1/2 between the fringe/apron and the hole. I'd prepare myself mentally for a 25 foot putt.
  20. I think Tiger appreciates Rory's talent and confidence. The fact Rory has lived up to the advanced billing unlike so many of the other "young guns". Rory has a quick wit, speaks in a concise manner and seems to respect the history and integrity of the game which seems to make them ideal kindred spirits.
  21. Call me crazy but making cuts in all 4 majors is not better than contending (being in the discussion on the final day) in a couple and winning one.
  22. So my final bag setup does include the Scratch wedges. I liked the 53 and 58 so I bought a 47 degree to match (last one GolfTown had). I left the 47 its stock length (slightly shorter than the 58) because it's working at that length - not sure why. I've been more focussed on contact since I bought them and my last 2 nines were a 38 on the front 9 (league play) and a 37 yesterday with two 3-putts. I tried to put a 49 degree 588 into service and it seems as big as a dinner plate. Might use those when I get too old to hit the centre of the club face.
  23. I guess it's moot now with the lockout, but CHL hockey is still going to be played and we're (my daughter and I - she's 6) really getting into local high school football. She likes the cheering (a bit loud at times) and the demographic of the crowd (very young people as opposed to those who can afford full price NHL tickets). We're looking forward to the local college volleyball and basketball seasons too. This year's NHL lockout could be the best thing for our local minor sports teams!!
  24. I'm glad I purchased a laser. It confirmed my ability to estimate/measure distances by sight and by pacing are more than accurate enough for a typical casual round.
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