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  1. I'm no Woods fanboy, but seriously? BTW Molinari in two RC appearances has earned a total of 1 point (two half points). Francesco Molinari: Without his brother Edoardo this time, lost both of his team games but unlucky to initially partner a seriously off-form Westwood. Halved with Woods in the final singles after the trophy had been retained. 6 Tiger Woods: Joined Mickelson on 17 defeats thanks to his three losses with Stricker and was left out of a session for the first time in his Ryder Cup or Presidents Cup career. Also sent out last in the singles and ended up gifting Europe overall victory by halving his match with Molinari. 3
  2. sean_miller


    I think Tiger does and did care. Maybe conceding Molinari's putt to ensure the US earned a loss was his way of saying thank you to DLIII for pairing him with an ice cold Stricker for 3 matches and putting him so late in the draw that either way his match wouldn't matter . . . again.
  3. sean_miller always says, be prepared for a slow round when a high handicapper pulls out the 1-iron.
  4. 2 boxes of TF Gamers. At this point of the season the ball is flying shorter so the lower compression works and we're playing links style approaches anyway (even the spinniest tour ball will not stick).
  5. Wow that's biased. Westwood and Dufner with the same rating? Okly dokly. Dustin Johnson rated lower than McIlroy? Stricker rated higher than Tiger? Worst. Article. Ever.
  6. A lot of 2s (birdies on par 3s and eagles on par 4s) but never an ace.
  7. I second the 3-hybrid or even a 4-hybrid. But I'd recommend a true 3-hybrid. An 18 degree is a 2-hybrid. The OP might consider a 21 or 24 degree. A 3-wood would be nice, but based on TST posts, a lot of new players struggle mightily with their 3-woods just like they do with drivers. I'd recommend he master the 3-H and his 3-wood shopping will be much easier.
  8. Can you plan on a golf course pro shop having the specific irons you want left over at the end of a future season? It''s possible, but if you'r planning now, plan on paying full price just in case.
  9. Same here - prefer no visible markings when putting.
  10. I was "accused" of being SnT more than once by people who have no idea I've never taken my irons back to parallel and have always tried to keep my weight forward to prevent happy feet.
  11. Two thumbs up compared to Kaymer pulling a disappearing act after his match. I do applaud whatever gets people to stop this ridiculous new "tradition" of hat post round hat removal.
  12. What makes you think Bubba and Tiger or Keegan and Tiger would be good pairings? I can picture Tiger telling Keegan to shut the H up about half way through. Can you picture Tiger's reaction to Bubba amping up the crowd on the first tee? That would be awkward.
  13. How was Bubba's drive on that hole (second time around - against Poulter) because when he was reaching for his tee it looked like he was chewing on a garlic flavoured lemon.
  14. If it was all about a better forging process, I'd still have Mizunos in the bag from 2-iron through Lw. Sometimes it's about scoring. If someone likes their Miura sticks and is happy with the scores they're shooting, go for it. I seem to shoot a couple strokes less with my Clevelands and their lame-o "form forged" irons. And cast wedges : (
  15. His "best pair" needed to save something for Sunday. Keegan was on fumes and Phil is a 40plus year old with arthritis who got through 3 matches feeding on Keegan's enthusiasm. I wish Phil hadn't given Rosey props for his birdie late in their match because it wasn't over, but that has nothing to do with nationalism - I'm a Canadian.
  16. Ball. This year I started putting more like I chip and hit a bladed wedge. I look at the back of the ball and think about my target. I was more likely to chip in than sink a long putt until just recently.
  17. I'm pretty sure if they wanted to play the Ryder Cup at your courses they would allow almost any kind of shirt the euros wanted.[/quote] And the team would be coed.
  18. [VIDEO][/VIDEO][quote name="Maverick" url="/t/30842/miura-vs-mizuno/18#post_772783"]This thread is almost 2 years old and the OP hasn't posted anything for almost that amount of time either. :tumble: [/quote] You got some mad math skills bro.
  19. Lol - cream of a shitty crop is still crap.
  20. My best guess is you take too many strokes tee to green in random directions. It's difficult without ever seeing your swing or pre-shot routine where you waste time or why you hit the ball so short. Walking speed - to the ball and on the greens - is also a likely factor. That you had to clarify the Swedish twins were women might be clue as well.
  21. They're not hand forged? What's all this samurai swords bullshit then?
  22. I took a shot at your riddle. Am I wrong? Whatever.
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