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  1. You're probably going to get a flyer. Walk on a 5 iron (or a new 6 iron). It has the optimal head shape and size to cut through the hay while staying on line. If you can't a get a full.5 swing to the green from a flyer lie with an approximately 29 degree loft mid-iron, then there might not be club to get there - for you.
  2. Pull the 5-wood. The 3-iron can likely be hit lower to play in the wind and it's good for long low shots from under the branches. If you never play in the wind, or end up in the woods, pull them both.
  3. I'll vote for the Okanagan region of BC (e.g. Vernon, Kelowna). And from whatever direction you're headed there, there are some nice little course along the way to practice.
  4. I voted for my Mizunos (very old school MP11s). The only irons I've ever owned that I didn't like to hit were Rams (I had two sets - one good one bad), Pinseekers (cut into the ground like shovels), and MacGregor MT tour blades in the early 90s - I really wish I'd had the lofts and lies done on the MacGregors - they were the most beautiful irons I've ever seen. My Hogans take 99.99% focus on every shot - but oh do they ever reward a good shot!
  5. A good golf glove (or my preference - some good 3M soft bandages), waterproof golf shoes, umbrella, pull cart or carry bag with stand, lightweight rain coat, pants, hat, plenty of balls (cheap ones - you to be able to swing like you mean it - you're gonna lose some balls). Get the water proof clothing so you can play in the early morning or evening when the grass may be wet - when there's nobody pushing you. Eventually when you learn to golf in a light drizzle and manage your towels / gloves you can play any time. And you will, because once you hit your first sky approach from 15 yards that one-hops off the pin leaving a 2" birdie putt, you'll be addicted. Good luck.
  6. I've had a few sets over the years. I always found Wilson, Titleist, Hogan, Mizuno (woods notwithstanding), Callaway, Spalding, and MacGregor made some quality stuff. I've owned the best and the worst of Ram and I wouldn't go that route again. I've heard many great things about Ping, but personally I find them kind of ugly - totally subjective.
  7. I like a few golfers. All time - Tom Watson, Lee Janzen, Annika Sorenstam, Mario Lemiux, Jack Wagner, Nick Price, Jesper Parnevik . . .
  8. Thanks, Doc. You first.
  9. Firstly, let's rule out the PGA. I'd likely melt on day 1. The PGA should played between the Masters and US Open. The British Open could be fun - keep it in play, hit it in the general direction of the green (20-40 yards short) and cross your fingers. My kind of golf. However, Scottish food is not pleasant and their hotels are overpriced dorm rooms. The US Open is played on some beautiful and often historically significant, courses. In the right year, it's the obvious choice. BUT, the set up for the US Open looks really really hard to pay. It's usually raining or sweltering, it's a gazillion yards long with nightmarish rough. I'd have to think about it. I'd probably go with the Masters. Good food, a course we know, nice peaches (wink wink nudge nudge.)
  10. I think I have good swing thoughts, until the ball lands, then my thoughts are, "what the hell was I thinking!?!?". Also, whenever I ponder my existence and/ or purpose in life I seem to be walking down the fairway on a long par 5.
  11. There is no perfect coverage. The Euoropean Tour coverage is good visually, but the commentators are nauseating. NBC is pretty good, but their obsession with zooming in on the ball is weird. I know what a golf ball looks like, I don't need to see it fill my screen as it approaches the hole. I like the way ABC did the Open where the didn't zoom in during putts - they let you see the entire putt, including the break and the pace. Their camera work was a bit sketchy and Tom Weiskopf is a grumpy old turd, but other thatn that it was good. I liked the way the women's US Open coverage was done - it was watchable. I could totally do without ever watching the Masters again - their glowing remarks about anything and everything Augusta gives me a toothache.
  12. After a 5 year hiatus (health and family issues) I'd like to get back to being a 6 - 7 handicap. To do that I'd like to play more, but get a chance to practice at least 3-5 times between rounds in order to be comfortable again with every club in the bag. I plan to walk as often as possible (on and off the course) and be comfortable playing 36 holes on foot in one day - if the opportunity presents itself while on vacation.
  13. I agree 150% - my standard 6-iron yardage ranges from 125 to 257 yards. I should feel pretty confident with a 6-iron in my hand on virtually any par 3.
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