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  1. Originally Posted by newtogolf

    For the same reason it's not okay to go 85mph on the highway when the rest of the people are driving the legal speed limit.

    If someone is playing too slow, they get put on the clock, otherwise it's up to the rest to adjust their speed to the acceptable tempo.   If I'm keeping up with the group in front and the gropu in front is playing at an acceptable pace to those in front of them then the speedy players need to slow down or find another course to play their speed golf at.


    Originally Posted by Stretch

    Interesting question. How come it's unfair to hurry up the guys (at the professional level) who play better slow but OK to slow down the players who (would) play better fast?

    That sounds great. Can you provide a link with a list of those courses.

  2. Last round of the year. Didn't play stellar myself, but I wasn't too much of a hinderance to the group either. We played in a 4 person best ball (2 lowest net scores on each hole) and won by 5 strokes. It was a little awkward since I'd been somewhat vocal about sandbagging earlier in the year. Oh well, at least by next year nobody will even remember who I am. Have a great off season my fellow Canadians (both of you).

  3. Originally Posted by inthehole


    Originally Posted by Vermeer

    Well said. However, whatever Rory does he will be inbetween a rock and a hard place.

    agreee - it would be considered more of a slap in the face to his fellow irishmen if he declined.     Not much choice - he'll have to do it...

    I don't think Irish players vying for a spot on the Olympic team will be offended in any way.

  4. 38 front with three 3-putts. 43 back with 3 double bogeys (11, 15, 16) including going birdie, par on 17 and 18 from the wrong fairway on both holes. A somewhat disappointing 81 considering I played 15 decent holes.

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  5. Originally Posted by geauxforbroke

    This conversation has quickly deteriorated.

    The putter is the most important club in your bag. Don't believe me, play a round without a driver, then another round without a putter. In which round do you think you would score better? And let's leave pros out of the conversation for a minute. They are highly skilled and adaptable golfers, we are not. I once watched David Toms hit a junior driver (short whippy shaft and all) about 275 on the practice range at Southern Trace. My point pros can adapt very easily.

    On the other hand, we all have to work our hardest when putting or driving, or whatever, to make sure that our technique is as good as it can be. Why not have a putter that makes that a bit easier?

    I encourage people to putt with a long iron or a very old blade putter (not an Anser like blade, but a real blade) before buying a new putter, whether they get a fitting or not. It's not hard with a grooved stroke (proper path hitting ball on COG) to decide whether or not the putters off the shelf are right enough. Can't find one? Get fit. I just recently went back to a putter that I'd spent a whole season trying to find. Then it didn't work all of a sudden. I went back to basics and now it's money. Whatever flatstick a person ends up with, they need to work on maintaining the "natural" stroke they used during the fitting or demo.

  6. [quote name="Andrew Gibson" url="/t/62552/what-if-tour-pros-used-wooden-clubs#post_775681"]I agree with the idea that you cannot get the same performance out of wood as you can with metal... wood is not nearly as consistent as metal. It has defects and a mind of its own... trust me, I'm a woodworker and Luthier... As far as making pros play woods that are less forgiving, many already play blades, which have not changed much at all in the last 50+ years... the shafts have but the heads have not... the sweet spot is the same size, and they don't have a problem hitting it. I think making the sweet spot smaller on woods would have a very slight changer in distance, but Bubba does not hit it 330 with miss hits.... same with COR. the ball is still gunna go. We as mortals would suffer because the endorsements and r&d; would drop off because the best are not actively engaged in driving the development... why would a company like taylormade work to develop newer tech if the average joe is not going to get to see the big names hitting it on TV... I guess it may be like cavity backs vs blades, but I don't think there would be near as much hype in the metal wood department. Tiger plays Nike clubs, but his irons are custom made blades, but if you buy some Nike irons, your still playing the same brand as Tiger. If Tiger chooses them, then they must have their heads on right in the R&D; department... I don't think this will translate in the wood department, because there is no advantage to playing the same brand as X because that club is designed to limit and not do anything specifically better for the player.

    Who's to say how much actual wood would be in these new clubs? I think it would be more of a carbon composite design. In any case, this is a potential marketing ploy because titanium is probably close to hitting a ceiling in performance. They get underground movements of good golfers to push for a more traditional direction in golf. This way they can open up a new technology whereupon all of us would need to replace all our drivers to be USGA compliant. I can also see the potential replacement of irons with "wooden" clubs like those pictures of clubs from the 1700s. Super-wood-irons? Plus these new composite materials are not as tough as titanium or steel, so to maintain higher performance you need to replace your clubs every 20 rounds or so. Better players might need to replace some every round. Money to be made...[/quote] You've missed the point I suspect.

  7. First time poster, long time lurker.  In my younger days, I played a lot of AJGA events, US Junior AM, US Am and top invitational amateur events.  I played high major golf but realized as good as I was there were so many players better than me so I didn't even attempt to pursue golf professionally and went to work on Wall Street.  Through the years I've gotten to play with a number of incredible players both competitively and casually.  Most of the time when I've played with PGA Tour players I've watched them and understood their game.  I could see weaknesses and thought that if I had given golf 100% perhaps I could be on their level.  I kicked myself a bit for giving up golf (especially when I was working 90 hours/week and walking through NY slush in December).  Then I played with Rory McIlroy.  He plays a different game than any other pro (including Tiger).  He plays with ease.  His game is nothing short of beautiful.   Rory is the most talented golfer to ever grace this planet.  Tiger became the most dominant player through a combination of technical perfection, mental determination and great talent.  Rory is dominant because his talent is sublime, it's transcendent.  Comparing Rory and Tiger isn't fair to either.  Tiger didn't have to face Rory in his prime and Rory won't face Tiger in his prime.  They're completely different personalities and both fit their eras.  Tiger was brash, untouchable and unknowable.  Rory's charismatic, approachable and humble.  I believe that Tiger knows his dominance is over.  For all his faults, Tiger is an incredibly perceptive individual.  He sees what even his fans refuse to see, that McIlroy is head and shoulders above the rest.  Rory will never be Tiger, I don't think he'll win 14 majors but I do think he'll win 8-10.  McIlroy is more Palmer than Nicklaus.  Palmer changed the game, just like Tiger did.  Now Rory will change the game like those two.  As great as Jack was, he didn't transform golf.  Palmer and Woods brought the game to where it is today.  Rory will keep the torch lit, for a long time and golfers everywhere should be thankful for him.

    Sounds like you're recounting a dream you had last night.

  8. Originally Posted by SloverUT


    Originally Posted by hotled

    They are a reputable dealer BUT: They will Shill Bid you constantly.

    Check who is bidding against you and you will find that the accounts bid on over 80% up to 100% of their items.

    They do such a high volume that E-bay allows them to do this.

    I would not consider that reputable.  But maybe that is just me.


    They lost me when they insisted on using the most expensive courier every time. Never again.

  9. Originally Posted by Paradox

    I think Daly was TRYING to say something along the lines that he was hitting the ball well(ballstriking, that kind of thing) but the outcomes were just never of good fortune.

    Sounds like the misguided tool fool who was eliminated in this season's first episode of Big Break

  10. LOL look at all the pissed off people, lol don't worry about it people and stop getting pissy, that's a old video and blahblahblah, it's not your fault your ignorant about how to consistently hit the golf ball straight as an arrow, its just that you never taught yourselves the basics, stop putting too much thought into the swing, thats your problem, and thats a big paycheck for instructors. Keep shellin out your dough keep GUESSING at what you're doing wrong....."well, maybe if I do this I can cure my slice lmao" not gonna ever happen until you learn the right way. And YES it is ridiculously easy to do. And to the guy blabbin about the 2 iron shots lmfao, those two iron shots keep on landing  in a 15 yard circle out at 225, you don't have a snowballs chance in hell of repeating that. LOL NOT A CHANCE IN HELL

    Post a recent video, where you're not sucking, or shut it.

  11. Originally Posted by Stewie007


    Originally Posted by Mikeod5785

    I watch em', eait for the guy who thinks his shiat don't stink......

    This coming from a guy who obviously thinks his smells like cherries...

    Oh, and for a 1 handicapper, you are awfully bad at hitting greens on Par 3s................. Suggests that you really are the shit.... except, you're the one that stinks.

    He was playing from the Ultra Mega Championship Tees of the Gods where the par 3s are all > 250 yards. Don't forget he's only hiting those perfectly straight 2-irons 225 yards!!

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  12. Originally Posted by bplewis24

    It seems like everybody is arguing whether or not the kid was at fault and whether or not he should bear the consequences of that fault.  I think the focus should be on whether or not the punishment fits the crime and the social policy is enforced correctly.

    Punishment: complete DQ for an administrative error.  IMO the punishment is too severe.  Punish a player with a loss of stroke for each error on the card or something.  But it's obvious he didn't shoot a 35 and eliminating any chance he has to advance because of it is definitely wrong.

    Social policy: The person who played the best (or "best enough to qualify") doesn't advance, and not because of an unfair advantage, but because of an oversight which does not in any way pertain to his play.

    What if he had a non-conforming club in his bag but didnt use it? He still played the best using conforming clubs. I don't know how I feel about the scorecard error / DQ. A 35 versus a 3, 4, or 5 seems extreme. What if it was an 8 instead of a sloppily written 3? Maybe just DQ the kid and if he's really all that he'll win something even bigger in the future.

  13. [QUOTE name="sean_miller" url="/t/62332/2012-ryder-cup-discussion-thread/990#post_775064"] Condescending?[/QUOTE] However you want to read it, mate. Fairly unbelievable way of seeing it but your call, I guess.

    I was kidding, but why do people know about it? Like Nicklaus' comment to Jacklin after conceding that putt in '69.

  14. Just checked, it was a 25 foot putt that he conceded to JJ Henry in the final match to finish. He looked at the board, saw missing it would mean the US team would go down by a record amount so conceded it to save thrm the embarasment. Hopefully that shows you the sort of chap he is.


  15. [QUOTE name="dak4n6" url="/t/62481/walkers-do-you-carry-or-pull/18#post_775039"] So, why sucker if you carry? [/QUOTE] lol... to quote Homer J. - "Hey, they have chairs with wheels and here I am using my legs like a sucker !" anyways, as far as total calories burned the studies have shown that theres not much difference between carrying and pushing.

    On one hand, yay carts. On the other hand, if a cart doesn't make walking shitloads easier, why waste time with one?

  16. Looks like TM have a bit of a marketing faux pas on their hands... Everywhere I look, about 50% of the posters seem to think this is the real decal. They made this clear if you read the fine print; its actual design is obscured by the zebra decal. It will look nothing like this at launch, TM want to keep the back's look a secret. They should have just released the damn product shot instead of "leaked prototypes". It's not like it would affect their sales; in fact I'd bet they could make plenty of preorders and have the next model announced before this one's released to make extra money. I know TM has good reason to think golfers are gullible idiots, but this is really insulting our intelligence. And judging by all the people who have no clue these are actually censored, it's for good reason.

    You don't think they knew exactly what they were doing?

  17. Originally Posted by Golfingdad


    Originally Posted by mvmac

    Sean O'Hair was raving about these new TaylorMade irons, yet to b given a name.  Notice the slot on the sole of the clubs, maybe Tour RocketBallz irons?

    Mike, I'd like to "pre-apply" to be the first member-reviewer of these when they come out.

    Sorry, I forgot to leave you my address for shipping.  Its:

    3764 Wishful Thinking Lane

    In My Dreams, Calfornia 90210

    They're working on the prototype for your decals as we speak . . .

  18. Originally Posted by Golfingdad

    I tend to agree with Wisguy ...  The only time I've played a round on an empty course (not counting Hawaii, with the wife as a caddie, where we took our sweet time) was several weeks ago - with Beachcomber, as a twosome, with a cart - and we were the first group off in the morning.  I want to say we played the front nine in 80-90 minutes, roughly, and it felt like we were hauling ass around that course.  I cannot imagine playing much faster than we did, so ....

    I tried to do a little math with these parameters:

    1. 6500 yd flat, empty course.

    2. A decent golfer playing by himself

    3. Averages 30 seconds per shot (this might be the weak link because it's a wild guess, but seems reasonable)

    4. Shoots an 80

    If you assume the walking speed as 4 mph and an average of 30 yards between each green and the following tee, he would walk roughly 4 miles.

    Total playing time = 1 hour, 40 minutes.

    Conclusion:  I gotta find me a decent course where I can play alone and walk!

    You agree with someone who says it's not likely for a single digit index to play 18 holes in a power cart with an open course in less than 2 hours, then you outline how it would be plausible to do it under 2 hours ON FOOT. Sorry, but who were you agreeing with exactly?

  19. Originally Posted by Lihu

    I am wondering about the doubters vs the claimers of long distance?

    Perhaps if we add another metric to the equation, like a histogram of shots hit and distance.

    Do whatever study you want, but if you play golf with enough different people you'll run across some who can't hit very far regardless how much they try (they do not properly apply enough club head speed to hit a long ball - end of story) and other guys who seem to hit it far no matter which club they have in their hands or how many balls they hit. IMHO, a study where dozens of any shot are hit consecutively is pointless, because it has no bearing on rounds played (i.e.when knowing your distances actually matters-  who really cares about driving range distances?).

  20. Originally Posted by Wisguy


    Originally Posted by sean_miller

    My best guess is you take too many strokes tee to green in random directions. It's difficult without ever seeing your swing or pre-shot routine where you waste time or why you hit the ball so short. Walking speed - to the ball and on the greens - is also a likely factor. That you had to clarify the Swedish twins were women might be clue as well.

    Too many strokes in random directions?  Typically, yes.  That's why I don't shoot in the 80's or 70's, same as most people who shoot in the 90s.

    Why would you assume I "hit the ball so short?"  I hit the following distances:

    SW - 90

    52* GW - 108 (new wedge I hit to 3.5 feet on 108yd hole two weeks ago first round I played with it)

    PW - 125

    9 - 135

    8 - 148

    7 - 160

    6 - 170

    5 - 180

    4 - 200

    4H - 195 (not sure why I carry it - the 4i usually works as well or better for me)

    3H- 210

    3W - 240

    D - 250 +/- 40yrds depending on how well I've hit it.

    Add another 5yds to the irons after I'm warmed up and I'm having a good day.  Certainly not tour length, but longer than most of the people with whom I've played.

    As for the clarification "women," had I omitted it, a wiseass like yourself would have asked "Swedish twins, you mean Sven and Erik?"

    Played a slow front 9 last weekend, followed by swapping partners at the turn to mix-up the 5 of us.  Played the second 9 with a fairly quick-playing, long-hitting friend (who actually did have a 300yd drive).  On two holes we spent about 3 minutes each hunting for balls hit into deep grass, stopped the beer cart girl once, had to wait for the group ahead of us on one hole for about 5 minutes.  The 9 holes took 1hr 45 minutes, 15 of which we could have trimmed off by eliminating the above.  That's still a 3-hour round.  Sorry, I just don't see trimming a full hour off that and I can't imagine wanting to do so.  I hate feeling rushed when I've got a fastplaying single or twosome behind me and wouldn't want to keep up that pace of hurried play if there was no reason to do so.  You see, I actually enjoy being outside and I like to take in the sights and sounds, appreciating the flora, the fauna, and the course architecture as I play.

    Not sure what to believe here. That you can't grasp how even though you could play 9 holes in 1.5 hours (your estimate) yet a singleton playing off a single digit index (i.e. much better than you) shouldn't expect to play in under 1 hour while using a power cart with an open course. You're not talking about trimming an hour off that time. You're talking about a 1/2 hour, per 9 holes, which is easily attributed to hitting fewer shots per player, by half as many players. That you can't get this makes me doubt the rest of your data, just like you doubt single digit players who consistently drive at the upper end of your range.

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