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  1. Really I didn't realize starter was made by Nike. They are very nice, simple but nice. You can prolly even pick them up at Wal-Mart even because I've seen starter items at walmart. As a matter of fact I just found the same compression shorts online at Wal-Mart. For $10! Good buy http://www.walmart.com/ip/Starter-Me...i_sku=11026750
  2. $5 a bucket at a decent range that goes over 300 yards with flags and markers. Another course charges $8 thats just down the road for about the same amount. It's a no brainer for me
  3. Not the best day with scoring but I was hitting my Irons very solid. Posted a 45 on 9 hole par 37. If I could only get my driver working with more accuracy.
  4. Problem has been solved. Picked up some compression shorts at Kmart of all places for 9.99. They had black starter brand compression shorts that are great and you can't beat the price. Also I picked up some of the Lanacane anti chaffing gel. It's not cheap its around 6 to 8 bucks for a small tube but what golf related item is cheap! The tube of gel seems like it should go along way tho. Seemed to do the trick! Thanks for the suggestions and I hope mine can help out someone out with my suggestions too. I've been walking and playing the past week and no problems!
  5. I seem to have the same problem on hot and humid days and the past few weeks have been terrible. I'm gonna try using that sports glide. Baby Powder, Baby Oil, & Gold Bond Seem to work but I've never tried the Normal gold bond I just have the medicated stuff and that works great after if you have chaffing problems. This is prolly the most common set back for me on the golf course when it comes to any type of injuries (if you could call it one). Great topic
  6. When I heard about the S&T; method It really made me want to read and find more information about it. I read the recent book that I got from the library and it really did make a lot of sense. I fell keeping your weight centered has helped me but overall if I start thinking to much about my swing on the course it only gets worse from there. I may use a few of the ideas from the S&T; but now unless my swing is really bad I might not try to fiddle with it much.
  7. I would prolly get the G5's if they fit you right go check out the ping fitting system on Ping's site.
  8. This should be interesting with Tiger and how his swing will change with his coach. Will it be Butch? It was a nice way to let Hank go if Tiger had a change of mind. What the real question would be is who is the next celebrity for Hank on his TV show?
  9. When I'm golfing with people it seems they always ask me from time to time what I'm using mostly on a par 3's. I'll usually just say you should probably have a better idea than me. It's kinda odd how people do base their club selection on other peoples thoughts. I hope everyone knows there own golf swing better than their playing partner knows it.
  10. I'm pulling for Daily but I also think its a little funny on the golf channel and how they have him say "you don't know what its like being Daly" I mean really cmon. The guy is a professional golfer and many people have much worse lives then he could even imagine. He might have made bad decisions in his life but no need to feel sorry for him.
  11. yea don't worry so much about the name. I was thinking about trying Cameron putters but why. I found there to be so many other models at much better prices. Taylor Made Rossa series are pretty nice. You can get them at great prices to so this is what I picked up.
  12. thats for the help, I think I might need to look into adidas golf shoes instead of foot joys now
  13. I just picked up some used Titleist 990 Irons online for 99.00 dollars haha how Ironic. Anyways what are your feelings about the 990's? I really love their nice classic look and heard alot of good things about them. I know they are older irons but they use to retail for 150 a club. Not a bad deal and is a definite upgrade from my old irons.
  14. yes Golf Balls are very over rated. Any kind of normal distance ball would be fine. I have been playing with the wilson prostaff x2 distance and spin. Loved them both. A nice plain style golf ball with good feel and distance. They were 9.99 for 20
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