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    My Swing (Dai)

    Thanks for the updates, appreciate it. Yes I think HOW I practice has to be a big improvement for me, and am reading plenty of the topics on here about that. Was the main reason for me joining really, if improvements came from just reading tips / watching YouTube videos I'd be scratch by now, but I'm just randomly reading things without knowing if they're even appropriate for me etc, that's why I really appreciate people on here giving their time to help. Yes, unfortunately the videos I've posted here are slow motion on my phone, but cannot for the life of me figure out how to post them on here in that way, will see if I can figure it out
  2. I think my issue is I only remember the bad while I'm still on the course and drive myself nuts, but an hour after I get home I only remember the good and want to get straight back out on the course and have some imaginary great round. Probably need to flip it like some here have mentioned, think about the good shots and stay positive on the course, think about the bad and what can be worked on after the round. Or just start only hitting good shots, either would do really
  3. Dai

    My Swing (Dai)

    Was really hoping that the answer was going to be "worked on it once and it fixed everything for good" but never mind! Ha. Glad to hear it's helping, will get working on it now the weather here is starting to improve
  4. Dai

    My Swing (Dai)

    Thanks @DaveP043I'll try that next time I'm at the driving range. How are you finding the results so far?
  5. Dai

    My Swing (Dai)

    Ha, thanks @iacas. Will give it a read. Was a good read, definitely something I will take to the driving range and work on. During my first lesson with the pro he talked about copying the Adam Scott posture that is spoken about in that topic, however I think it was more the newer stance of his rather than the older VERY straight back stance. Looking at some old videos I have from when I'd had those lessons I definitely wasn't anywhere near as straight / rigid as I am at the moment. Think it's something I've incorporated to try and help stop me swaying and I think the phrase I've read here is something along the lines of "take the pill, not the whole bottle"!! Here is a screenshot of my stance from nearer the time I'd had some lessons Thanks again for the tip, definitely not something I'd have picked out on my own
  6. Dai

    My Swing (Dai)

    Ha, thanks @iacas. Will give it a read
  7. Dai

    My Swing (Dai)

    I've been playing golf for: Around 18 months now, however started playing more regularly the last 9 months or so, around 3 or 4 times a month with around 5 or 6 range trips a month. My handicap: I don't currently have one, only just taken out a membership. However my score is normally in the 100-110 range, only broken 100 twice. My typical ball flight is: a draw on the rare good shot, a pull or pull hook on the bad shots. The miss I'm trying to eliminate is: the pull and pull hook. I have taken a couple of lessons with a local pro, mainly working on grip and stance then on my tendency to sway side to side during my swing. I have been working on that on the range and think I've made progress with that issue. Until I have more lessons just wondered if there were any tips from you guys on here what I should be working on next. I know a few (read as LOADS) of issues to fix. I lose my spine angle on downswing, swing over the top, have a chicken wing going on, don't rotate my hips all the way through the swing, flip wrists........ I won't go on. My problem is, despite reading loads of the great threads on here I don't know if one causes the other, which and how to fix first etc. Thanks in advance. The videos are separate swings, both with a 7 iron. Hope I managed to embed properly Videos:
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