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  1. Thank you for the info and I agree about me needing to work on my skill with the driver. I will continue to work on it and I do hope to get it back in the bag at some point this year and I always take it to a more wide open course. But I play at a very narrow heavily wooded course mostly so unless I can really dial in that driver it’s costing me strokes. It’s most certainly a me problem for sure.
  2. You’re correct but I was speaking more to dispersion left or right more than distance with miss hits. Had I swung any club with 2 bad swings like that I would have produced the same or worse results. I can consistently carry my driver 282 on 8 out of 10 shots but if it’s 30 yards right of my target I’m either OB or under some trees or worse in the water. I can’t seem to keep the club face closed enough at impact and since my swing has a natural left path my driver just wants to go right. With my irons I don’t have as much trouble with face position so I am able to drive it much straighter. I think hybrids are great but they just aren’t for me. I guess I’m in the minority on this one. lol I just want to keep it in play and so far it’s resulted in better scores for me.
  3. You mean before I broke it in half? Haha jk I own a Cobra F7 cut down to 44.5 and a C-9 swing weight. I had it cut at the butt end so it wouldn’t adjust stiffness too much. At the range I can control it ok and my issue is definitely swing plain and to some extent it’s a mental hurdle for me personally. I’ve played with lead tape on the head to bring it back up but I’m having an issue with left to right spin. I have to really almost over fire my lower half to square up and hit it straight which is painful to do often. So the two iron just seems to work better for me. Smaller misses and tighter dispersion helps me keep it in play. On long Par 5’s I am definitely not getting there in two but still give myself a chance at birdie.
  4. I agree. If you can control your ball flight off the tee and keep the ball in play. Most people I play with are lucky to have a few drives per round find the fairways. I watch them or help them try to find there ball in the woods. I also used to go through the same process and it resulted in higher scores all around. I watch many pros on tv do the same. They just happen to be much better at recovery shots and have no issue hitting a ball out of the woods to within a few yards of the green or even find a way onto the green. Just feel like the extra 50 yards of carry being mostly off line are not worth the trouble. Like I said if you can hit it in the fairway more power to you. But for most of us it’s a struggle. For me the miss with a driving iron is just so much smaller. Happy Friday! Totally agree. I swing it hard like a driver and she flys. No better feeling.
  5. I totally hear that and I do own a 2 hybrid which occasionally goes in my bag but the new game improvement style 2 irons (3 or 4 irons for some strong lofted brands out there) are just so much more forgiving. I just think for those who haven’t given it a shot they shouldn’t be afraid to see if it might work for them. Heck the only reason I really had to try was because the course I play is so tight I had to tee up with a 3 or 4 to keep it in play anyways.
  6. I live in Massachusetts and I play an 11 in my league hoping to get down to single digits. One of my biggest problems has always been finding fairways off the tee. I’m a long hitter and don’t get me wrong it’s great hitting a 300 yard drive but if it’s in the rough or playing from the wrong angle into the green is it really an advantage being so long? So what did I do? Against everyone’s advice I got fitted for a 2 iron. I went to my local shop and consulted with a pro. He suggested a new GI style driving iron. The Mizuno MP 18 MMC fli hi. It was love at first sight. Went with the KBS taper lite 120 1 degree upright. It was also love at first hit. Not only was I able to control it and hit more fairways but I averaged 235 carry including a few miss hits with a long of 267 carry(do you really need more than that?) My first round on the simulator I played Bayhill and used the 2 iron for all of my drives. I only missed 3 fairways and was able work the ball a little from left to right to stay away from the water on the left(shot 77). After watching tiger melt down off the tee last week and watching so many friends and strangers alike struggle off the tee to keep it in the fairway. Why aren’t more people giving a driving iron a try? I’m hoping to see the strokes really drop this year from making this change. Anyone else out there thought about giving this a try?
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