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  1. Yeah man, I agree. I don’t get it though— you know how all the pros and every decent player can get their trail shoulder beneath their head on the downswing? For some reason, my right shoulder gets caught up with my head and I feel like it is a cause of inconsistency. Whenever I swing, there’s a whipping motion with my head and I can’t stop it. Do you or anyone else have any advice for keeping a still head on the downswing? I’ve searched everywhere and can’t find a single swing tip on this. It’s so bad that I get minor abrasions on my chin from my shirt rubbing against it all throughout my golf swing.
  2. StripeIt

    The Mind Game

    Haha easier said than done but I agree. At the end of the day there's more to life than just golf. Thanks for the reminder, I appreciate it! :) This is very true! THIS is awesome. I wonder how much better I'd play if I played my game and trusted my abilities rather than being so afraid to fail all the time. Some of my best rounds were when I was relaxed and was just having fun with the game instead of trying so hard and being so tense. Thanks so much for this, man.
  3. StripeIt

    The Mind Game

    Some good thoughts, man. You're totally right about the part where you say that there are a million other (worse) things we could be doing besides playing golf. That's a truly eye-opening and humbling point because it's even a blessing and gift to have two working pairs of arms and legs to even play the game. Not to mention eyesight and hearing which are obviously important. It's just true that there are things to be grateful for that even allow us to play, so approaching the game with gratitude, or anything for that matter, could totally ease the nerves and emotions. The only question I have is what would you say to someone who golfs for their livelihood? I personally don't right now, but for those who play competitive golf-- there's a lot on the line. At that point, there's a level of dedication and control they need to have over themselves, even when there's a lot on the line. Thanks for your thoughts! Thanks man! To be honest, I don't have as much of a hard time with nerves as I do with simply keeping my cool. I LOVE to compete and I don't super nervous that often for some reason. However, when things start to go south and I begin play poorly, let's just say that more often than I'm okay with, clubs are thrown and some cuss words are expelled out of my mouth. It's honestly embarrassing and ridiculous, but I'm trying to find the middle ground between caring about my score and playing competitive all the while just enjoying the game for the game and enjoying life in general. Thanks for the response! :) You bring up a SUPER good and important point when it comes to thinking about the future of a round. I always anticipate my score before the round is even over instead of just playing golf. I feel like reinforces expectations of my own performance that are super unrealistic and unhealthy. Plus, you kind of just miss out on the moment and the joy of actually taking every shot for what it's worth. What are methods you've used for yourself to help you make peace with the bad shots and bad days? Thanks for the reply man!
  4. Wedge Shots DTL: 3 Hybrid DTL: 5 Iron Slow Motion DTL: Are these better? Thanks!
  5. StripeIt

    The Mind Game

    Hey, guys, I just wanted to hear from some of you guys on how you manage to stay competitive while also managing your nerves and emotions. I absolutely love golf, but I also get wayyy to pissed off whenever things go wrong. It seems like the only time I can play golf and enjoy it is when I absolutely do not care about the outcome, but I love the idea of playing competitive golf. I'm signed up in my local amateur golf tour, and I really want to hear of some tactics you guys use to calm your nerves and be "mentally tough" so-to-speak. That is, how do you find the balance between wanting/expecting to play well and just having fun? Thanks guys!
  6. I've been Playing Golf for: 4 yrs My current handicap index or average score is: It used to be a 6, but I don't have one now. My typical ball flight is: Draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: The shanks and a pull hook left. Videos:
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