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  1. The gold standard: They are very sturdy and can take a beating. The zero friction golf tees? Doesn't the club do the work before really touching the tee? I was a physics major before switching to mechanical engineering and find the claim of more distance absurd. LOL
  2. I didn't catch the price, but I am on vacation in Florida now and I have played a couple of times at a muni down here. They charge $2 to rent these so my guess is that they aren't too popular. I am hoping that when my 25 yo son comes down this will get him excited about playing with me and his grandpa.
  3. I didn't call it junk, the fitter did. He used to made clubs when that was a thing.
  4. Yes. It changed my game going from a 10 or so down to my current 5.6. I got fitted for it about 3 years ago when it was selling at a discount ($249) along with irons (e1), fairway wood and hybrid (G30). I got an upgraded shaft on the driver at no charge. The cost for a full bag fitting on Track Man by a nationally rated fitter was $50 net. I had some kind of Cleveland HiBore driver and 3W that I bought without any supervision and then started using my son's Nike he got in HS. The fitter said that these were junk and he was right. I won't say I never lose a ball off the tee, but if I am sufficiently concentrating I will leave a decent second shot most of the time.
  5. Hopefully you will get back to golf in due time with a new perspective. Nothing to compare what you are going through, but I was playing goalie in a parents vs. student soccer match about 15 years ago and dove on a ball. I made the save, but my left shoulder popped. I could not raise my arm for a couple of months and then for another 3 or 4 months could barely raise it as it was so weak. I never went to the doctor as I am leery of your type 🙂 Now playing the best golf of my life. Kind of reminds me when my dad, a smoker, made my sister and I take a drag on his unfiltered Marlboro's to show us how bad they were. I can see you saying "look son, let me show you how dangerous these bikes can be". My oldest did a lot of skateboarding and he would come home with awful looking bruises on his legs, thighs, back and hips. At 33 I am surprised he isn't in a wheel chair.
  6. I played Snell this year and liked the ball and will keep playing it. 5 dozen for $139 shipped to your door. There was a post above about soft balls not being as long. I don't believe that this is correct from the data I have seen. If you go to the Golf Digest link this person posts all of the various ball types have the distance icon over to the right indicating that they all have good distance.
  7. You can't were a tank top and denim shorts and expect to not get kicked out of the club 😁
  8. Do you keep a spare one in your pocket? If so, how does the sweat affect spin?
  9. That is about the funniest term...never heard it before.
  10. High and long. From the TrackMan website: The standard assumption for height comes from the TrackMan Optimizer. For the driver, a club speed of 94 mph, attack angle of 0 degrees, and optimized carry results in a height of 82 feet. For a 6-iron, a club speed of 80 mph and mid-trajectory results in a height of 76 feet. For a PW, a club speed of 72 mph and mid-trajectory results in a height of 69 feet.
  11. Carl3

    NCAA Football 2019

    I am no college football fan, but didn't ND just barely get by an unranked USC?
  12. I played a course that had 8 par 3's and one par 4, I played 70 to 80 9-hole rounds a year and got to where I played from the back tees at -1, Two of the holes played 180 to 195. I think I really grooved my swing and learned to control where the ball would go and also learned the distances of my clubs. People would make fun of this course, but I would roundly beat them on a regular course. This year I switched to a par 71 70.3/130 course and had a number of rounds in the mid to low 70's.I also worked the heck out of being able to get up and down. About 10 years ago I was definitely a bogey golfer and could not break 80 and almost quit the game because of that fact. As far as getting this partner to do anything: you can lead a horse to water, but...
  13. I read about a hole in one scam where a guy in a group ahead was in on it with the 4-some behind him. The "winner" pulls a six iron out when he only needed say a 9 iron. His buddies are chatting up the volunteers that are supervising from the tee box. The "winner" hits his six iron, which is heading on a trajectory towards the "grass/green" and the others look on with anticipation and then start hooting and hollering and then start high-fiving each other. They all march off to the green and find a ball in the cup, which was placed there buy a guy in the previous group. I am not sure how it all unraveled, but...
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