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  1. Sounds like fun. What about Abba and Dancing Queen, LOL?
  2. A few years ago I had the opportunity to relocate to O'ahu for a 3 year period. I declined for two reasons 1) the cost of living would have meant less money I could sock away for retirement 2) the cost of golf. The cost of golf is very high, but to add insult to injury it seems that most course have one price for locals and a higher price for us "Haole". My impression is that true Hawaiians take a lot of pride in who they are and look down upon those that may have been there for only a generation or two. I did get to spend a carefree week in Honolulu interviewing prospective subconsultants and eating great food on the company tab. Suggestions? Do your research before moving 😁 (sorry, had to add that). Maybe you can work out a "cost of golfing" salary adjustment with your employer. If you do work with vendors, subconsultants or strategic partners you could make some friends sponge off of them if your company policies allow that sort of thing.
  3. I was thinking the same thing for myself not too long ago. Spent a little time with Erik at a group event and he did some swing analysis for me that helped. Now I am hitting my irons more like I used to. At one time irons were the best part of my game and my driver stunk. Once I got fitted for a new driver, I was hitting it really great, but it then caused the rest of my game to slowly deteriorate. Your 3w and hybrids won't suffer like your irons since they have wide soles and can accommodate what would otherwise be a fat shot with an iron. I became so afraid of hitting my irons that this fear actually made it worse as trying to "control" and guide the shot would have my hips stall. The key for me was to get through the ball. I have been working with a drill where I bring the club back with my right hand only and then on my down swing I am forced to start with my lower body and get a full body turn. Before that Erik had me set up with a super-strong grip and then bring the iron back in a severely closed face position, which kind of does the same thing as the other drill in that it forces you not to "flip" just before impact. This approach takes a lot of the timing out of the wrist action and forces your body to have a more appropriate secondary spine angle (less tilt backwards). When I got a good driver motion going and swinging with an upward angle of attack, I would often forget that was not what I wanted to be doing with the other clubs. You need to be more over top of the ball and be hitting down. The 3w and hybrids, like I said you can get away with not necessarily having a descending blow, but with the irons you can't. Last year I joked about having a full bag of hybrids besides my 3h and 4h. Now I am glad I did not give up. I am even considering going back to my 4i or 3i depending on the course I am playing. I hope my rambling has made some sense. For reference my HC index was down to a 5.4. Have not played as much this year and was having a lot of difficulty with the irons and the HC suffered.
  4. Carl3

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    The name reminds me of...
  5. You really need to find an alternative way of communicating this horrifying word such as "hitting too close to the hosel". Like the N-word, the S-word need not be spoken/written.
  6. I see that happen once or twice a year. It does happen and the search team is not focused on the fairway, so it is ignored. If a ball hits a tree line, I would think the ball would/could wind up on the fairway side more often than it does.
  7. Congrats. I played down to a 5.4 index last year and then moved and played less golf this year screwing up my index. I chased a couple of sub par rounds last year, but never delivered. What is the course rating and slope where you broke 70?
  8. The leading edge of the driver is so much lower than the trailing edge: Even with hitting up a few degrees, not sure how the screw would be getting loaded with mud. Yes, it looks like the weight might be missing (or is ij just caked in mud?), but I don't see how that would impact the structural integrity of the driver.
  9. The bottom of your driver has a lot of dirt on it especially at your screw at the rear. I have Ping G30s. Driver, 3W, 3h, 4h. The bottom of my driver is very clean. Have never gotten dirt in the screw. Even my 3W is pretty clean. Now my 3h and 4h get dirty on the bottom. I don't think the modern driver is meant to be hit off the deck. They are almost egg shell thin IMO. I tee it up high and in the 4 years that I have owned them I think I only hit dirt with my driver once when I was playing in a rainstorm and lost my grip. I think if you are regularly hitting sod with the driver, you could damage it.
  10. I have only worn Footjoy. Used to wear the Dryjoy with spikes. But they are a little heavy and uncomfortable, but seemed to last forever. If you exclusively ride in a cart, why not? I try to walk when I can, so I then went to their line of more comfortable/casual spikeless: The Contours line. But I think they might have discontinued as I can't seem to find it on their website. I am in the market and will check out the True Linkswear. I like @Bonvivant approach to the waterproof and mesh versions.
  11. Echoing others, go for used name brands if $$ is an issue. A new golfer should have a club that is forgiving, i.e., "Game Improvement". Maltby tests every golf club known to mankind and keeps adding to their data base so you can compare new vs. recent vs. older clubs and how they perform. The higher the playability factor supposedly the easier the club is to use. Since I am a Ping guy, I went to their ping page , scrolled down to look at some older, but recent models and clipped this for you: So when you go to ebay or someplace like that and see a set you like, you can look them up and see if they are geared towards a beginner (game improvement, super game improvement) or an experienced player (conventional). As far as Ping goes, you could be looking at 15 year old G5 or newer G10, G15. The more recent G30 or G irons would also be good.
  12. No, but I thought they shut that website down. Oh, I am thinking of Backpage dot com🤭
  13. As a 53 year former resident of Ohio and a graduate of THE Ohio State University, I would like to play next year if your rules allow.
  14. Mid 80's , but just a practice round by myself. I was thinking that this might be the last day to play in Western NY, but I hear it might hit 60 next weekend. Started out at 37 deg F at NOON!! but it was sunny and felt decent. It peaked at 45 deg F.
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