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  1. What about these dingbats who carry the Orange Whip in their bag? Fortunately I have never had to play with one of these guys, but I occasionally see them on the first tee swinging away. Not sure if they are swinging it throughout their round or not. Seems like an adult security blanket or pacifier.
  2. True story: I was invited to play in a scramble a few years ago. As the day approached the weather reports were indicating rain. My golf partners were taking a cautious, wait and see attitude. The night before the event all of my partners had bowed out. The scramble had not officially been cancelled at this point. Having taken the day off, I decided to head over to the course at the appointed time and see what was up, hit some range balls and perhaps head into the office late. When I got to the course the registration table was active and signing people is, so I signed in as well. I mentioned my situation and that I may be hitting multiple shots due to partners who may not show up. No problem I was told. Well I was 9 under par after 12 holes when the event was called off due to rain. I was soaked from head to toe, but won first prize of $400. I think that was the day I also won a laser range finder. Off the tee, if it was an acceptable shot I did not take another in order to save energy being over 50 years of age. I usually hit 2 or 3 approach shots. Putting was the best: lay 4 balls down and keep hitting them until one goes in. Made a lot of birdies from 15 to 20+ feet out. First putt a little high? Hit it on a lower line. That one a little low? Try something in the middle and... bingo, another birdie. one of the best times I every had on the golf course.
  3. 2015 was his best year and the $12M he made on tour was peanuts to the Under Armor deal he inked along with other endorsements that year. You can’t discount what that kind of lifestyle change could do to a super young man. have any of these other youngsters gone so far so fast or are they still hungry to get to where he was in 2015?
  4. Some of the golfers with the lowest handicaps that I have played with do not score that well. When you look them up on GHIN you see that out of their 20 rounds they have scores from up to 2 or 3 years ago. How can you be a good golfer and only post 6, 8, 10 scores per year? My theory is that they have had a handful of really good scores over the years and then refuse to post any but their better scores moving forward. Thus they will always have that low index on GHIN.
  5. I could have been a contender
  6. How about Mariel Hemingway in a Noxzema add:
  7. Kids are spoiled these days. This is about all we had back in the day: Farrah Fawcett by the way
  8. I would say "preparation". I don't think there are easy solutions to calm yourself down. You are most likely anxious in the situation because you want to do well with your new playing companions and you are not confident of the outcome of the putt. Putting practice is easy. Learn as much as you can. My new course has challenged me and I have started to get good at observing the grain. Practice with purpose as they say. There is a guy on here @JuanTheGolfer who wrote a book that I bought last summer when I want to improve my putting. It is intense and I did not get through all of the routines, but I am a better putter. Most of the time I look forward to stroking the putt as I am more confident now. When I am rushed and do not spend more than 5 minutes on the putting green before a round, I get nervous as I know that the speed is somewhat unknown to me. It is a great feeling to be looking at a 15 to 25 foot birdie put that has a chance of going in. However if you know that it could be a possible 3 putt due to inadequate preparation, then that is nerve-racking.
  9. LOL. When I served on a state board and their code committee I found out that there is a federal disability law that went into effect a few years ago that permits people to drive their cart onto the tee box as well as onto the green itself! So be careful if you try to get in the way of someone trying to exercise their federally-protected civil liberties. 😁
  10. My point was that the argument that "words are words" is no longer valid in today's environment. Many people are too weak for the "sticks and stones" philosophy. Words have now become weaponized for political purposes, but this is now not on topic. Pro tip: don't use the word "ladies" to address a group of women under 70 years of age. We can't say a lot of things we used to say 10 years ago. They could not make many of The Office episodes in today's environment. You used the example of someone perpetrating some sort of assault with hate speech. What about some of the light joking people might have done in an office environment 10 years ago that could now be the cause of someone losing their job? Locker room talk; things we might have said in JR High; things we might say when have a few drinks and are with our buds. Not just race, but religion, gender, nationality, intelligence... anything that might make us different or unique cannot be noticed or commented on by people like you and me. Comedians are voicing concerns about this type of thing. You referred to one word, but there are many others now and I am sure there will be more to come. Eventually every letter of the alphabet may have a verboten word associated with it.
  11. It is just a "word", LOL. You know that certain people are not allowed to say certain words.
  12. When I was in college in the 1980's the thinking was that you should study in a similar environment to when taking your exams. We had a guy in our mechanical engineering program that barely made it through. I studied with him once prior to heading to an exam. We was high while studying and taking the test. I figured that was his success: if he studied while high, he would do best to take his exams that way. Practice is similar to academic study so my thought is that you should practice golf in the same environment that you expect to play: no earbuds/head phones to block out normal distractions. You will not have that privilege on the course during regular or tournament play. BTW, I can hear the music from the earbuds in the practice area, which does not help my concentration. I view the practice areas as sacred grounds that should be places of silence, LOL. Knuckleheads taking business calls on the practice greens, or discussing their manly conquests to their buds...annoying.
  13. Don't do anything silly like that. Doctors are for wimps. Give it a rest and make sure you stretch and warm up properly once you feel ready, and make sure you ease back into it. I had to lay off golf for a couple of weeks once due to a shoulder injury. When I came back I used an extra club or two and swung easier.
  14. I enjoyed the company of @Bonvivant as my cart mate on Sunday at Whispering Woods. His knowledge of golf history, sunny disposition, and positive attitude in the face of adversity was uplifting. He also had the chore of keeping me from breaking etiquette with where I happened to park the cart. On one hole I made a last minute move to steer the cart so that the windshield blocked the near-gale force winds and sideways rain. @iacas did not like that as the tires were on the grass instead of asphalt.
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