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  1. Carl3

    What tee to play from?

    I was trained pretty well on etiquette by my father and grandfather. My first instinct is to play the white tees or the tees just back from the senior tees. I am early 50's, probably average between 240 and 250 off the tee (during the spring a little shorter, late summer often a lot longer on a bone hard course). On a little more than 25% of my rounds I score less than 80. Occasionally the group I happen to be with may want to play the blue tees and I go along with that and usually beat them all. I have an executive course that I play a lot and I went to the blue tees a few years back when I played it under par. If and when I get to a 5 index or better I will consider moving back a tee, but my distance may start to wane before I get there. If I ever get to a 1 or 2 index I might consider playing from the tips to see what it is like. Most golfers I witness no matter whether it is an inexpensive public course or a ritzy private one, play tees beyond their abilities. Most golfers are not as good as they think they are including me 😀It is refreshing to encounter, humble and skilled golfers.
  2. In situations like that I will tend to use my 4 hybrid instead of my 5i or even 6i. Just choke down and hit it easier and hope for a gir or a ngir. There is a better chance the club won't take too much soil. On closer approach shots I will be careful to take a few practice swings and feel how the turf interaction will be. I may also want to take a little extra club and try to take a little off the shot , since swinging hard can tend to cause me to have less control and perhaps hit it a little too fat, which is disaster with saturated soils. Around the green I will also keep my 54* and 58* wedges in the bag and opt for my UW or PW that has a wider sole and won't want to dig and grab too much sod. On sloped or higher ground that has better drainage, I go back to regular club selection. Would love to hear what better players do, as this is a great question.
  3. Carl3

    Sub Par Round?

    OK, thanks for the input. Even though it is only a 9 hole course I would need to make another lap and have that be even par or better. But even then I would probably discount the effort due to the nature of the course.
  4. Carl3

    The (No) Sixes Challenge

    I quickly went through a bunch of score cards for the past 3 years and only noticed 1 where I had no 6's and it wasn't my best round. I think it was a 78 or 79. I play some courses that do have challenging par 5's. One of them is definitely a lay-up hole for everyone except an exceptional golfer. There is a large pond that meets up to nearly the entire front fringe of the green. The green has a severe back to front slope. Center of green usually gives you a sloping downhill put. Bogey feels like par. I have tended to play conservatively to get my score down. Par 5's I would play a couple of 3H shots with a wedge to the green with a 2 putt par and an occasional birdie. After reading LSW I have been more prone to pull out the driver and try to get there in two.
  5. Carl3

    How to become successful in golf at 17

    I was fortunate enough to play in a Champions Tour Pro-Am with Gary Hallberg who was a teen sensation in the late 70's and rookie of the year in 1980. His son is trying to make it. He estimates it would cost about $90k/yr to keep a young man on the road, playing tournaments, and trying to make it. His son doesn't have sponsors and may have skipped college to pursue the dream.
  6. Carl3

    Sub Par Round?

    Thanks for mentioning this as I was able to go to the PGA website and get the recommendations. Yesterday I got rained out of an opportunity to play what looks like a super Donald Ross course and I had to ask my host which tees we would play so I could play out what to use off each tee (driver or something else). The black tees play 6,684 and the whites 6,397. Play it forward would want me at the white tees. Now I have some better rationale when we play in a few weeks.
  7. Carl3

    Sub Par Round?

    I play a lot at a local course that has 8 par 3's and one par 4. 3 years ago I played the white tees and carded a 27 (minus 1), so I have now been playing the blue tees. I also switched to only use a tee on the par 4 and occasionally from the longer 190+ yard par 3's. This is so I don't have trouble when I play at a traditional course hitting off the turf. I have played at least one round at minus 1 each of the past 3 years. The par 4 requires a perfectly placed tee shot to have a chance at a clean shot to the green as it has tree trouble on either side. It is not an easy to par that one. As you can see there are also a couple of long par 3's. Here is my question: Can I truly take credit for breaking par on what many might consider a cheesy course? My previous best is a 75 at a difficult Pete Dye course. I have had a couple of 76's, a number of 77's and break 80 maybe between a quarter and a third of my rounds on a traditional course. I have only started to take golf seriously in the past 5 years or so. I was a bogey golfer before that who played a half dozen times a year.
  8. $25 is more than he would spend on a dinner date back in the day if I recall the rumors correctly.
  9. Carl3

    Why make a full shoulder turn?

    Same here. I am driving the better than I ever have. I do have a new driver (18 months), but I am also swinging it better because I rarely used a driver for a few years before that. I am not only working on making a better shoulder turn, but also making sure the back swing is not rapid, but smooth. I also seem to drive it better when I feel a slight pause before descending. I am sure it is nothing at all like Hideki Matsuyama, but it feels like a pause as opposed to what I was doing. I also make sure to feel that the club is gradually building in speed and that I am not forcing anything with my arms. I can actually impress some decent golfers with my drives now.
  10. FWIW, I got a full fitting and my G30 driver has a custom shaft. My G30 3W and hybrids have the stock R-flex shafts.
  11. Carl3

    press before chipping?

    I think that delofting a higher lofted club will typically increase the spin rate especially on tight lies. I use a 58* around the green and even may use it with low hanging branches in the way. I will deloft it and it seems to stop quicker on the green.
  12. Carl3

    Jackie Gagne: Hole-in-One-Queen or Cheater?

    I know an 83 year old guy with 8 or 9 aces. He plays with some old guys that have a lot of aces between them. They frequent a 9 hole course that has 8 par 3's and a par 4. These guys hit driver or 3W to most of the holes and they are pretty good at getting to the greens. The ball rolls a lot and has much more opportunity to get into the hole than an 8 iron that holds the green. Plus they play probably every decent day.
  13. Carl3

    Two Tommy Fleetwoods!

    Tommy Fleetwood who is in his 50's and played in some Challenge Tour events on the European Tour had $154,000 accidentally deposited in his bank account. A screenshot of his phone shows the entry as well as one for a $75 caddie fee. He works at the Streamsong Resort in Florida.The money was actually earned by England's Tommy Fleetwood for coming in 12th at the Open, who did not know anything about it as his wife manages the money.
  14. Carl3

    What's your biggest problem in golf?

    There is a lot of wisdom in this post. As my game has gotten better, my confidence has increased, and consequently my game has gotten even better and my confidence has increased even more. It is a good sequence of spiraling, and cascading events. The opposite can happen and doubt can creep in and that is when things can fall apart and collapse. If you are not sure where the ball will go on your next shot, and if all there is happens to be fear, then you are in a bad spot. But, if you persevere great things can happen. I don't play mulligans any more and I putt all putts until they hit the bottom of the cup. It is important for the mind to know that an errant shot is not the end of the world and that you can make that downhill, sliding, 3 foot putt. There is no better feeling than standing over the ball when you know that you have the right club in your hand for the present shot and that it can and will be a great one. Conversely it is an unsettling feeling when the opposite is happening. Practice, focus, supreme concentration, and a positive mind can get you to hit that shot as well as you are able.
  15. Carl3

    My Swing (whitewatersalvo)

    I think you have a lot of potential. It would be interesting to see the swing full speed. In slo mo it looks smooth. You look to have a good amount of flexibility and some nice lag, which I envy. I did see the club shaft bouncing off your back after Erik pointed it out. That marks your transition 😊 Keep up the work. You do hang back, which is kind of the position you would need to be for a driver hitting on the upswing, but definitely not what you want to do with an iron, so that might explain why you hit driver better than ions.

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