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  1. OK, I will want to spend some time at the practice green. I will check it out from Google maps, but if there are a lot elevation changes and hills, it won't be that beneficial. I am assuming that it is undulating, correct?
  2. Carl3

    Pro AMs

    Well I only played two par 4's with Miguel. He had a par and a bogey. He hit a drive into a lateral water hazard, dropped a ball, hit on and two putted. My sense is that he was just having fun, not concentrating too much, didn't know the course, but probably shot roughly par from the intermediate tees. He wasn't out to impress us with his score, but we all admired his 280 yard drives and his nice iron play. It would be interesting to see some pros play a money game in front of a small crowd on a 6,500 yard course with a 125 slope.
  3. Carl3

    Poor Lucas Glover

    She looks to be clutching her meal ticket. I can imagine her complaining about how casual he dresses.
  4. Sounds good. Looks like it is only 48 minutes from my house.
  5. Thursdays are not usually good for me, but I would be up for either a Saturday or Sunday round. I am 25 miles north of Columbus (Delaware).
  6. Wow, hard to believe he did it under the time limit. I dunno. Take one or two off the tee to get your 210/220. These fairways probably roll a lot more than many public courses especially in the spring. All of that short grass in the fairway is like a hard green. Take a couple fairway wood tries to get one that goes about 180. So now you are 40 to 50 yards off the center of the green on a longer par 4. Now you take your time and hit 3, 4, 5 or so approach shots until you get one that rolls up to say 15 feet. Then you lay down a few balls and make some puts adjusting for how each previous one rolled. You should be able to make par with 6 to 12 mulligans per hole in 15 minutes or so. This kind of mental exercise can build confidence.
  7. Yes, every putt within 20 some feet could be made if you dropped 4 or 5 balls down and made incremental adjustments based on the previous roll.
  8. Carl3

    2018 AT&T Byron Nelson

    I tuned in on Saturday and thought Aaron Wise was that young Aussie Cameron Smith at first. I love his warm up routine.
  9. I don't own any stiletto's and my wife's are too small.
  10. This awesome. For a point of reference I was invited to play a scramble and the weather was so bad my team did not show up. I get to play 4 shots each time if I like. FYI they called the event due to rain/wet conditions after I played 12 holes. I was 9 under!! I won the event and felt sheepish since I realized no one was watching and I could have claimed anything. You have to weigh hitting extra shots and bettering your position vs wearing yourself out. If I hit a decent drive, I did not hit another. It made getting on the green in regulation automatic, but the putting is where you killed it. You have four balls on the putting surface at say 20 feet and then putt one after the other making whatever adjustments are necessary based on how the previous ones rolled. I made 9 out of 12 birdie putts (75%). The last couple of holes the wind was blowing maybe 20 MPH and the rain was coming down real good. I was soaked through to my tighty whiteys, but I was having the time of my life and did not want to quit. I may have had another birdie or two if it had not been for the severe weather. Playing 1 ball I probably would have only had a chance of breaking 80 one out of four times, but was on my way to shooting a 60 playing up to 3 mulligans each shot. I would pay $50 to see a 30 minute highlight reel.
  11. Carl3

    Pro AMs

    I searched for "Pro Am" and nothing came up so I thought I would start one on pro am experiences. Last year I got to play a couple of holes with Miguel Angel Jimenez at the CC at Muirfield (not to be confused with Muirfield Village GC across the street). While we warmed up he was sitting on the clubhouse patio smoking a cigar while his wife had a glass of wine. He put on a clinic for maybe 30 to 40 of us before heading out to the course. He then went on and made is way through the group playing two holes with each foursome. His wife drove his golf cart. He was entertaining and helped us read some putts. He had some amazing shoes, which you won't see on a shelf at Golf Galaxy or Dick's. A month or so ago I played with Gary Hallberg who is on the Champions Tour in a Pro Am leading up to the Mitsubishi Classic. He had forgotten his driver head at the hotel as he took it off and put it in his suitcase before getting on the plane. He took 3W off the tees and it was great seeing a pro swing up close and see the ball flight. The tempo, the crisp crack of club meeting ball and the resultant flight was an awesome experience. He took some time afterwards in the clubhouse to chat with us. His son is trying to make a go of it. I did some research on Gary and he was a veritable HS superstar and went on to Wake Forest and was the Division 1 individual medalist in the 1979 NCAA championship. He was also rookie of the year on the PGA tour in 1980. I am sure you all have some better stories than mine, so lets hear them.
  12. About 12 years ago I took some lessons where one was a short game lesson and the instructor told me to play the same ball to understand how it would react leading up to and on the green. Like you, I had been playing balls that I found on the course. At the time, being cheap I chose Pinnacle, which I think I could get 15 for less than $20. They are hard as rocks compared to the Titleist Trusoft (and previous versions) that I have been playing for the past 5 years or so.
  13. Carl3

    Fastest Objects In Sports

    I think that you can hear what you are saying before you utter it.
  14. Carl3

    Poor Lucas Glover

    Bread and circuses, baby. Voyeurism of the rich and famous including gossip is the new opiate of the masses.
  15. Carl3

    Fastest Objects In Sports

    #6: A frank down the gullet at dime-a-dog night at the ballpark.

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