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  1. I thought this was a thread about that "b*%$h Carol Baskin" as Joe Exotic would say, LOL. Just got done watching the Tiger King and will have to watch this.
  2. Maybe what the OP was trying to say is that you will have good days and bad days and knowing that helps his game. A 10 HC who shoots a 90 knows that he will be back to shooting in the 80's and to keep heart. I know that I do have control and that for me it comes down to concentration. I used to be a person who played golf as if it was a walk in the park. Letting my inner dialogue run and enjoying nature. That was nice, but my game sucked. I decided to get serious, practice and CONCENTRATE. Now I shoot scores I once dreamed of, but some days no matter how hard I try I suck.
  3. I went to up vote you, but saw that I was not able. Good one.
  4. That is a good rule. I stopped putting money into a league skins pot when it looked like there were more eagle wins than birdie. Guys with handicaps over 30 would occasionally score a par and net an eagle. With 72 guys in the league and with more than half with super high handicaps it was just crazy.
  5. I played in a league last year that was net skins and it was ridiculous. Seemed like you needed eagle to win a hole almost every time. Some 36 handicap gets a par, LOL.
  6. You know why they have a fence, don't you? People are dying to get in. Dad joke.
  7. I think that he has the credentials to speak to the subject. I don't think he has to spend hours on the range and then run his comments by a swing coach before he goes on air, kind of like asking permission to say something critical. I don't think Michael Breed's comments were necessary. So only Tiger, Jack, Johnny or some other exceptional golfer can have a critical opinion otherwise they are jealous? Is there a better theory as to why some of these guys have failed to perform on a consistent basis. I had one about early success and the corroding effects of wealth, but got blasted on here for that. LOL. Plus I love the guy's hair and I think he dresses better than most of the other commentators.
  8. Carl3

    Tiny Homes

    Have you curated this divot and kept it alive and healthy?
  9. Carl3

    Tiny Homes

    That reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer tucks his Japanese visitors into a chest of drawers for the night.
  10. Carl3

    Tiny Homes

    I agree with OP sentiment, however my wife and I who are empty nesters just downsized. We went from 2,700 sf to half of that. At least there is a nice full basement. Looking to make a golf practice facility down there if this virus keeps us locked up. Not sure how we have done that (no basement/storage) in Florida as a slab on grade, but that is the next step as we head towards retirement. It is cozy and we are both working from home now that the state is basically locked down.
  11. LOL. Scratch or better potential complaining about being a very short hitter. I would say that improvement would begin with a proper perspective of your game. With a swing speed that would average over 270 yard carry: Or above average.
  12. North or South, LOL. Maybe that is one of the factors in how Kim Jong Il shot his famous round of golf? I use the far target to locate my intermediate target and then only focus on the intermediate target.
  13. The HVAC systems pump a ton of fresh air into the dome to keep it inflated. Warmer air coming out of the respiratory system will rise buoyantly. Very few people per cubic foot. Probably extremely safe play as far as indoor establishments.
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