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  1. Carl3

    NCAA Football 2019

    I am no college football fan, but didn't ND just barely get by an unranked USC?
  2. I played a course that had 8 par 3's and one par 4, I played 70 to 80 9-hole rounds a year and got to where I played from the back tees at -1, Two of the holes played 180 to 195. I think I really grooved my swing and learned to control where the ball would go and also learned the distances of my clubs. People would make fun of this course, but I would roundly beat them on a regular course. This year I switched to a par 71 70.3/130 course and had a number of rounds in the mid to low 70's.I also worked the heck out of being able to get up and down. About 10 years ago I was definitely a bogey golfer and could not break 80 and almost quit the game because of that fact. As far as getting this partner to do anything: you can lead a horse to water, but...
  3. I read about a hole in one scam where a guy in a group ahead was in on it with the 4-some behind him. The "winner" pulls a six iron out when he only needed say a 9 iron. His buddies are chatting up the volunteers that are supervising from the tee box. The "winner" hits his six iron, which is heading on a trajectory towards the "grass/green" and the others look on with anticipation and then start hooting and hollering and then start high-fiving each other. They all march off to the green and find a ball in the cup, which was placed there buy a guy in the previous group. I am not sure how it all unraveled, but...
  4. Hey, these people are usually volunteers that are getting a day off work to help their boss' organization. Be nice
  5. I am into my 7th dozen of MTB Black on about 60 rounds this year (difficult course). I have not had any issues
  6. This reminds me of a conversation the other day on the practice tee before my Saturday morning pot game. A guy was telling us he just hooks a fishing lure to his privates and then ties it off to his golf hat. Helps to keep his head down I think.
  7. Carl is always that guy with the 80+/- IQ in the movies. He was also the greens keeper in Caddyshack. It is funny. I am used to it.
  8. I take offense to the use of the name Carl in this example. The name does not garner much respect especially in Hollywood depictions.
  9. He had a family emergency.
  10. shot a 72 and won 5 skins today. Lifetime low round by 1.
  11. I picked 1 to 3, but if there was a 0-2 category...
  12. Sounds like a par, but would feel like a birdie at that distance.
  13. I almost never wear a top that does not have a collar. Once I went to a friends bar that has a rough crowd I guess. I was with some others from the office and I found out later that we were dubbed the " polo shirt mafia" by the regulars. I think that they might have wanted to rumble if we had stayed longer. LOL
  14. I used to play solo a lot and it was tough getting caught in between groups. I would try to get a conversation going with the group behind and let them know that the group ahead is holding things up and not me.
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