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  1. I play the Titleist TruSoft and the year before last played with a sleeve of Callaway probably Chromesoft, but could have been Supersoft. It definitely seemed like about a half a club shorter on 125 to 135 yard approach shots. This was on an executive course I practice a lot on, so I believe I have a decent sense of what to expect. Decided never to change balls during important rounds. I may look at playing with the Toursoft or Pro V1, but only after I experiment and get comfortable with it. Then once I make a switch, stick with it.
  2. My attempt at humor. I am thinking you could make some money using his data betting on golf especially with this latest line of research on how the top golfers fare under pressure. Don’t they make odds in Vegas and bet on golf?
  3. Is this guy’s research funded out of Las Vegas?
  4. Looks like a Stanley 1,500 watt ceramic portable heater. Is someone trying to You a deal on a used launch monitor?
  5. Carl3

    The Match: Tiger vs. Phil Showdown for $9M

    I like those pairings and would watch as well. I would also be highly entertained by having a group of regulars behind them. For instance when there was a tweet challenging Charles Barkley that he could not beat double bogey on hole 1, I would have loved to have seen him grab his clubs, do a little warm up and then play number 1. There was plenty of time in between shots to see something like this. How about a scratch and 5 handicap playing right behind from the same tees with stroke play? The problem with the pro am format it that you don’t get to actually see how these guys play on a challenging course.
  6. Keep working with the driver, but I have broken 80 a number of times without a driver. Usually on tees under 6,000 yards and on courses with slopes 125 and less. I got fitted and it has made a big difference
  7. Carl3

    The Match: Tiger vs. Phil Showdown for $9M

    For some reason I paid $24.99 with WOW here in Ohio.
  8. Carl3

    The Match: Tiger vs. Phil Showdown for $9M

    My first pay per view experience and I enjoyed it. The golf played today made me feel a little better about my game! I would have loved to have seen Charles Barkley play the first hole to see if he could be double bogey. Would have paid double the price. Ha ha
  9. I think they about 4” across, beveled and very smooth. Not like picking up a thin 25 lb weight. Oh well, maybe it was fake news
  10. I read a story where Arnold Palmer was on a tour with a group at Ft. Knox. As was customary at the time, the tour guide pointed to a stack of gold ingots and announced that anyone who could pick one up with one bare hand could keep it. Everyone failed the test except to the tour guide’s astonishment, the great Arnold Palmer. They would not let him take the gold home.
  11. Carl3

    Champions Tour - Scott Parel (WHO??)

    Maybe, but I would venture there a number of 70 somethings that can whip Jack’s rear right now. That guy looks in sad shape.
  12. Carl3

    Champions Tour - Scott Parel (WHO??)

    I played in a pro am with some guys from my home town and one of us was split off and played with Scott. I had never heard of him, but started following the Champions Tour after that. Scott does great and gives me hope as I am not tall and am a little overweight. Doesn’t present a problem for him. I played with a tall and lean Gary Halberg, but Gary gets smoked by Scott in event after event. What you say makes sense as they went from the Senior to the Champions tour. Not good for the game to make it seem more elitist and not based on skill/merit.
  13. Carl3

    Tee box etiquette

    Here is a new experience: on vacation here in Florida and playing a new course for the 3rd time this week. Decent semi private, well maintained course. Decide to move up from the gold tees (6600 yds) to silver (5700) partly because I am playing with my father in-law and partly because I had my arse handed to me on my previous round. I bought the yardage book so I know the sand trap to the left is 237 yards out standing on the tee box of hole number 1. The foursome ahead of us just got off the tee and is probably working on their third shots into this par 4 green. All 4 carts are situated near this bunker. I am debating whether to hit my driver (240 avg) or my 3h (200 avg). Hole is playing 335 yards. Well I decide to go with driver and am waiting to tee off and the starter steps up and tells me to go ahead and hit. I hesitate and decide to wait. The foursome behind us is emboldened to chime in and one of them tells me to hit. Then they go on to suggest that I am waiting for them to get on the green or something. So I throw my driver to the ground and stomp on over to the cart to get my 3h and proceed to pound it down the fairway 210 yard based on my gps watch. What would you have done? I hate having others dictate my game, but... I also felt like it affected how I played the par 5s the rest of the day. Laying up a time or two when I may have gone for it. Did not want to upset the animals behind starter referred to them as the Gator Group. Probably University of Florida alum.
  14. Now that I am a better golfer than a decade ago and have a better chance (maybe 6% up from 2%) of pulling off the hero shot, I almost never attempt. Hence my scores are much lower and the blow up holes are fewer and farther between.
  15. Carl3

    Rolling Balls Yield More Aces

    I have played with a guy at an executive course (has 1 par 4). He is 84 years only and started playing in his 60’s. He hits driver or 3w off the tee for even a 100 yard hole. He had 8 aces as of last year and when I played with him this year he was up to 9 meaning he got one as an 84 year old. He probably cards a 36 or more on this 28 par course. I have yet to have an ace in my life except I did knock one in from 135 yards on a mulligan. He has a pull/fade ball flight that carries maybe 100 yards. Most of his shots land in front of the green, bounce on and then roll front to back. Rarely does the ball hold the green. I usually get 0 to 8 yards of roll depending on firmness and club used. A lot of the older guys have multiple aces and it is because then get a lot of roll (and they play about every day).

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