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  1. Take your hat off an do a flamboyant bow with hat in hand near the turf and the other behind you back 😆
  2. @Carl3 is in for Saturday and a "maybe" for Sunday.
  3. Trying to figure out what do with my wife for that weekend. We are new to the area and I hate for her to have to play the golf widow. Looking to see if there would be things for her to do. Looks like the second day would most likely be in PA. Is the waterfront developed in Erie? Are many restaurants and attractions open?
  4. My recollection is that they first showed up in irons for ladies (now women) and for seniors. Plus do you see them on tour?
  5. You have a nice swing IMO and much better that what I would expect from a 14. The 83 you shot seems like it should be more typical. My guess is you need to get out and play some more!🙂
  6. Although I do appreciate the analysis by @ChetlovesMer I always added/subtracted the vertical elevation to the horizontal distance. This assumes a 45 deg angle of descent. So if you have a 150 yards to the center of the green and there is what looks to be a 30 foot drop (10 yards) I would play it as a 140 yard hole. Elevation rises are easier to visualize as opposed to drops in my opinion.
  7. I am an engineer and I get it.
  8. I am not familiar with that genre. I like insult comics, but I think those are now against the law. It would be very close for me to get there in 3. 10% more distance and assuming some hard fairways. I here that there is a lot less hook or slice curve, so that helps. Looks like a fairly wide open hole.
  9. I have started to address the ball with some forward shaft lean (except driver and putter).
  10. How high do you tee it up? I notice a lot of people don't tee it up as high as I like to. When I address the ball my driver is grounded and its top is maybe at the center line of the ball. I have head recommendations of having the top of the driver 2/3 the way up the teed up ball.
  11. Start him at an executive course but only after he can consistently get 8 out of 10 shots airborne off the turf at the driving range that travel at least 100 yards. Pick up and march it to the green for a putt or two if he hasn't reached in regulation plus 2. So on a par 3 that would be 3 topped balls and then pick it up. Unless the course is empty.
  12. disarm the police? check this out: The naivety expressed on this thread has gasted my flabber. Google British police videos and you will get a bunch, just like Russian dash cam videos. Enjoy.
  13. I shank from time to time and have tried some things. I am sure you have tied everything as well as I know that the s word is something you mention a lot. The latest is actually something that I think has worked. My shank is typically when I take a full shot with one of my 4 wedges. I recently tried a closed stance instead of my typical open wedge stance. I heard that this keeps the rear leg and that side of your hip from moving towards the ball. So far so good.
  14. Come on, he is training the next Tiger Woods. You are just a nobody and have no idea, LOL. I had a joker like this who had his six year old doing ladder drills I swear chipping to 1 foot increments with maybe 10 tees stuck in the green and a bucket of range balls. If that wasn't annoying enough there was the constant coaching and lecturing. Minimal, quiet talk in the practice are. Preferably none at all. The guy with the cell phone on the practice green is probably the worst. Yakkety yak, blah, blah, blah, with a phone in one hand and the putter in another. or the guy with ear buds or blue tooth carrying on about the monthly numbers or something.
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