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  1. I play the same type of set up. I have a gap between my 5i and 4h as the hybrids seem to travel farther than an iron with the same designation. Many claim that the hybrid can have the tendency to hook and I have found this to be the case. My G30 hybrids seem to have a slightly closed face which I think helps a higher handicap, which they are probably geared for. My irons are more of a players iron and does not have a big offset. I kind of mentally have to make an adjustment so as not to end up with a closed face when hitting the hybrid. They are great when you have a questionable lie. I might use a 4h even when I might have a 6i or 7i distance, but a bad lie. I just take a little off of the swing and it often will end up a decent shot out of rough or a wet spot.
  2. I quit for about a year. That was maybe 8 years ago.
  3. LOL, I just moved from central Ohio to 15 miles south of Buffalo, NY. Went from a 7 month golf season to a 6 month season. Trying to come up with a nice indoor practice area in the basement.
  4. I might get one of these. I have been looking for this, but did not know who made them. Thanks. Did you get the black or green version? PS, I got you book and tried the assessment. I had some trouble finding a long enough surface on the practice area at my old home course. Just moved so maybe I can get the space I need at the new club.
  5. I think the converse of that question is more interesting.
  6. Went down from 5.6 to 5.4.
  7. Besides the couple of times I got to play with a pro (Gary Hallberg 18 holes, and Miguel Jimenez 1 hole), the best golfer I played with was a co-worker. I would say this guy was 30 years old at the and maybe 5'-10" and 150 pounds. This was the company golf outing in scramble format. I was probably a 10 to 12 HC at the time. This was before I got serious about the game. I had heard that this guy was good so my league partners we quick to sign him up to our foursome. I had heard that he QB'd his high school football team and took them to the state title. I think he might have also been a BB and baseball star there as well. This was a small country school, but he came with a reputation. A lot of this I found out later after the round. On the driving range he displayed a smooth swing and was cracking them out there real good. I assumed that he had played on the golf team in HS and had taken lessons, etc. He said he did not play in HS. This guy was now married and had small children. There was no way he was out playing all of the time and honing his game. On the first tee he smacks one out a lot farther than I had ever been on this short par 5. We use his drive of course. I think we were line 180 and I have my 4i out. He takes a 7i and puts it on the small green. The only other hole I remember clearly was hole 5, which is another par 5 that has a big pond in front of the green and is definitely a lay up situation for mortals. He hits a beautiful, effortless drive which has to be over 300 yards because we had about 200 yards to the pin. Now this is a public course that probably doesn't see as much water as some in late summer, so I am sure he got some roll out. The green has a huge slope downward from a high at the back to a low at the front, which is protected by water. There are also trees blocking the right side of the green, which if you clipped a branch you would end up in the water. If you are long you would have an impossible chip that would roll through to the front and into the water. This guy pulls out a 6i and puts it to with 5 or 6 feet and then putts it in. The putt must have broke a foot. This guy eagles the hardest hole on the course himself. For me at the time bogey is miraculous. Today I would be satisfied with a bogey and ecstatic with a par on that hole as a 5.6 index. Sorry for the long-winded post, but this was an eye opener for me as this was a guy that golfed less than most of us and could outplay most of us. It wasn't about technique, practice, equipment, etc. It was all about god-given athletic talent and ability. I am sure there is something about mental composure and being a competitor as he took a team to a state title. But I knew then and there that I probably would never be able to play as well as him no matter what I did or how hard I worked. He was a natural. So to reinforce my point above, if you are a great athlete then scratch (or better) in 18 months (or less) is definitely possible.
  8. I have learned to switch it on at least an hour or so before I tee off and I still feel like a weekend hack. Before I recently moved, I was 1.8 miles from my course and I would think about my round as I headed over, parked the car, and then grabbed a cart. I would then spend 45 minutes or more putting, chipping and hitting balls at the range while chit chatting with the guys. More focus than chit chat. Are the greens faster or slower that the other day? Have they watered the fairways too much again? which way it the wind blowing (actually I would check that on the weather website before leaving the house). The speed and direction on the ground is different that what is above the trees. I used to feel like golf was a nice enjoyable walk with nature, but my game never improved much. I then began to focus. And when you are stressed from work/life and can then focus on one thing like golf, you can forget all of your stressors in life for a few hours and come away refreshed and feel good about your game as well.
  9. Carl3

    NCAA Football 2019

    He has possession then starts to pull the ball towards his chest and then changes his mind and extends his arms as he can't be sure how close he is to the end zone. Yes, the catch fumble call was some southern home cookin' by the refs IMO.
  10. Carl3

    NCAA Football 2019

    I saw that he had possession and then decided to reach for the goal line by extending his arms. Impact with the ground was after the TD. There was no "indisputable" video evidence IMO.
  11. If you are an exceptional/natural athlete and put in the practice time, I believe that you can.
  12. That happened to me twice this past summer. Both times I was under par after 16 to 17 holes. Ended up one or two over par each time. LOL
  13. A couple of thoughts: It is always good to consider a home inspection before purchasing. Unless it was a rental property in which the previous never lived, they should have disclosed this issue.
  14. It is amazing how lazy people are with "then" and "than".
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