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  1. You might want to get fitted for a driver as you don’t seem to have a lot of separation between your 5h and driver. I would expect 10 to 15 yards more driver distance if your 5h distance is accurate. You could be leaving some distance on the table.
  2. I bet he leaves a lot of balls behind
  3. Carl3

    My Swing (Yossarian)

    I wish I had @Yossarian flexibility!!!
  4. Is that Kevin Na’s Dad?
  5. Looks like they only want $895 to find out
  6. Carl3

    5 wood vs 3 hybrid

    Go the modern route...hybrid. Buy quality even if used. These guys that say they can’t hit a hybrid may be hitting junk. Lots of crap clubs out there. Can’t believe what some people carry in there bags. Things you never heard of. Clubs from the 80’s and 90’s.
  7. I like the play by play... holy fxxxing shit
  8. Carl3

    My Swing (Ericswe)

    You don’t seem to have much of a back swing. I would suspect that that the face on view would reveal this more. Looks to be more of a partial 9 o’clock action for a wedge shot. Since you are not fully cocked with a full swing I think you then end up swinging fairly hard and fast to compensate to get any kind of distance. turn the hips and shoulders and get the left shoulder under your chin on a nice, long, deep and rhythmic back swing. It will take some time and practice.
  9. Carl3

    My Swing (MrJones)

    Not the expert, but it looks like you have a little over the top action going on there.
  10. Carl3

    Is pace of play (or slow play) a real problem?

    Most bogey golfers I see chew up most of their shots chipping and putting. They are usually within 20 to 30 yards in regulation. A little extra chipping and putting shouldn’t slow things down if everyone is paying attention and ready to play their shot. There is the tee shot in the woods thing, but these guys usually don’t search that long. Not playing Ready golf and not understanding true golf etiquette is the big time waster. People standing around watching their friends all hit before they even contemplate what they will do next themselves is often the issue. I believe that they think that they are being polite, but they are just insanely ignorant and inconsiderate to everyone else behind them. And yes I hate the d bags that race around in their cart playing “polo” as you say that aggressively push people when on a clogged up course.
  11. Carl3

    Sand Traps - That's Not Right!!

    I think I played behind those three guys last weekend.
  12. Carl3

    Sand Traps - That's Not Right!!

    Mr. Sands seems to be trolling, ha ha
  13. Carl3

    Hi, My name is Paul...and I am a non-golfer

    Perhaps our society tends to put children on a pedestal and almost worships youth? I have 4 grown children and have seen the phenomenon first hand. What is a child to do when they are grown and the world stops revolving around them?
  14. Carl3

    Spectator loses eyesight at Ryder Cup

    Don't think so

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