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  1. Ah, but this is a sandbagger's thread, so a 36 handicapper getting a par is a high probability 😀
  2. Handicapped skins is even a worse situation IMO. If a 36 handicapper gets a par on a 140 yard par 3, you need to get a hole in one to tie. Shows the weakness of the handicap system. I have never had a hole in one in my life golfing for 40 years. I was in a league like that for 1 season. If you didn't eagle the hole, you would rarely see a skin. (I did hole out on a 135 yard par 3 with a mulligan and have had three eagles on par 4's from 105 to 140 yards out. I played with an 82 year old at an executive course who had 9 aces in his 15 years playing golf. He barely got the ball airborne and
  3. I would not go older than the G30 that is what I currently play and appears to be of a similar design and material as the newer ones. The G20 looks to have more metal and less composite
  4. We should make sure Kisner doesn't move his dip from one side of mouth to the other.🤣
  5. I voted to keep it. What about tape on fingers, wrist, kinesio tape on legs, shoulders? Justin Thomas has some kind of band on his upper arm under his sleeve. I think it is Whoop? Scott McCarron has that compression band on his forearm. I heard of a collegiate golfer getting DQ'd for having a golf tee in her mouth. They said it was a training aid for fade/draw feel. Put it on one side of mouth for fade, the other for draw. I would think, bands and tape could affect feels and also range of motion or reminders on motion that could be unfair.
  6. I already thought it was too much of a popularity contest with the golf merch companies twisting the collective network arms to showcase their boys over others.
  7. You should probably ditch one, but as another has said it might depend on how far you hit them. I would also add that you should look at what is on the other side of these clubs. Do you have a 15* 3W or a 3i? I had been carrying a 19* 3h and a 22* 4h. They represent a 20 yard gap, which is good for me. My 15* 3W goes about 25 yards farther than the 3h. This gap works for me. on the other end I have a 5i, which has a 15 yard gap to the 4h. That is a little big for me. I may take my 4h out and put my 4i back in. All will depend on what course I play and where the pins might be on longer par
  8. @iacas - Definite @billchao - Definite @boogielicious - Definite @BradSomrak - Likely @Hardspoon - Definite @Braivo - Likely, if in Ohio or Western PA @saevel25 - Back in! Definite @Carl3 - Definite @ChetlovesMer - Definite Changed to definite. Just so you know, this is my birthday. I will let everyone know my favorite brands as well as my shirt, waist, and shoe size are so that they can make the appropriate gift choices. 🤣
  9. I would say that many of us are into improving our game, but not necessarily in any upper echelon. I see it as a little sad that your group in not up for a little practice. It can go a long way to more enjoyment and fulfillment.
  10. @iacas - Definite @billchao - Definite @boogielicious - Definite @BradSomrak - Likely @Hardspoon - Definite @Braivo - Likely, if in Ohio or Western PA @saevel25 - Definite @Carl3 - Likely
  11. Carl3

    2021 Masters

    Bryson D at -13 Riding high? He now has the pressure to support her in a certain lifestyle... jet-setting wife and daughter
  12. Carl3

    2021 Masters

    Has your daughter or any of your students entered the competition? Since it started in 2013 I would think that some of the past participants that made it to Augusta would have been of college age by now. I look at some of the older participants that made it to Augusta and it just seems that they don't seem to have exceptional talents. I know that there are 14 to 15 year olds that participate at a high level in the game and would probably mop the floor with the DC&P crowd. I was just wondering what the deal was.
  13. Am I the only one who pushes the mute button when Bob Parsons starts hawking his wares on the Golf Chanel? His hoarse barking really sets me off.
  14. Carl3

    2021 Masters

    When I searched for Drive Chip & Putt, this is the first thread that came up. Do top juniors look to compete in this, or would it be seen as beneath them? I look at the 15& up bracket contenders and they don’t strike me as top collegiate recruits. Anyone have insight into this program?
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