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  1. this is my 4i and 4h sitting with soles on the concrete. The irons are less game improvement that the hybrids. I may be putting my 3h and 4h away and going back to my irons due to the hook issue. I have to set up and come through differently to hit my target.
  2. Thanks for posting this. I immediately thought of Jon Rahm who has a short backswing, but seems to get his hands moving fast very early. In trying to get into a good impact position with hips and shoulders rotated without putting a bunch of stress on my lead knee, I have opened my stance. This has limited my backswing, which was a concern I had in being able to create clubhead speed. I am thinking I can open my stance a bit and still get decent clubhead velocity.
  3. Very sad indeed. I am surprised he doesn't have a personal assistant to make sure he gets to his appointments. Wake him up if needed, lay out his clothes, and for certain drive him to his destinations. I rely on my wife when traveling on vacation. She makes all of the plane, car, and hotel arrangements. I don't know what time the plane departs usually until the day before. I would let her drive, but she goes too fast for my comfort. I drive like Steve Stricker in that Avis commercial.
  4. My cat is not fearless, she just doesn't understand golf:
  5. I will fix any ball mark I happen to see. Maybe they can't see the ball mark. Many seniors I know rarely make a ball mark. They either run it onto the green or miss the green and chip on. Plus a 3w from 130 yards will normally not make a ball mark with its low trajectory, 🙂
  6. Yes, if they mowed the greens this morning then the person who made that call should be taken to the woodshed.
  7. I think it is worse than that. Many people have no sense of shame, and as my wife pointed out that train has left the station and is not coming back.
  8. $25 to $30. I have access to GHIN on my phone as well as on my computer. I get weekly email updates from the New York State Golf Association.
  9. Well, his initial ball speed was upwards of 180 MPH and luckily the velocity was well below that by the time the fellow was struck.
  10. The first moments I read this as "Ron using a walker and carrying his Sunday Bag". I was thinking WTF?
  11. I think I will try the Hair Club for Men first
  12. According to Maltby the original Big Berthas came out in 1995: Year Name Badge Color 2019 Big Bertha CF19 Black, red trim 2017 Big Bertha Senior Black 2017 Big Bertha OS Black 2015 Big Bertha White, red trim 2008 Big Bertha Hybrid Red 2008 Big Bertha Red 2008 Big Bertha Ladies White 2006 Big Bertha
  13. Looking good. How do you do the top tracer thing?
  14. Here is what you have now: 27 years, super game improvement. You could go with something like this: 12 years newer, same class. I bought a set of these new, maybe 2008 or so. I loved them, but the badges started coming off. Did not hurt the performance. My game improved so I got a set that was less "playable" for accuracy reasons. or something like these: Can probably find a deal online for a used set. Or go all out and get fitted with these: or these: Good luck!
  15. This is on my Rowenta, what do you think, should I wipe the starch off after each shirt? I admit it is not getting as much use since lockdown. Too funny.
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