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  1. I am a fan of Gary, but actually his arms look kind of small without much bulk or definition. It doesn't look like he pumps a lot of iron. I would be surprised if he could bench much more than 200 lbs.
  2. I actually had to do this once. None of my 4-man scramble partners showed up due to the bad weather forecast. The rain started slow, but picked up and they cancelled after 12 holes. I was nine under, soaking wet. The last couple of holes I had trouble gripping the club. If the weather was better I may have been 10, 11, or even 12 under after 12. I did not take 4 shots at each position as that would have wore me out. A typical hole was 1 or 2 drives. Usually 2 to 3 approach shots, but the putting was the best part. I could normally be within 20 feet on the green in regulation. So I drop 4 balls and start putting in quick succession and usually the second, third or 4th putt would drop.Normal score form me is low 80's high 70's. So 25 to 30 strokes lower than you might normally shoot? I won 400 bucks.
  3. I am playing at a new club with faster greens and switched from that ball to the ProV1. Now I am finding that my scoring irons are not sending the ball as far. I think the higher spin ball is causing my higher lofted irons to be about 1 club shorter.
  4. Definitely ditching my "soft" Titleists and going with the ProV1 and/or ProV1x.
  5. What about shot area? 128 on the low end vs 2,180 on the high end. I wonder of that is in square feet.12 yards off line vs less than a yard. All from a robot.
  6. Hard to tell without some video, but when I slice I feel it is often when I don't get a good shoulder turn and I end up swinging across the ball (outside to inside). So a swing thought that seems to help me is to get my left shoulder under my chin (I am right handed), which means a good shoulder turn.
  7. Awesome! That index should be coming down with score like that.
  8. When I first started golfing at age 16, I would often play balls that I found in the hazard. Once a high school buddy and I waded into a water hazard after searching for a ball and ended up hauling out about 600 balls in 30 minutes. We split the booty after being run off the course. I have been hooked ever since on ball hunting. I can't help myself when I am alone on the course and get in the mood to search. Fast forward to where I never play these balls as I have only been playing new balls of the same type for the past 10 years. I now have 2,000 balls in my garage (they don't take up much space at all; I am not a hoarder by any means). I have range privileges at my club so I don't need to beat them into a field somewhere. I could sell them on Craigslist perhaps, but not sure if anyone would be interested. Any ideas?
  9. I am seeing the EXACT same thing down to the T.
  10. @iacas put me down for an eagle. Have had a number of them over the years, but no hole-in-one yet. Did have have a hole-in-one on a mulligan when playing alone last years, so I don't count that.
  11. Just looked this up. Very interested in hearing more about it. How does it drive you crazy? Are you not recommending the product?
  12. What is the course rating, slope , and yardage from bothe white and blue tees? I decided to play from the blue tees from my new course instead of whites since I think my handicap will end up being better.
  13. I live in a small city, Delaware, Ohio. There is a very nice executive course owned by the city called Hidden Valley. It gets a lot of play. It also has a driving range. They post the finances on the city website. I don't think they charge enough for memberships, which run about $320 per year and they have a 10% discount for paying early in the year and also a lesser price for seniors. In 2018 they had $183,000 in their golf course fund. $68,000 for personnel and $115,000 designated as "other". In 2017 they had $150,000 for personnel and $64,000 for "other". I can't seem to locate it, but I think they typically spend about $180k per year, but only have maybe $140k in revenue.
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