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  1. shot a 72 and won 5 skins today. Lifetime low round by 1.
  2. I picked 1 to 3, but if there was a 0-2 category...
  3. Sounds like a par, but would feel like a birdie at that distance.
  4. I almost never wear a top that does not have a collar. Once I went to a friends bar that has a rough crowd I guess. I was with some others from the office and I found out later that we were dubbed the " polo shirt mafia" by the regulars. I think that they might have wanted to rumble if we had stayed longer. LOL
  5. I used to play solo a lot and it was tough getting caught in between groups. I would try to get a conversation going with the group behind and let them know that the group ahead is holding things up and not me.
  6. I am surprised that the test apparatus allows that much shaft length between the head and the anchor point. There was a lot of vibration in that shaft. It must not matter, but... you would think they would grab it at the ferule.
  7. I like to pick a target at say 100 yards and then hit long clubs and even up to driver to it. Nice, easy swings where the goal is to get the ball towards the target.
  8. I had moved up to the Pro V1, but decided to try the Snell MTB Black. I got 5 dozen delivered to my house for just under $140. I like them and can them to bite and hold the green.
  9. I found this while on vacation and used it with decent results. Gave me confidence over the ball.
  10. Handicap: 6.2, anti-cap 12.3
  11. The golfing world words/phrases that annoy me? I am "gaming" the new Callaways... Oh, that's a great "track"... LOL
  12. OK, I will email my wife to order it for me. She is the Amazon master. My wife and I try to get to Redington Beach every year and my in-laws are in Cape Coral. I hear that there are a bunch or courses in your area. It is going to reach 91 here in Ohio and I have league this evening. Too much like Florida right now.
  13. I noticed what looks like multiple copies of a golf book (two stacks) on your shelf. Do you gives those out to friends or something?
  14. This guy used to annoy me, but I have grown to like him very much. I bet he has broken 80. LOL
  15. I will repeat this again as I thought it was a great line from a 30 year old who had at least one drive about 330 yards. After I made a par put on a par 5 he said "I would rather triple like a man than birdie like a pussy". My 235 to 260 yard drives down the middle did not impress him.
  16. Not sure if many of us will feel comfortable with our game. I backed out of a pro-am about 6 or 7 years ago because I did not feel that my game was where I wanted it to be. I have consistently raised the bar on where I feel content with my game. Breaking 80; shooting low 80's consistently; breaking 80 25 to 30% of the time out. Now I am breaking 80 40% of the time and still don't feel competent. Now I feel I should be able to be mid to low 70's consistently with a rarity of rising above 80. My advice is to go on your trip soon and enjoy yourself as you may never be satisfied with your game. PS. I don't have a swing thread yet because I sense that my swing looks like an out of shape, middle-aged man being tasered.
  17. Was that Caitlyn back in the day?
  18. Ohio State had a bar called "The Library". Mom: Where were you last night when I called your dorm room? Son: at the library. Mom: That's my boy.
  19. I read an article in a golf magazine where they polled PGA pros about how much $ they kept. Phil Mickelson, who is know to gamble and is a bug tipper responded that he had $8,000 in his bag. I worked with a "player" who kept his condoms in his golf bag so his wife wouldn't find them. Me? Nothing interesting, plus I keep the minimum in the bag so as not to spend time rooting around for things.
  20. I played with a beast from my office the other day. This 30 year old was out there pushing 350 on a couple of holes. I beat him by maybe 10 strokes on my home course, which he had never played. He had a good one: "I'd rather triple bogey like a man than par like a pussy." I got a laugh out of that.
  21. I am in my 50's so wearing myself out for normal play is a consideration for me. I want to stay fresh. I do want to emphasize trying to hit closer targets to practice club face control. If a person can't keep it to 10 or 15 feet either side of a target 100 yards out, how can they expect to keep it in the fairway on a full swing?
  22. I am between 5'8 and 5'9. I think I have a 44" custom shaft on my Ping G30 10.5* driver. Standard lenght is 45'75" I believe for that club. I suggest spending time on the range hitting your driver real easy to a target about 100 yards or so out. You can hit a jumbo bucket of balls real easy off a tee and it shouldn't wear you out. This exercise can help you control the club face. I spent a few years where I would not play driver. I then got fitted and practiced and often times it is the best weapon in my bag now.
  23. You can't let on to your problem mentioning the "s" word and hosels. Reading some of your posts brings on anxiety attacks. I may need to make an appointment.
  24. Our group has a rule that you can't move up to the senior tees until you handicap plus age equals 85. We have guys playing to a low single digit on a 6,400 yard par 71 course that struggle to hit the ball 240 yards. If they don't connect and get it all off the tee, then they might be hitting a 3w or hybrid into the green on the longer par fours. A good 3w for these guys is maybe 190.
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