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  1. I don't use my driver either for a few different reasons: - I can hit my 3 wood as far if not further than my driver (especially in summer when the roll out is far greater with the lower piercing ball flight I can get with my 3W) - its far more accurate, I can hit 80% of fairways with it - for very little if any loss of distance. - during team match play events I found that most of the people I play cant hit as far as I can hit my 3W with their driver so it got me playing a more defensive game - I know I can hit the fairway more than they will with their driver and ill still be further. The only reason I keep my driver in my bag is with preferred lies or a drop within 2 club lengths it gives me more flexibility.
  2. I broke 100 for the first time on the weekend - made 99 on a par 68 course a few months ago with a few mulligans and foot wedge drops (social round) so I didn't ever feel like I broke 100. After the 99 round I had slipped a few discs in the neck which is pinching a nerve down my arm that had prevented me from playing properly until about 4 weeks ago, first full round back was 100 on a par 72 and I was so angry 4 par 3's all were 5's and I couldn't have hit it cleaner with my irons all day besides the par 3's. then it was back to 105-110 mark. Sunday was the first day I broke 100 legitimately, no mullians or foot wedges and I scored 97. the frustrating part was I did not record a par all day and had about 13 or 14 puts for either par or birdie (left myself to far from the pin on most of my approach shots, on the occasions I had short puts it was after disaster down fairway lol)
  3. I played 18 yesterday for 106 which was my best result at this course being +34. I left my driver and hybrids out of the bag trying to break 100 "staying out of trouble". I walked the course as no carts were available and I am not as fit and agile as id like - Garmin had it at 14km of walking and with undulations so I could really feel it which I feel affected my golf being tired. The 4 iron off the tee started to wither with the distance as I became more tired. The last three holes I used my mates driver which helped me considerably. I think next round will include driver but no hybrids (if I end up in the trees from the driver I try and do the hero shot with the hybrid which ends up in tears more often than not)
  4. Played 18 last Friday and played incredibly bad however still shot +36 so 108 - its funny how you can be kind of happy with the score but really upset with how you played. I played again yesterday and after having a blow up hole of 9 on a par 4 on the 16th ended up +40. (got myself in very long grass, took 3 shots to get out of - when I did it went into the long grass on the other side of the fairway then proceeded to get myself behind a big tree haha. The next round I play this Friday I am going to take out of the bag my hybrids and driver and leave me with a 4-pw and putter, I think if I do that I should be able to break 100 staying out of trouble. My Biggest weaknesses to breaking 100 are: - Driver off the tee, although I have improved dramatically with the driver its still my most inconsistent club in the bag hitting probably 50% of the fairways and only carries around the 200-220m. My big misses with this are a big fade that can end up on the right side of the adjoining fairway. I can hit around the 170-200m with my 4 iron more consistently so its probably a smarter option. - Reliance on the Hybrid - I always say that I am going to minimize the use of the hybrid but when I get in trouble off the tee and want to punch it under the tree line this is my go to club - problem is I can often go from side to side of the fairway in the tree lines doing this. - choking the big puts, so often I have put myself within 6 feet to put for par on par 5's and 4's and choke under the pressure - generally my putting is OK not great but when its a big put I often choke and then 2 or 3 put. - bunker shots - we have 3 holes where there are bunkers either side of the green and I have played 1 man tennis between the two, my mate lent me his lob wedge and that held the green like glue from the bunker so I think that's what I need to grab. Ill let you know how the next round goes taking the drivers and hybrids out of the bag.
  5. last 2 rounds I have played have been +36 on a par 72 so 108. So close yet so far. Things I need to concentrate on are using my longer irons instead of going to the hybrid too often which can put me in more trouble than its worth. surprisingly the par 3's have hurt me the most with me scoring 7 on one of these (over water losing a ball) 5 on 2 and 4 on another.
  6. I had a lesson this morning and he fixed my fade/slice dramatically. My problem was that at the top of my arc of the swing I wasn't bringing the club back down quick enough compared to the turn of my body so by the time of impact my shoulders are pointing to far left so infact it wouldn't matter if the clubface was closed or not it was still going to be slicing. Hope that makes sense?
  7. I have just started out about 2 1/2 months ago and I am aiming to try and break 100 by the end of the financial year - lets see how that goes. I played a little as a kid in my big backyard but just chipping and putting of rough grass and only ever ventured to a local par 3 once in a blue moon. I have played allot of short game stuff in the last few months averaging early on around the +23 mark on a par 3 but have slowly reduced this score. My last round on that par 3 was a +6 so I have improved a bit on that side of things. I played 2 weeks ago and shot a 104 where I had a few blow out holes and was so frustrated as I played yesterday with no blow out holes as such just very bad all day with no par's and ended up with 109 - this game can really mess with your head at times. The things I really need to work on are my tee shots with drivers and long iron/hybrids. I have a very bad fade and spend to much time on the opposite fairway or the trees taking valuable shots. I plan on taking a few more lessons on this, the only lesson I have he fixed me and every drive was going straight but I cant seem to replicate it on the course lol.
  8. Yep Decided to take more lessons first, I have a hand me down Taylor made driver at the moment that is probably 15 years old. I have had one lesson and most of the drives were going straight when he got me to change where I had my wrists and to cock my left hip. I played a round straight after and have been at the driving range and other rounds and I cant replicate it. Currently I am using the hybrid off the tee so I hit it straight.
  9. thanks for the response guys, I've been playing for all of about 2 months. I had my first lesson last week which he got me to bring my hands closer to my body (my hands were outstretched) causing a later fade on my irons and the driver. It took a bit to get used to but my iron work is pretty good now but my driving is still a big issue. During the lesson I was hitting them beautifully but then straight after on the course I was missing most fairways haha. I will look to book in some more lessons and then try and fix from there, in the meantime its hybrid off the tee which I can hit straight 90% of the time. the main reason why I was looking at asking you all is because I was trying to avoid a fitting purely as I was looking at the rent to buy options online and I don't want to go into a shop let them fit me up and go elsewhere that would be a bit of a dick move on my part. I think I will continue with lessons and Save my pennies to buy it outright from somewhere that can fit it to me.
  10. most of my drives hit the centre of the fairway in the air but fade massively late in the air. Would you recommend just buying the rogue driver and learn to hit that straight? obviously fading is not an easy issue to fix if they come out with the draw model. lol
  11. has anyone had experience with the rogue draw driver? I have a habit of fading off the tee and end up in the bushes or the next fairway. Will a rogue draw driver help me? I also want to know its obviously something to do with my swing if I get the Rogue Draw and improve my swing will it over compensate and end up on the other side of the fairway?
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