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  1. I have a very similar issue. I struggle to get my weight shifted to the left as well. I have been working for 6 weeks now as it is key 2. I still have days that I fall back to having my weight on the right foot at the end of the swing. The really funny thing for me is I only really struggled with the weight to left side with the driver. I also struggle with trying to swing to hard with the driver and not with the other clubs. It is a great feeling to pound one with the driver but be patient and keep at it. It will pay off.
  2. I use the Ping G30 and can't find a reason to change. I love the driver with the one downside that it is a bit loud. That being said I can tell by the sound where the ball came off. (Toe, heal, or center) It is forgiving and my first real driver. I highly recommend it but you can't go wrong with any of them in my mind.
  3. I understand where you are coming from and appreciate your question. It is my experience that when I start focusing on just one aspect of the swing I also will let others go. What I have found to be more effective is to take a couple of practice rounds and really focus on the issue that I want to work, but do so in such a way as to make certain that I am not breaking other things. Usually this means slow work and slow swings. These will need to be on the range as they will not work on the course. Then I can start to speed things up until it is playable. I have been working on key 2 and had a period where with a good weight shift I was bringing my head forward. This caused Shank after shank until I slowed down and went through the whole swing with the focus on then but not loosing the other keys. Once I saw what was happening everything cleaned up and I have a more consistent swing that I am ready to take to the course. Hope this helps.
  4. The correct isn't in line with the cheap answer. I also have an 11 year old and we last year purchased a Cobra Driver for him and they come with one Free Shaft upgrade. Well worth the money as he instantly picked up 20 yards past his old Top Flight Driver. This year I just purchased him a set of Irons from Flynn Golf who specilaizes in junior clubs. They were $235 but he cut the shafts .5 inches longer to allow for more growth. Just for back ground I am 6'4" and my 11 year old is just above average size and built like he is going to be taller than I. I tried a ladies set for him and the heads were just to heavy for him to get around, and he has a well developed swing and competes in a couple of leagues and tournaments. The Flynn golf was fantastic and I highly recommend them. Top Flight has sets as well that are in a few sizes for around $100. Cobra has sets as well that are more but as stated above I feel they are worth the expense. We will look at using the clubs for neices and nephew's and Grand children. That is the best advice I can give.
  5. I really like the Chrome Soft golfballs and the way that the Truvis look is an added bonus. I really can't tell any difference with how the Truvis look while rolling, but sitting on a tee, I think they look great. I use any of the Chromesofts, I just wish I could keep them longer.
  6. Used to be my driver, but I have worked really hard to get it right. It is starting to pay off. Now all of a sudden after working on weight shift to front foot Sk2, I am shanking my irons. Iron play was my best most consistent part of the game,but as of last week they are killing my scores. I don't know what happened and now have some work to do. My driver has been really good for a few weeks now and is a strong part of my game.
  7. My oldest son in not looking at college golf at this time. He is planning on going on a church Mission this year and when he gets back will be going to study Genetic Engineering. Golf will always play a part in his life rather it be inter-mural or even college golf. It is such a game that in almost any company there are places and chances to play with important people and having the skills to be able to impress can, and probably will make a difference. The funnest part is that both boys are just scratching the surface of their ability. I love getting out with either one and take time to just get out one-on-one. We also have some great games of "Dog" between the three of us. We have all won at one point or another. Another memorable experience was when the youngest got "bean-boozled" jelly beans for a birthday gift. The loser of each hole had to eat a jelly-bean and the "dirty socks" flavor was as bad as it sounds.
  8. Well you brought it up so here is my story. I have a son that is in the process of graduating HS next week, and just finished 4 years of HS golf. It was a sad day the last tournament as he missed going to state. Really only played for the four years of HS and it has become his passion. He works at the CC and has been playing 6 days a week all summer the last three years. When we started, I got back into golf with him; after a 20 year hiatus, he was shooting 130. Now when playing for fun with the two of us he shoots very low 80's but hasn't broke 80 yet. My younger son started with us and is now turning 11 and I just had to fork out the money for a full set of irons due to him being good enough to get gaping. At 11 he can play at the 6000 yard local course at just above bogey golf. I give him a stroke a hole and he has beat me twice this year. The three of us love to get out and play. It has been one of the best things that we have ever done. My graduate just was given Valedictorian, of his graduating class and a large part of that is the time that we are able to golf together and talk and spend time together. I cannot even express how much golf means to the three of us. It is the greatest game that we all hate. I also appreciate all of the posts about your kids playing. They make me smile.
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