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  1. 10.5 degrees. I have a Taylormade SLDR driver and if I adjust it down to 9 deg I seem to hook my drives more even though I have the weight adjustment set as far to a fade as possible. Compared to some older drivers I've had I have to be careful not to end up too far left.
  2. I broke a bone in my right foot three years ago and it took a year or so to actually heal but still had some pain occassionally. Last summer my right heel started bothering me to the point that the pain was awful if I walked much at all. I went back to my doctor thinking it was related to the original broken bone. He xrayed it and didn't see a problem and diagnosed it as plantars fasciitis. He gave me a traction boot to wear while sleeping. I was amazed that after a few nights that 90% of the pain was gone. I wore it for maybe a month or so then quit using it. I haven't had any more problem
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