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  1. I know a head pro who knows Tiger from meeting him years ago. He told me the truth is Tiger is really really cheap. He told a story about how Tiger (loves fastfood) and him they went through an Arby's drivethru and Tiger used a 2-1 coupon on a sandwhich... I personally saw Steve Williams take two bottled waters out of the big coolers they have at almost every hole at the TPC of Boston and then walk outside the ropes to give them to Tiger's wife and Steve's wife or GF...
  2. Looking for some recommendations on some nice tracks to play. Is CogHill worth playing?
  3. If I were you, I would take the ferry out to dafuskie island and play the two courses there called "Melrose" and Bloody Point" They were awesome! I also played Hilton Head National, Session and Berkley Hall.
  4. Thanks!! Someone said they look like I got into an fight with a ugly couch and lost! I noticed nobody has ragged on my swing, which is a good thing, I think..lol
  5. Yeah, I agree! There is not a bad hole on the course! #8 is one of the greatest par 4's Ive ever played...what a second shot!
  6. Yeah, clambake thanks setting me straight, I owe you a round if you ever come to Mass! My flight was delayed and I could only get to Spyglass at around 3:30pm. They wanted to charge me $245.00 to tee off at 4pm and get in 9 holes if I was lucky...wasn't worth it to me. Instead I played Poppy for $42.00 and it took us 2 hours and 45 minutes to play 9 holes...painfull Im playing Harding Park this week since Im in San Fran now.
  7. Well, I finally played Pebble Beach yesterday after a couple of times of trying to get on. During those trips I was dissapointed when the women in the the pro shop said, " You're welcome to hang around and if someone doesnt show up, you can take their slot..." When people are paying $400+ for a round, they're showing up... I got to course 3 hours earlier to just hang around and soak it all in which I highly recommend. I went to the range, putted and text'd my friends to go on pebblebeach.com so I could wave into the webcam.. My plan all along was to play the tees that the 3some or 2some
  8. Is it possible to get out on Harding Park in San Fran right now? I know the President's cup is coming up in Oct..
  9. I did it, I just posted my 101 round of 2009!!
  10. Yeah, Im playing Pebble and Spyglass, but was looking for a 3rd course to round out my trip... Looking at Half Moon Bay too. Jim
  11. Today I hit my first 300yd 5 iron!!! Then I watched Tiger hit a 317yard driver and Vjay hit it 290 at the PGA and I thought about all the "long" hitters on this forum...made me Enough, you dont hit it 300yds, you dont carry it 290..blah,blah,blah.. Try getting your handicap below a 25 and then worry about distance...come to the Cape and I will give you 18 shots, yes that's one a shot a hole, and will smoke you and your 300yd drives! Sorry, it's been building up!
  12. Im hitting my driver pretty straight lately, but there is no "pop" on my drives? It feels like Im just not catching the ball solid?
  13. Troon North hands down was the best for me! The Monument course...
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