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  1. There is way more involved then X club head speed equals X distance.. Spin rate . angle of attack ..launch angle.. all those things come into play..
  2. I'm sure its more of a feeling then actually having all my weight left... but isn't golf a feel sport... I'm sure the weight of the club moves some weight to the trail leg on the back swing... It did keep me from sliding off the ball,.. And I am sure I was losing flexion in my trail leg I tried to feel like the side angle of my leg at address stayed the same, essentially turning back around my leg while making it stay in the same position other then the flex in my knee
  3. I'm 50, and for years I've tried to maintain my right knee flex... couldn't turn...pull hooks ....fat shots...ect..... this past week I decided to stay on my left side.... let my right leg straighten going back so I could turn more..... and bingo.. not one fat shot... hit 11 of 14 fairways... AND made an eagle on a par four.. it was the best ball striking day of my whole life... and my only swing thought was stay left.. then get more left on the downswing...... and I couldn't have stayed left with out letting my trail leg lose some flex,... I hope the success continues and Its not just a band
  4. I don't know what ball you're using but you should try a super low compression ball..... like the maxfli softfli.... they are 35 compression, low compression helps slower swing speeds as well.
  5. The commentators on TV were talking about how Tiger went 3 YEARS with out missing a 3 foot putt.. 3 years... they said no one does that......
  6. Why wouldn't we.... if tiger wins 5 more events he will be the all time leader in pga tour wins passing sam snead by 2..... And would it really surprise anyone if tiger won again?
  7. 3puttglenn


  8. well one thing is for sure... we've seen tiger dominate more then any golfer in history... we've seen tiger win by margins that were records setting in the US open and the masters.. AND Tiger is the only modern golfer to hold all four major trophys at the same time.
  9. I think you can look at the records Tiger has, and the choice is easy who is best of all time... Tiger holds records that are so incredible we wont live long enough to see someone break them.
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