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  1. Hello all! I'm interested in buying a used, left-handed Scotty Cameron putter (with headcover). Please post here if you have one for sale. My price is flexible depending on the condition and the model. I'm interested in putters up to $300 (though I am a broke student right not so something on the cheaper end is preferable). Thank you!
  2. Haha thanks. I'm glad I can at least contribute something to the community ;) Thanks man, I definitely need to be reminded of this. Been putting in a lot of work, couldn't play this week unfortunately, which was a bummer. Still, can't wait until i'm free. 36 days to go!
  3. Hey guys, Some of you might remember me. I posted alot last summer when I first got infected with the golf bug, and began golfing everyday. Then I went back to school, and although I originally planned to keep regularly golfing, I soon became overburdened with school, and was unable to golf regularly . I also decided on career plans (Law school), and am currently studying for the LSAT. So with that on my plate too, along with other extracurriculars hasn't left me with a lot of time to hit the driving range, let alone hit the course. But finally, after months of not even picking up a club, I dusted off the rust and played my first couple of rounds of the season! Surprisingly, I actually hit the ball very solidly both rounds, although my short game was extremely rusty. Felt great to get back out there, and actually hit some shots that felt like butter. I still have a little over a month until I take the LSAT and will be able to golf everyday, but hopefully I will be able to get out there once a week or so until then. Can't wait! My time off has actually allowed me to think about the mechanics of the golf swing alot, and helped me figure out A LOT! All the material I read and tournaments I saw finally got a chance to sink in, and i'm still reading the occasional monthly golf magazine. My out to in swing is completely gone, and I now know what it is to swing from the inside, although it needs much perfecting. Funny what a lot of time off can do.
  4. Hey guys, sorry I haven't been around much lately, school is really bogging me down! Anyways, I have to write a research proposal for one of my classes, and i'm struggling pretty hard. The format is: introduction, research questions, literature review, rationale & hypotheses, operational definitions, data collection procedures, data analysis procedures, and then assumptions and limitations. If anyone has any experience in this area and can take a look at my proposal and give me some help it'd be greatly appreciated! Please let me know! -Knockglock
  5. Let us know how it works out. I'd invest in lessons but since its winter and you said you don't want to drive out to the course then i'd say go for it! happy holidays ;)
  6. If its like the Tour, go to options > advanced options > gps > and change gps services from e911 only to location on and location aiding to enabled.
  7. Good luck to your friend. I truly hope he comes out OK.
  8. They seem to do both. Sometimes ill hit it to the right straight, and sometimes it'll have right curve. I think that I did change to a stronger grip as well. What is flipping the hands? And how can I fix that and my overrotating?
  9. I think that I am swinging a bit harder, now that I can swing hard without hitting a fat banana ball. To fix my slice, it's kind of hard to explain. I flattened out my swing a little I think, and I try and stay inside the ball on takeaway and downswing. The biggest change I made was keeping my front (right) arm straighter (I let it bend too much before), and pull from the right side rather than what I used to push from the left side. Sometimes I have a little bit of fade on my driver or 3 wood, but not usually too much.
  10. I'm now hitting everything right (left handed). I'm rarely hitting anything left anymore, it happens every once in a while. I used to always hit it left. Any ideas what is going on? My woods got a large increase in distance now that I don't lose lots of yardage due to a slice.
  11. I like mine. I think they're more desirable for the higher handicapper / game improvement market.
  12. Knockglock


    Nothing but respect to the deceased.
  13. No way! That is golf, you're in the hole from day one haha
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