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  1. Played with someone who has the hoofer today, absolutely loved it! Great space, good features. Got to try and come up with the Money now haha
  2. Love the Hoofer Vantage only thing im not crazy about is the price tag
  3. Ok, i got a sun mountain swift x bag 2 months ago and i can't deal with the two dividers. The bag is just too small for me, even though i walk sometimes. I want a stand bag with more dividers but still is pretty light because i do not like a heavy bag. Also I am going to be living in a dorm so keep in mind space. I just want a good bag with good space, dividers, and thats light. Colors all black preferably Persuade Me!!!
  4. Say what you want, tiger simply gets the job done, even with his tantrums you still have to love what he has done for the game!!!
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