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  1. We're heading to golf Galaxy in a bit. My wife has hit the Rogue and M4's so far. Both are nice clubs but expensive. She's going to try the Cobra and Ping ladies clubs which sell for around $500 I think. Once she decides on a set, I'll check ebay and another site to see if I can find them cheaper.
  2. Dave, I'm sorry but I have to hate you. I've been playing golf for 50 years and have never had a hole in one. And yes, I've hit some solid shots, a number of which have hit the pin but always kicked sideways. My father lived with us the last year of his life and every day when I walked in he would ask me my score and whether or not I had a hole in one that day. When I said I didn't get one, he'd tell me that he had 7 in his golfing life. If your living on the 5 year plan, you are due. My only hope is that one of my friends just got his first one. He's 84 used a driver to a 165 yard par 3. It went in.
  3. Last month at age 70, I hit a drive 30 yards. lol. I should say though it was in Ireland where it hadn't rained for 6 weeks. The caddy just kept saying "it's still rolling". But it sure is a treat when youget up there and see how close you are to the green. Eagles are as good as holes in one. At least that's my feeling since I've had eagles but never a hole in one. Congrats on the eagle.
  4. The Island was a great course. Would play it again if I get back there. I played the old course years ago. My friend and I sat outside drinking coffee early in the AM just hoping we'd get on. Two members had a 7 tee time, saw us and told the starter we could join them. After the round, they invited us to their club for a pint. It was the "new" club. What a great history for St Andrews. Now I'm too old to sit outside at 4-5AM. Back then it was well worth it.
  5. My favorite course was Kingsbarn followed by the Jubilee course at St Andrews. A lot of people say the old course has the history but the Jubilee course is now the nicest course. Favorite hole was probably#4 at Kingsbarn. 412 par 4 dogleg left. Caddy told me to aim at a bunker because I wouldn't reach it. When I hit the drive, he thought I might actually reach it. I was about 5 yards short. Ian, caddy, told me we're going to have a great day because I can hit the ball straight. And it was a great day. I shot an 80. Worse hole, a double bogie on 18 or a break 80.
  6. My wife and I just got back from a month long trip that ended in Dublin and then St Andrews. Hitting 70, I decided I wasn't sure how long I'd be playing from the regular tees so off we went. In Ireland, we played Royal Dublin, The Island, Portmarnock and the K club (a parkland course). Then on to St Andrews where we played Crail, the Jubilee course and my favorite course Kingsbarn. It was a great trip and what you all saw in the Irish, Scottish and Open is what we played on during our stay. I felt like I was 30 again as I routinely hit drives over 300 yards (with a 100 yard roll) and we pretty much used the putter from about 50 yards out. We were in St Andrews about 15 years ago and the golf was great but the town itself, not so much. But now, restaurants are terrific and there's more to do. And I learned the longest drive with a feathery golf ball was 361 yards over 100 years ago. Ground must have been hard then too.
  7. Anything other than a full shot require practice. If there are no hazzards in front of you, practice hump and run shots from different distances with different clubs. If you have to go over things or you want the ball to stop quickly on the green, practice pitches with wedges from different distances. Those are mostly feel shots for some but technical shots for others. I practice those shots more than any others but I like to be 50 yards from a green if I can't get there in regulation. I can bump and run or pitch it close enough to have a shot at par from that distance. Which method I use depends on whether or not the front of the green is flat or raised.
  8. Let me know if she figures that book out. I sometimes have to play with a guy that knows every rule and loves to quote them during a round. I told him that we all throw in $5. It's not the Master's.
  9. Whatever you do, try them all. When I went for a driver I liked the M4 and Rogue driver. Pro told me to keep my current driver. Even though they looked better, they didn't deliver anything my current driver didn't.
  10. Heard the same problem about the M2. I traded my Pings in for the M4. First time I had a fitting and mine are +1 and the shaft is an inch longer than standard which surprised me because I'm only 5'10". Here's the thing though. I now hit these irons further than I've ever hit any irons and I'm 70 years old. When the irons arrived, the pro who fitted me asked if I wanted to get distances. I only got 6 iron through sand wedge and I hit the 6 iron 168 yards. I can hit the sand wedge 95 yards. I told my wife I feel like a kid hitting the darn things but the M4's I have go a long way and the best thing is they go high and land soft. Best irons I've ever owned and I'm playing golf for 50 years. I don't want this to be a commercial because these weren't the only ones I hit. The new Cobras and Callaway rogues were great clubs too but I found the M4's to be the most forgiving.
  11. It's an index so it could be a whole number. 3 good holes in a row? I'm usually happy if I par the last hole on our course. It's a par 4 that Lee Trevino said was an easy par 5 but a tough par 4.
  12. Good score. I know I started playing better when I asked myself one question, "do I have this shot in my bag?". After that, I still got bogies but not as many doubles or triples.
  13. Whatever you do, get fitted for the clubs. I just got new irons and was fitted by one of the pros at my club. My 7 iron carry in now 156 rolling in 160 on average. And I've not chilly dipped any iron shot. The clubs he recommended were M4's, shafts 1 inch longer than standard and lie angle is +1. I'm 70 years old and in my best day, I couldn't hit my 7 iron more than 150. My iron swing speed is 85 and yet the ball is carrying much further than I thought it would. First time I've ever had a club fitting. And he had me keep my same driver but changed the shaft so now the ball rolls about 15 years further when it hits the ground.
  14. Good for you Billsy. I'm 70, used to tell my wife I'm practicing for the senior tour. Now I tell her that someday there could be a super senior tour so I need to be ready.
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