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  1. Wow, what a fantastic community that’s on offer here, didn’t expect so many replies for the typical noobie thread, it’s much appreciated. in terms of athleticism, well I’m physically fit enough but my swing coordination is abysmal, so maybe I’ll need a pro to have a look at that as I guess I’m simply just not moving my body correctly. in terms of what I have now, I have a set of TM R7 irons and a crappy putter, is it worth me investing in a half decent 3wood prior to a lesson or do you think I should see if they offer this on a rental basis? Have enquired with some of the local clubs to sort some lessons, a little nervous about looking a fool but you’ve gotta start somewhere I guess. Noticed a lot of you are from the US, there is no such thing as good weather over here in the UK, lol! thanks again all.
  2. Hey Guys, so having consistently watching all the major tournaments each year without ever properly playing myself, I now want to start playing golf. I have a set of Taylor Made R7 irons and was thinking of booking in with the local pro for a few lessons (last time I went to the driving range I could barely make contact with the ball) do you think this would be a better option to learn to swing properly? I would go to the driving range but I know i’ll leave ending up frustrated and embarrassed due to my sheer lack of natural talent lol.
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