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  1. Maybe but being a "fire brand" a duff chip/4 putt usually always leads to least one to two bad holes as I try to cool off ...
  2. Yes some great tips ...I'm seeing many issues I need to work on ..over-swing is certainly one currently listening to mental golf game book .. my short game nerves + negative imaging costing me so many shots I'm putting around 35-40 a round far too many 3 putts (with the odd 4 putt) and chipping pitching not the best for the same reasons. the majority of my recent rounds has me in great positions to birdie or least par but blow it with poor directed chip-pitch shots backed up by woeful putting..
  3. Gutted with our local course in such brilliant conditions ... now nothing for least 4wks >> General Guidance New Zealand is now at COVID-19 Alert Level 4. This means New Zealanders not working in essential services must stay at home and stop all interactions with others outside of your household. This is a major step for the country however eradicating this disease is vital to protect people’s health and ensure our health system can cope and look after New Zealanders who become sick. The move to Alert Level 4 has major consequences for the golf sector. From Wednesday 25 March at 11.59pm, all operations at golf clubs must cease for at least four weeks. This means all golf courses, practice facilities, clubhouses, pro shops, bar, function and catering facilities must now be closed. While this a major move for the country, the government is trying to save lives and we urge the golf sector to do all we can to play our part. Regarding the maintenance of golf clubs and facilities during the four-week shut down period, we are working with the government (with the support of Sport NZ) to seek urgent and critical advice. We accept that if golf courses/facilities are not maintained to at least a basic standard over the next four weeks, the task of repatriating to current conditions may not be achievable nor affordable for a great number of clubs. With that in mind, we have asked for two exemptions on behalf of golf facilities: a) If essential and critical maintenance of golf facilities is necessary, it can be undertaken in a strictly solo manner by an individual who lives within the golf facility property. b) If essential and critical maintenance of golf facilities is necessary, it can be undertaken in a strictly solo manner by an individual who lives outside of the golf facility property. We have been seeking an urgent response to these requests for many days and we remain hopeful that advice is imminent. Until formal advice to the contrary is received, we recommend that no maintenance of golf facilities is undertaken during the shutdown period. New Zealand Golf will continue to communicate any updates through our website, social platforms and via direct correspondence.
  4. One of the best locations would have to be my home- New Zealand - (think we are only 2nd to Ireland for Golf Courses to pop. in the world) I'm down in Central Otago .. without doubt a honey hole of GC's Weather -50f av. winter - summer av. 80f so Golf all-year round here in Cromwell GC rainfall only 300-400mm =13in .. so very little rain affected play NZD/USD sub .60 Total population surrounding these GC's less than 50k We also have the "NZ Golf Open" played on the hills ,millbrook in March here's a list of whats on offer in Central Otago --->>>> (being member at Cromwell I can play -Arrow,KH,Alex,Wanaka for $25NZD etc) The Hills Golf Course – The Hills Golf — Jack's Point 18 hole par 72 championship course weaves through native tussock grasslands to the edge of Lake Wakatipu Queenstown Golf Club - spectacular New Zealand golf course Queenstown, New Zealand, has one of the most picturesque golf courses in the world, surrounded by the clean waters of Lake Wakatipu. The scenery is spectacular, the golf course challenging and we have fine clubhouse... Golf Resort New Zealand - Queenstown Golf Venue | Millbrook Resort Home of the New Zealand Open, set against the backdrop of mountains. This 27 hole golf course is world-class for an unforgettable golfing experience. Arrowtown Golf Club Cromwell Golf Club - Central Otago Golf Wanaka Golf Home - Wanaka Golf Club Wanaka Golf Club is an 18 hole course boasting spectacular lake and mountain views, just 45 mins from Queenstown. Visitors welcome, club hire available. Alexandra Golf Club - Home From my home just north of Cromwell pop. 6k I can easy reach all of these above course under 1hour most make less time
  5. Golf Cap from Natadola Champ course Fiji ... and 50x Tayormade tour preferred X golf balls
  6. Ok was getting my kids to help might get the wifey to help out later today ..
  7. NZ Golfer


    Some of my best shots on the GC have come with my Cleveland RTX 60.08 .. my go too many times in the bunker or over trees right by the green.. not a tight lie fairway but out of the rough its be brilliant at times ... But the shaft does have a dent as sometimes I just stink with it ... but that can't happen with any of my wedges
  8. Ok only got my Iphone camera I see it has a slow-mo setting would that work ?
  9. Thought I'd kick "my swing " into gear pretty rough ..no wearing the best footwear crocs ..first swing of the club for over 3 -weeks more to come I've been Playing Golf for: 15yrs+ My current handicap index or average score is:13 My typical ball flight is: low The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: pull shot Videos:
  10. NZ Golfer

    Swing Speed

    Yes makes sense Maybe my average distance isn't right ???.. after getting hard time on here for putting up distances I'm finding "I believe" I'm getting I decided to use the Golf Shot app again in yards (we use Metrics down-under)just to be sure to be in the right page... Now I'm pretty confident in the GPS app as its pretty much dead on from tees .. I tracked many of my drives over a rounds after I blew the cobwebs out on the first few holes ...what I got using the track shot from the tees (No wind ,soft early morning play) 1W -Mizuno ST180-tenesi 60g blue stiff- 289Y on target (Fairway etc) 254Y Missed Right (slice) 284Y on target 276Y on target Also tracked a good shot off the ground with Ping G hybrid -that landed in a bunker 235Y on target (I'm sure that would have been 240Y if it wasn't for Bunker) My 4i from the tee .. higher traj- 209Y
  11. NZ Golfer

    Swing Speed

    People have two general types of skeletal muscle fibers: slow-twitch (type I) and fast-twitch (type II). Slow-twitch muscles help enable long-endurance feats such as distance running, while fast-twitch muscles fatigue faster but are used in powerful bursts of movements like sprinting. Could the same be happening to some of us guys that do jobs where we have to work fast + harder labour since a young age build muscles that can swing a club faster ... makes sense
  12. Of course you don't but if you're ever over my way more than happy to take you out to my local course or any guy on here coming to Central Otago- New Zealand (where the NZ Golf open is held) ... played with many LOW HC players that find it hard to believe till I drive the ball 20yards+ past their great drive .. I'm known around the club as the guy that HIt's it a long way(sadly not as the good or gifted golfer LOL) I have played with others at the club that also have great distance ... is it not that common in the states ? .. I think its the fact it's not common but does happen .. if only I could sort my many other Golfing issues I would be a low HC player as distance has never been an issue I purely put it down to working a hard labour Fishing job 24yrs(strong shoulders/back/arm etc) where a good part of the job is swinging a large knife at speed thousands of times so good eye hand cord's.. that leading to me comfortably swinging 110mph-120mph ... when I swing the club I don't feel as though I'm really ripping it .. I'm actually working really hard on trying to slow my swing esp with the irons One of these days I'll put a clip up ... to prove it !!!
  13. Got a 3W 15deg actually recent new purchase MIzuno ST180(50% off) one with a matchin) shaft to my ST180 driver which I love but sadly haven't had such a good run with the 3W to date (over my old brilliant TM aero-burner.. which really converted me to using a 3W after several years without one ... certainly a hard club to use off the deck yet I see many of the older boys ripping with woods off the ground... so really think it needs much more practice to get the right feel not to fade the ball to hard So at present I don't have enough confidence off the ground pretty happy off a low tee solid 250-260y 3W was always my go to club off the tee,one to grab in a tough fairway with hazards etc or when I was having issues with my Driver ... Do have a nice PING G 17deg hybrid that goes very nice most of the time and is my go to 240-250yard out fairway club As I'm averaging 280-290yards drive with ST180 ... so not very often one needs anything more than a Hybrid outside the odd long PAR5 If I had to drop a club prob be the 4iron in my bag use that even less than 3W..
  14. Yes esp. after a brilliant drive like one of the best your've done in last few games 300+yards centre of the fairway 50-60y out and you dumb-rush a wedge shot hit it thin watch the ball just miss the pin and roll over the back down a steep bank and end up in the worst location possible ... usually killing your chances of a sub 80 as you 4-putt
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