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  1. Yes local has one ... would like to try a 2-3 iron ...can hit my 4i pretty good most of the time.and can hit it pretty straight most of the time baby fade etc... guess it a matter of trail and error my local pro reckons I just need to keep trying the 3w off the deck ....thats another idea just more practice ... my biggest issue is a good size fade using the 3w which brings in the rough to out of bounds unless I'm aiming well left of target
  2. Been thinking about getting a 5W to match my Mizuno 1W(270yard av.) 3W (250y) as I have issues on our links hard short fairway grass during most of the year and have given up trying to use the 3W off the deck ... have got a PING G 4h and 4i the hybrid I can push to 230y if I give it 90% effort etc and get a clean hit... 4i shorter by a touch have got 3x PAR 5s at my local I very rarely make the green on the second usually within 10-20y (so close by so far!!).... not sure if a 5W will be the answer or maybe 2i-3i ?? and ditch the hybrid ??
  3. Very interesting so out of my last 10 rounds 8 have been in the 80s av. 86 ... so going of your link.. if I keep this up I should be a sub 10 ??? was thinking I would need to break a few high 70's into the mix to break into the single digits
  4. Bridgestone e6 Orange Golf Balls | Golf Discount Bridgestone e6 Orange Golf Balls - FORE Left, or Right?! Straighter-longer shots are the key to success in golf and you'll get just that with the 2015 e6 Golf Balls. Lowest Prices on Bridgestone Prior Generation at Golf Discount Used these e6 for a season and I'm sure helped some of my more wayward drives ...I agree Duo softs a very nice ball .. I started playing social golf around 12yrs ago started on a HC-28 short time frame less than year 20 games etc got to 20... I'd say your be a mid Handy-capper in short time frame if you apply yourself .. sub 10 much harder ... been trying to break it last 4yrs after I had a 2yr break down 12.6 at present .. goal to break this summer (southern Hemp) really all you need is to break 100 to see mid 20's then post a few lower 90's and your be in the higher teens ...
  5. After reading your post I too expected to see a Low sub 10-HC .... But 32 ? surely you must lose a few if you have a good power hitting ...prob best to go refurb balls ... I've been using Taylormade Tour Pref-X ...and have found them as good as Pro-V1s in the shorter game ...but a touch more forgiving on longer shots I hit with a much lower traj >>>. Guess it really comes down to your swing speed and skills and wallet
  6. I find playing off the blue tees over standard whites gives me 3 more shots on the HC which in COMP play comes in handy also As I hit a long ball (upwards 290yards driver) I get in less trouble with trees on many holes and second shots aren't a major issue usually only have to pull a club longer .... only really one hole that is much harder In some ways I seem to play better golf playing slightly hard tee off zones ... more focus less room for error etc ??
  7. LOL .... my last medal round I did 1hr practice at home mostly putting-chipping ..then at the course pre round large 80 ball bucket on the range ..then another 10-20min putting.... onto 18hole round and I found three practice swings esp with driver at 60-70% power ... came off the course feeling pretty good only one DB or worse hole..
  8. I Agree with keeping the score out of your head and talking up how you can get a new low score if you only just............ ... my current two bogey holes are the last two at my course so I never want to add anymore pressure during the round ..and esp. on the last couple if I know I'm scoring well what I have been doing PSR is just trying to relax and feel like I have zero pressures on my shot + swing I think thats why I have some ripping great recovery shots Vs a set of bad shots I use too awhile ago when I use to build pressure after bad shot and rush and try harder to hit the perfect swing>> I recommend trying to swing with less effort more of the time esp. when it comes to short game
  9. 84- at the monthly medal which gave me a 2nd out of 31 players position off the Blue Tees(which gave me a course HC-16) Net - 68 (67 won it) wasn't playing all that amazing with a few offline drives and a few shocking strokes ....but I seemed to recover on every hole with a brilliant chip/pitch/iron etc or didn't score any worse than a Bogey till the 17th --PAR3 where I tripled Bogey after I pulled a shot off the tee and backed it up with some slack short game ...wasn't happy and thought I blew any chances of a decent position ....esp. when on the 18th I drove into bank blindspot to the green and sent the next 8i right of the green on another bank !!!! but yet again chipping saved me hitting the flag and stopping the ball less than a foot from the hole for a PAR... 8xPARS 9XBOGEYS 1xD-B
  10. 89 at my local played the blue tees 6800yards+ poor putting far too many 2-3 feet missed... was rushing my game as had limited time to play the 18 .. had some really nice drives couple over 300yards
  11. PING I irons PING Tour glide 50-56 wedges Cleveland RTX 60deg Fisher Putter
  12. Best shot of my day and maybe the week,month ? was a shot out of a bunker today that I got to hit hard to back spin 2-3in and basically end only a foot to the side of the hole from not the best line in a mid depth bunker 15yards out ...pure class I don't think I will achieve anytime soon
  13. Played at another local course today "Alexandra" brimming with confidence(4th round so far this week) 1st tee off PAR4 not the worst shot just off the left side of fairway ....but could I find my ball in the light rough !!!! that lead to couple rough double bogeys .. once I finally pulled my head in put in a 45 for the front nine ... had a string of PAR's and birdie chances to be on my way to post a decent sub HC round ...but sadly after having nil issues over the first 14 holes ....came up behind a 4some of old boys club that were trying to get past an even slower older couple that seem to be trying to play muti ball out in heavy rough !!!!! FFS!! ... slowed my game right down and no way the 4some would let me pass... so made a few dumb shots to take a 43 on the back nine for a 88 for the day
  14. I buy pretty much all of my balls through these guys at present >> not so bad when I smash several into the never-neverland Premium Used Golf Balls - Lostgolfballs.com Lostgolfballs provides great deals on golf balls that have only been hit once or twice. We sell top models such as Pro V1/V1x at half the cost new. Why? Because all golf balls are used after one hit.
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