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  1. Finally after good few rough round played a much better game today solo play so 3hr game not 4-5hrs of painful waiting for slow play.... score on harder than my local course 43/43 - 86 nett - 69 (PAR72) 37 putts 2x shots added from 1x lost ball over solid play in much softer conditions than I'm used to at my local ..which gave me much more confidence with my strokes b
  2. 87 at my local GC 39 putts overall happy with my game ... well compared to my last few months of just a huge drop in confidence with my game
  3. SWeet win RORY always believed in you to the end of the majors
  4. what an asshat >>>>would think after 9 he would be escorted off the course like to here from the others in the foursome they must have been really to knock him out
  5. Woeful display at my local club comp day 50+ golfers and I'm sure I would have the worst nett score 88 +16 --101 gross (worst score in years) really bad draws to pulls of the tee all day ... weak weak golf ... putting was the only good part of the game lost for words - felt really good , solid practice yesterday and stress-free warm-up -- great golfing conditions .. just can't seem to play during mid winter months >>
  6. Yes and I think that also comes down to refined swing tech I've been booming drives for over a decade now but when I recently played at my old club (where I was 24-16HC) I was finding I was hitting it much further yet I'm much older and coming up 42 shouldn't be stronger or more flexible than I was in my 20's ?? But my swing path is much more honed with much better technique Lower HC players generally have much better swings ... so should generally hit it cleaner and harder (Smash factor) Also better drivers stiffer shaft etc golf balls
  7. Last game I started and ended with the same ball always a great feat 300+yards out at times(many fairways hit..) .. sadly my short game was rubbish esp putting .. Really does my head in when I'm going for very short 20-40 yard chip in 3rd shot for PAR5 and blow a par when I should have birdied ... did my head in last game just blowing good drives one after another with missed short putts AARRGGHHH!!!! with the guys 40-50 yards back making some nice pars I seem to have many different games - two main ones--Big drives missing far too many fairways making it hard to score well(behind trees / dropped shots) or like the above driver on song feeling great but just can't hole the ball out very happy gilmore with the putter >>> get in the hole!!!!
  8. The woods are full of long drivers....Harvey Penick Yes as many courses are designed to hurt the wayward bigger hitter ..with bunkers and more trees rough 280+ yards out etc certainly is at my local where the shorter hitters can get away with a poor drives etc but if I'm slightly offline 280-320yards out can be a word of hurt.. actually one straight hole I aim for a set of trees between two fairways 280yards out fade lands in my fairway straight to draw the other fairway (still with a good look at the hole) ... but a slice goes out of bounds
  9. At my local GC 72 par 5900yard course.. 40 front 42 back for a tidy 82 -2 under HC 1x Birdie 1x DB heaps of Bogeys and few pars No part of my game was brilliant(esp driver woeful at times) but so much luck today and a few good shots many two punts some great PW chips.. worse hole my second last with a DB Gutted really had a chance to get another sub 80(and help push for Sub 10 HC) ... ended with another Bogey..... AARRGHHHH Overall really enjoying my Golf on the course and know what I have to work on and what my issues are
  10. Yes I think the shaft being heavier and stiffer would be a good reason why you hit it better, certainly helped me
  11. what does my head in is playing well off the tee i.e only 90 yards or less going for my 3rd shot on PAR 5 or 2nd shot on PAR4 and then taking 3-4 shots to close out the hole .. just a woeful short game that really kick you in the guts when you know if you played a second shot it would 9 out of ten times end up right where you wanted it ..for me it's pressurizing myself esp. in competition play .. giving away 5-8 shots over no pressure solo play on average
  12. I certainly know what you're going through as my Game can go from Brilliant to Woeful from front 9 to Back 9 >> But thanks to buying a driving net and my son videoing many swings clearly to get a better understanding of swing issues ... which I'm working on keeping my trailing elbow in closer to body engaging more shoulder turn ...as I have issues around getting my swing too upright hurting my swing contact esp with long clubs as the game progresses over 2hrs etc and I get lazy ... I recommend trying the same. Golf is really hard and even the pros are constantly working on keeping their swing in check(just watch them pre-round and even out on the course)
  13. I'm enjoying using Golf GPS on the phone .. out on the course really helping me dial in my distances now know my 4i goes as long as my 17 Hybrid if well hit (Longer than expected!!) now moving to 5i for 210-220yrds shots ..which wasn't expected pre gps Highly recommend getting out on the course with the same ball and playing around with exact distances with GPS really giving me much more confidence
  14. Is what I started to do or even when I was having a few issues with the driver the 3w generally makes more fairways for me. distance wise 3w still goes very long for me 250yards+ I actually played a round recently without a driver wasn't really a major issue it just meant I needed to play a club up to make the green---- accuracy certainly not as good with the driver for me on average the Big Boomstick is just that going for as long as possible sometimes trying to get a mental edge over the competition.. but for me, its 20-30yards max more than 3w if its hit well.. not a scoring club
  15. Another day at my local in stunning pre-winter weather .. 83 -- 41 front/42 back just really solid Golf but far from my best Driving -C - far too many average drives putting me in trouble Fairway B minus - so many great recovery shots from behind trees out of the sand but still made some stupid mistakes Best shot was a 4 iron from the rough that actually went further than expected over 230yard+ ended up off the back of the green ... but man it felt just perfect . Chip/pitch- B minus - Some really brilliant shots that saved so many pars today but least 4 Duffas chips that went only half the way to prime locations Putting -B+ much better many long putts within foot or two,, certainly helped me post a sub Par HC round Really weak on the PAR3's today not making one green !!
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