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  1. watching her swing it doesn't look crazy powerful but the ball certainly carries ... If I really give it 110% I can get to 118-119mph but think I'd be lucky for it to travel any further than my more consistent 112-116mph swing ..I'm sure these Long drive champs would be much more impressive in person
  2. v4.21.1 - GolfChannel Embed Player Phillis Meti talks to Tripp Isenhour after winning the Ak-Chin Smash in the Sun women's title with record-setting drives of 408 and 413 yards. Great to see a fallow NZ local breaking records ... I see at her last comp her swing speed was only 120mph for 370yards... makes my 116mph for 290-320 yards look weak
  3. Always play better walking the course pulling the trundler (use to carry my clubs but too many shoulder injuries) ... I like the fitness of walking the course ... if I had to play 36 holes in a day then I would be keen on carting the second 18 Played one of my worst 9's yesterday with an older guy that turned up in a cart on the first hole .... was a hilly course and he wasn't hanging around was rushing my game trying to keep up and started to do my head in ...so not a fan to play alongside cart in two-some
  4. Got my second 70's score the other day with a 79 (45/34) now with 191 carded rounds ...it seems after getting 83 (around 80 games ago 6yrs+ it's been so hard to beat that score) with many 83's at best but just as many low 90's .... then after a 5-month break with zero golf .... I just took a different mindset to really think about my game and not focus on my score so much ...got a net out the back yard work on the swing path contact ...much more chipping practice .. and it been 40 days where outside a couple of days I haven't held a club ...played doz or so rounds and I go from 15.1 HC to 12.1 .... 77 and 79 >>> brilliant haven't yet scored an 80 or 81
  5. 45/39 for an 84 .. was played at a hilly parkland course with very heavy rough and slow recent cored greens took me some time to get my head in the game .. also playing with some local members in their club day .. First ever eagle on a PAR4 450yards nice chip shot just kept on rolling 6 penalty shots hurt the score... far too many lost balls
  6. That's correct I use my 3w much more off the tee(when I have less margin for error from out of bounds / Trees) as I have far better control most of the time .. dealing with a pull to late hook issue early in my round with the driver at times ... played yesterday at a different club with some local members..(One that kept wanting me to use my driver) Like I was saying to another bigger hitter coupe games ago... distance wise does it really matter to be going for 300+ if the second shot is only a difference of using a Wedge or 9i I'm working hard to better my direction over length happy to give up 10-20yards for more fairways
  7. Right could well have been the fact the Duo was an older ball as well maybe the TP5 was a better suited to my 110-116mph swing speed etc .. was playing with a Taylormade project A today which seemed to work well for me .. one of these days I'll go out and play Nine holes with three different balls see which one works best and buy 50x of them and just continue to use the same ball .. rather than play a different ball each round /hole just to see how they do .. I've certainly gone off the orange Bridgestone E6 (or really any orange ball )
  8. 79 today no warm-up with limited time >> 45 front 9............ then 34 back 9 (my best ever back 9 --two under par )
  9. After the first round I put money to WIN on Molinari 23:1 Kisner 35:1 DJ 7:1 ..... and for top5 Schauffele 3.25:1 Would be HUGE for Tiger to win ... also both the Aussie boys looking good sadly no NZ'er in play
  10. Interesting today first time I'd played in Club Comp with a Guy (8-HC) that really thought he was a Driving machine ... which many times he was pushing it past 300yards but not by much. He himself stated he could push it towards 380yard but just wasn't hitting it good enough so the Group didn't see much over 300ish Cost me a couple of shots as even I was believing I couldn't hit it as far as Mr. Big hitter(I wasn't hitting it well from the start of the game wasn't helping my case) ... so when I decided to change my ball to the same TM TP5 over the Wilson Duo I was playing and finally collected it to a strong FADE out of sight off the tee... Mr. B.H hit it same direction ... Now I straight away started looking back off his ball was close to a bank of tussocks after 5mins looking with the group that all though it wouldn't be as far as Mr. BH....I took the two-shot penalty ... Then right after Mr. BH hit his shot he happen to see my ball further up in front of his 10y+ in a nice spot good look at the flag.etc (too bad he didn't see it when I asked him prior to taking the PS) I was pissed at myself for not believing in my own distance of the tee with the high-end ball Next hole I put it past him .. LOL
  11. Only just scored in the 70's with a 77 with a 38-39 (On a PAR-72) Had to put my driver away in the back 9 as it just was not consistent enough with a few pushes and pull shots (3w made a huge difference putting in the middle much more often) .. 9 out of 10 chips/lobs were solid ...only one three-putt ..if it wasn't in the hole it was a tap in This time for a first I didn't add up my score going into the last few holes I just didn't want to know I wanted the feeling I was just playing an average round and not going for my first ever sub 80 scores in over 184 games carded. Now I've had much better 9 hole rounds and much better games with the driver ...but would be my best at just keeping the ball in play and confident short game. Nothing burns me up in a game to miss easy birdie after birdie from poor short gameplay.. IMHO Mid to high HC players the 3w isn't used enough in place of the driver I certainly wouldn't have broke 80 if I had to use Driver only on PAR-4-5's
  12. I think maybe I should have worded it better, I don't blame the guys for my game but found it harder mentally as I've never come across it before in the excess nature.. Also in no ways did the guys I played with have issues with me trying to focus on my at times woeful game on the day, of course, after the game we had a few drinks certainly enjoyed each other company and will likely be paired up together in the future... I personally think it was a combination of factors on the day...I didn't get the best sleep the night before and trying my best to focus on my game but let outside factors get to my game. last game I see was 6.9 HC diff so certainly going in the right direction
  13. LOL- I'm not "some don't talk ever" Nazi Geeezzz .... More than happy to play with the same guys again and will be much more focused next time.. easy to make up your mind that I'm some kind of anti-social chip on my shoulder cloud following me around the course Nazi LOL ....
  14. Practice not in comp .. with having talking on one ear etc. to mimic what it was like. No, I wouldn't blame anyone but myself for making many mental mistakes in my gameplay on the day.. So you say it wouldn't affect you at all? if say me and my mate was playing with you in comp and seconds prior to you hitting the ball to right after making contact with your shot we were talking like say you're at a bar with them mostly about topics outside the game....for the WHOLE ROUND. If so I am impressed and I really need to work on my mental strength in the game to reach that complete focus ... I bet you could watch the masters on TV and have others talking constantly beside you for 4hrs+ solid and not be affected LOL
  15. I don't think I was intimidated I actually enjoyed talking with the guys and esp over a drink in the clubhouse .. but for me, I like to soak in the environment of playing golf which generally comes about in peace.. I don't get the vibe if two guys out of four and talking away like my wife and BFF on most every topic but golf from the start to end of the match .. maybe in the states its more commonplace ?? I do play a lot of solo golf ....maybe I need to practice with radio talk in one ear ..
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