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  1. My best shot this week happened to me on our hardest hole 510yard PAR-5 double basin dog leg-left elevated fast running down ward green.. strong head wind. driver was rough so hit a pull shot to under large trees on the left corner ... punched a 4 iron to mid fairway within 145yards of the flag .... hit PW pretty thin that flew low but grabbed the green ended up couple inches to the hole>>
  2. I voted no .... even if the tour balls are designed to go 20-30yards less(like range balls etc) how does that help the shorter hitters that also lose distance ?? .I purely think the courses have to evolve .. I've got a great power game 280-300yrds av. on good straight drive ... and recently played a Links course with a few short PAR-5s PAR-4s ... but the risk rewards was too high ...like a good chance the ball would be lost with very thick high rough to Bush off steep sided elevated small greens.. we just need to see some holes with more bunkers heavier rough ..bushes trees etc shifted u
  3. Missing an easy 1 foot birdie put because I rush it always hurts >> ....
  4. Been dealing with a intercostal muscle strain on my back side ribs on my right side ...mix from hard labour Work and not warming up pre Golf... never get enough time off for it to completely heal of late ,,,, also dealing with ongoing neck issues + tendonitis forearms come and go .... some foot issues ... I basically find after a big day of work or 18 holes to be pretty stuffed ... I seriously need to change my Job >>and I'm only 42...
  5. Yes I pretty much find playing with most of my local golfer club members pretty good they mostly play weekly so even the high HC players keep a pretty good pace .... I do get out with my Neighbour which would be a 30+ HC and he takes an age to tee off really PGA pro time to hit which is fine in a two-ball but would do my head in a 4 ball ... yes looking for balls every hole would wear quick ...Is kind of good now with our local booking for club comps you get to see who your playing with online and their latest HC (not as random like in the past) ... I do enjoy playing with others around the sa
  6. Rough start to Medal Comp of the BLUES pulled shot into trees less than 100m out and after fighting the whole round to keep my game together scrambling the well.... was a horrid way to ruin my round with a slice out of bounds on the 16th ... lead to carrying some poor mental form onto the 17th with a gutting 4 putt !!!! ..........................next time
  7. And isn't that the truth have got friends family that really believe their son will be a pro footy player or Snowboarder because of some basic skills performed at very young sub 6yr old age ...I don't like to burst their bubbles ... I grew up with an uncle that was a Jnr All Black ... so had a father that only wanted me to focus on that sport 100% ... after many years I just ended up hating the game .... with my kids I just want them to enjoy and love sport and the game of golf ... no pressures
  8. my last two club comps I scored an eagle on the same PAR5 hole on my local course slope-120 .... now this is after only ever scoring an eagle in a practice round + one with a mate....after playing the same course over 200 times !!! like I broke through ceiling .... more please maybe tomorrow .... I haven't ever holed a bunker shot but have put a few in at a good range PW- 8i -150y out etc
  9. SUB 80 = Brilliant (only done twice before) low 80's good solid game -mid 80's ok few stupid mistakes etc -high 80's pretty rough Over 90 and I'd be Gutted ...esp.. if well over
  10. Yes I agree I've always just grabbed the driver for a long time (even on really tricking PAR-4s) its certainly an ego thing as I hit a BIG drive at times..last year I got sharp deal on a matching 3W to my driver same shaft etc and have really enjoyed hitting the 3W at times as the distance isn't all that shorter ... hitting the 4I I've hardly ever done off PAR-4-5s think If I do head out tomorrow we have 10x PAR-4s .... I'll only use driver on two ... see if I have a better round... force myself to play smarter hunt centre fairway Vs Distance ... use 8i - 9i Vs wedges going for the green not g
  11. Just the other day playing in the club comp coming into the last hole of the round ...waiting on the guys in front on a PAR-4 as they spend time looking for a ball 250Yards+ up the fairway ... wasn't having the best of rounds the older boys I was playing with all had there drives ... So I decided to pull the 4iron to the disapproval of the other guys wanting to see me smash another big drive ... ended up hitting it really well going just past the older guys drives to around 240yards(we have very dry fairways at the moment so some good runout)... I wonder how many golfers would be better
  12. Prob an American thing as nil players at my club down NEW Zealand or any other club I've played comps at do ...even our best with +1 +2 etc HC think they could be on the PGA tour or any top flight National tour.. fact is you play any really hard Championship courses that hold the Big events ...play off the TIPS and if you can put 4x sub par rounds together 4 days in a row then different story maybe your've got the game to be playing with the big boys ... Last time I played (not off the TIPs) at a Championship hard course and easy add 6-7 shots to my score ...over my local (still not the
  13. Continuing to work on my swing ...will put up new slow mo clips soon ... so fixes I done last few months -keeping the feet quiet ...as you can see from above clips i had issues moving my trialing foot away at the start of backswing ..I no longer do this>>> -Over-swinging !! ... bring more shoulder turn ,,,slowing down my takeaway .... trying not to rip 300+ yard hits every drive... thinking fluid smoothness .. -front knee soreness = opening feet stance to more duck foot (which is how I ride my snowboard by do it right knee forward) --working on reducing tensi
  14. I find my mental game gets better the more time I spend golfing -playing + practice over a period of time ... Vs my job being at sea on a Fishing boat with ZERO Golf (outside watching some on TV, or Golf Mag) sometimes for upto two weeks then with day or two being home I usual have a club day and mentally just rubbish--back swing to fast-- rush my PSR-- lose my cool etc(As I feel I'm making a fool of myself in front of many times golfers I've never played with)...had one just the other day after a very hard Fishing trip .. I dream of not long having to spend weeks away from the game so I can c
  15. I put money down on DJ right from the start ...covering like 6 of the top 9 coming into the last day ... my wallet wants Champ / Scottie to pull out their first majors ... As long as DJ puts alway Brooks I'll be happy ....getting far too big for his boots
  16. Best shot of the week --from the tee PAR3 - off the Blue tee = 215yards - 6iron hit as good as I've ever hit it .... onto a well guarded green ...flags was mid green on upper tier semi protected from bank covered in high tussock rough ...... the ball went pretty much straight with smallest of draws landed right front face of green rolled uphill 3-4yards to stop behind flag 2-feet away... And I did in front of a couple of younger guys that were letting me through so ...added some pressure
  17. Tidy enough 86 off the tips(with zero warm up hits !!) ...was happy to PAR the 4x Par-3 on the local course first time I've achieved that off the TIPS all parts of the game were working not always great(some dumb putts but finally my first game in some time I did have confidence from putting too the driver..just need to fine tune some of the stupid stuff out and I'll break 80 again soon
  18. Yes I don't like when courses trying making the greens so fast and pin placements hard to stop a ball close as a way to increase the courses slope rating ... even my local is rolling the greens hard n fast and am seeing some very hard pin placements where downhill putts actually increase in speed close to the hole ...just stupid IMHO ... there should be an advantage if you get the ball to land within 2-3 feet of the hole
  19. Yes local has one ... would like to try a 2-3 iron ...can hit my 4i pretty good most of the time.and can hit it pretty straight most of the time baby fade etc... guess it a matter of trail and error my local pro reckons I just need to keep trying the 3w off the deck ....thats another idea just more practice ... my biggest issue is a good size fade using the 3w which brings in the rough to out of bounds unless I'm aiming well left of target
  20. Been thinking about getting a 5W to match my Mizuno 1W(270yard av.) 3W (250y) as I have issues on our links hard short fairway grass during most of the year and have given up trying to use the 3W off the deck ... have got a PING G 4h and 4i the hybrid I can push to 230y if I give it 90% effort etc and get a clean hit... 4i shorter by a touch have got 3x PAR 5s at my local I very rarely make the green on the second usually within 10-20y (so close by so far!!).... not sure if a 5W will be the answer or maybe 2i-3i ?? and ditch the hybrid ??
  21. Very interesting so out of my last 10 rounds 8 have been in the 80s av. 86 ... so going of your link.. if I keep this up I should be a sub 10 ??? was thinking I would need to break a few high 70's into the mix to break into the single digits
  22. Bridgestone e6 Orange Golf Balls | Golf Discount Bridgestone e6 Orange Golf Balls - FORE Left, or Right?! Straighter-longer shots are the key to success in golf and you'll get just that with the 2015 e6 Golf Balls. Lowest Prices on Bridgestone Prior Generation at Golf Discount Used these e6 for a season and I'm sure helped some of my more wayward drives ...I agree Duo softs a very nice ball .. I started playing social golf around 12yrs ago started on a HC-28 short time frame less than year 20 games etc got to 20... I'd say your be a mid Handy-capper in short tim
  23. After reading your post I too expected to see a Low sub 10-HC .... But 32 ? surely you must lose a few if you have a good power hitting ...prob best to go refurb balls ... I've been using Taylormade Tour Pref-X ...and have found them as good as Pro-V1s in the shorter game ...but a touch more forgiving on longer shots I hit with a much lower traj >>>. Guess it really comes down to your swing speed and skills and wallet
  24. I find playing off the blue tees over standard whites gives me 3 more shots on the HC which in COMP play comes in handy also As I hit a long ball (upwards 290yards driver) I get in less trouble with trees on many holes and second shots aren't a major issue usually only have to pull a club longer .... only really one hole that is much harder In some ways I seem to play better golf playing slightly hard tee off zones ... more focus less room for error etc ??
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