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  1. Thinking about putters of all makes, models, flavors, etc... I had this crazy idea and wonder what you all think.Just like how Gibson or Fender make some of those "old school" electric guitars that look like they came straight from 1962, but yet combined with today's modern electronics, wiring scheme, etc... I wonder if the golf industry would do something like that, as a type of new marketing idea. Honor the past, while including today's technology, with golf putters.Take the old classic, Ping Zing putter from 1973, the same one that your dad played.Same look, same faded out copper finish, etc...But yet, imagine if Ping re-created it with today's technology (i.e. the Ping Vault 2 blade putter), but yet had it finished in a (faux, imitation) faded copper finish.Imagine if Titleist took the famous Scotty Cameron Newport from the early 90's and re-created the same look and finish, but yet with today's modern technology and feel?Let's not forget the ubiquitous Odyssey Rossie II putter. Imagine if Odyssey re-created it with the same look and finish, but yet built with Odyssey's modern technology, sort of like the Odyssey Stroke Lab Tuttle?I wonder if there would be a golf market for something surprisingly "Retro" where guys in the group would see an "OLD" putter in your bag, but yet you tell them "No, it's not old. It may look old, but believe me... it's all modern and high tech, but with an "old school" look to it".Am I nuts with this type of thinking in the golf putter industry, or would an idea like this catch on? Just wondering....
  2. @cooke119 That is exactly like my older friend from our Masonic Lodge. He is a great guy and like a 2nd Uncle to me, named Richard Turochy, whom I nicknamed "Uncle Dick" around the Lodge, and as hilarious as it sounds, the name stuck! Anyway, whenever "Uncle Dick" and I get a round of golf in, I would outdrive him by at least 50 yards. I'm 58, and he's 78. But yet, for every bad shot I make, he would be right on the money, 100% laser beam straight. He'll drive 170-175, then hit an amazing 5-wood or Hybrid off deck, right up close to the green, and then chip it within 2 feet of the pin. As my son-in-law teases me all the time: Don't play "old man golf". Those old guys can and will stomp your a$$ every time you step onto the course! LOL... 🤣
  3. I practice all the time on my living room carpet into one of those plastic putting cups, from roughly 6½ feet away, near the end of my couch. You all are going to think I am "not quite right in the head"... LOL.. 🤣 But if my wife or I vacuum the carpet front to back, all my putts are dead on straight, putt after putt after putt. But yet, if either of us, vacuums the carpet side to side, it creates a slight left hand "break" on the living room carpet! Ha ha ha... I don't know... Maybe I'm just weird!
  4. Didn't Rory Sabbatini do that once to another slow player? Nothing became of it, if I remember... Rory Sabbatini (who is well known as a "hot headed golfer") walked off the green, and was getting set to tee off on the next hole!
  5. I think this Bryson DeChambeau character is a complete {expletive}... 😡 PGA Golf is filmed live for TV networks, and his idiotic slow play causes the game to run over, which causes the TV network to run over, and it all snowballs from there. If I was a touring pro, paired with this clown, and he was on the green, analyzing every square inch of Bermuda grass, dawdling around, delaying and delaying.... I would casually walk off the course, and go buy my caddie and myself a cold beer from the beer cart. I'd walk back to my caddy, hand him the beer, and the two of us would STILL be watching this {expletive} analyze his upcoming putt!!! 😈
  6. Thanks... I don't know why I rest my left hand index finger over the right fingers, but, I just do... Like I mentioned in the video, I've been doing that putter grip for probably 30 years, and it works for me.
  7. I just made a quick You Tube video, showing how I grip my old, ancient, Odyssey DF-550 blade putter. I wonder how common this style of grip pattern is?
  8. That's awesome! I see those 845 SilverScots a lot in used racks. Great irons! I'm still playing 15 year old Ping i3+ irons, and even though they are ancient (by today's standards) they still work and still get the job done.
  9. LOL... 😄 Golf is the only sport that either elates you to greatness or drives you to your knees in despair. * One hole, you actually chip in with a 9-iron (bump 'n run) from roughly 10-12 yards away, and watch the ball follow the line, and drop right in the cup for Birdie! * Two or three holes later, and you end up in a very fluffy greenside bunker... (1) Whiff... ball moves 2" as you blast sand all over the place (hit too far under the ball). (2) Smash... contact more ball than sand. Ball hits the "lip" of the bunker, and rolls right back. (3) SLAM!... angrily, you swing properly but with too much force, sailing the ball out of the bunker and way over to the other side of the green, where it comes to rest on the fringe. (4) You two-putt for a disastrous quadruple bogey EIGHT on a short makeable Par 4!!!
  10. This is a great thread... As seen in the screen printed image (and imbedded text from Photoshop), I learned *the hard way* about drivers and shaft flex over the years - believe me! Confession: I used to own an older Ping G10 driver with a 9° face and a stock Ping TFC129 (Stiff) shaft! 10 years ago - okay, fine - I could blast the ball off the tee, like we all could back in the day. But then something happened, where it was like I woke up one day, and couldn't hit the darn thing at all! Something seriously changed in me, where I'm getting older, and not as flexible anymore. Oh well... What I finally learned: Too stiff of a shaft, and you'll only drive the ball about max 190-200 yards with a real low, 15' 20' high stinger, fading to the right. Everyone, repeat after me: DUH!! 🙄
  11. Gytaryst, Another option would be to gradually try to bring a club back as far as you can (don't swing). Try it again, and then again, to see if you can keep your left arm straight (well, straight enough). It exercises the back muscles and ligaments a little more than they are used to. Check out this photo sequence of Tiger Woods. How in the world he can do Image #4 in beyond me! His body is completely spun around darn near 90 degrees!!! 😲 You'll be able to blast the ball past 200 yards! Heck you'll be hitting it 225 soon after! You just need to try a full swing with full rotation, as much as you can without any back pain. You can do it! 😁
  12. I understand how you feel, Gytaryst (i.e. Guitarist? -- hey we might have something in common!) 🙂 Maybe a "senior" graphite shaft would help with you with your swing speed and allow you a little more distance. I was always on the border of Stiff vs Regular shafts back in the day, and my all time record, longest drive -ever-, was witnessed by others, including the tailwind behind us, and measured off by a nearby sprinkler head: 284 yards! But again, that was back in the day... I can't do that now, nor could I ever do it no matter what equipment I tried out. My son in law noticed me not hitting my Hybrid off the fairway decently one time, and made the comment, "What was that? You didn't even do a full swing! You did sort of a weird 3/4, type of chip shot!" When I realized he was right, it explained by I only hit my Hybrid 150 yards down the fairway - extremely short of the green. I hope you can get the distance you are looking for. Hell, I hope to also! Good luck! 🙂
  13. Like so many others, I too have noticed a lack of distance over the years, and it all comes down to my swing speed. I can no longer get up to 96, 98, 100 mph swing speed! I'd tear a muscle in my back! So, as seen below, I just screen printed an Excel spreadsheet of my golf clubs and merged it into Photoshop, to write on it. I hope it helps others who are also 6' 0" and use everyday, common length, lie, loft, etc... clubs. We are getting grayer and the belly gets a little pudgy, but we still keep on doing what we love to do! Edit: The 3iron is grayed in the spreadsheet, because it's in the closet, as the 21° Hybrid replaced it. I never could hit it worth a damn anyway.
  14. I have my 21° Hybrid, and immediately put my 3i in the closet! Can't tell you the last time I even swung my old 3iron. Once I got used to the feel of the Ping Hybrid, I bonded with it so strong, that it is my "go to" club when I need it! Normal fairway shots on the course: 185-190. Off the astroturf mat at the range (full power): 200. Right now I am debating on doing the same with my 4iron... Should I swap it for a 23° Hybrid? Hmmm....
  15. Has anyone discovered a Driver that they never really thought of before, but yet tried it out on a whim at Golf Galaxy off their used rack, and somehow someway, absolutely fell in love with it?I have been a Ping player for years and years and years, and have a philosophy of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it..." and play older model clubs and still play older model clubs no matter what year it is.My #1 Driver has always been a Ping G10 with a 9° face and a stock Ping TFC-129(stiff) shaft. Over this past year, I started rapidly losing distance and had a very bizarre ball flight off the tee -- 15' high screamers that only carried 225 but yet with massive top spin so they rolled and rolled and rolled. I met with an instructor and was told that it was time to face the facts that I am getting older and no longer had the oomph and powerful swing speed needed for a 9° face and stiff shaft. It was time to change. "A man's got to know his limitations" -- Clint Eastwood.Long story short, I found a King Cobra 454 driver in a 10.5° face and a stock Cobra Mitsubishi Rayon SL-45 regular shaft. The guy at Golf Galaxy reset the indoor range machine back up for me, and I tried out the used driver. I couldn't believe it! I was nailing every single drive straight out there with a beautiful high launch arc, dead straight, carry 252... 258... and my (max/best) clubhead speed was 92 mph.The guy at Golf Galaxy told me that I found the right club for my swing style and speed.They took in my used Ping G10 and gave me credit/discount towards the used King Cobra 454 and I quickly paid the balance without blinking an eye. Anyone else switch brands and realize that another make/model of club is absolutely amazing?
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