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  1. Here's a beautiful photo of Belmont Golf Course, right here in Richmond, Virginia (Henrico County's municipal course - home to the 1949 PGA Championship). This is #13, as seen in the title. An elevated, very tricky, par 3 that plays 171 from the Blues or 158 from the Whites. Mishit the tee shot with a 6-iron, and you're in the deep but very fluffy bunkers surrounding the green. Overshoot the green, and you're way in the back, down the embankment out onto the cart path that winds around. Edit: Oh, and the pin is pretty much, guaranteed to be right up front! Honest... My true mental confession: This is the only hole that I get worried on and get all freaky, because of all the bunkers that are just waiting to swallow up my golf ball! What do you think? How would you play this?
  2. butchammon

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    Good morning everyone,I shot an even 90 yesterday with my regular foursome for our Masonic Lodge get together/golf outing. My drives were straight (except on 5), my short iron play and tiny delicate pitch/chip shots onto the green was my downfall. 😖 Sycamore Creek Golf Course - Manakin Sabot, VA (i.e. just a hair west of Richmond, VA in the suburbs). Beautiful course, plays shorter than most, but has a nasty and very annoying creek intertwined all throughout - hence the name of the course.https://sycamorecreekgolfcourse.com/Hole 1, 340 yards, par 4. Score: 4 (par)Hole 2, 354 yards, par 4. Score: 5 (bogey)Hole 3, 368 yards, par 4. Score: 5 (bogey)Hole 4, 137 yards, par 3. Score: 3 (par)Hole 5, 484 yards, par 5. Score: 9 (complete disaster, penalty strokes, etc.. Don't ask!!!)Hole 6, 389 yards, par 4. Score: 6 (double bogey)Hole 7, 356 yards, par 4. Score: 4 (par)Hole 8, 175 yards, par 3. Score: 3 (par)Hole 9, 350 yards, par 4. Score: 5 (bogey)Front Nine Total..... 44 (Par 35)Hole 10, 410 yards, par 4. Score: 7 (triple bogey)Hole 11, 168 yards, par 3. Score: 3 (par)Hole 12, 337 yards, par 4. Score: 5 (bogey)Hole 13, 260 yards, par 4. Score: 6 (double bogey)Hole 14, 495 yards, par 5. Score: 6 (bogey)Hole 15, 134 yards, par 3. Score: 5 (double bogey)Hole 16, 349 yards, par 4. Score: 6 (bogey)Hole 17, 127 yards, par 3. Score: 4 (bogey)Hole 18, 490 yards, par 5. Score: 5 (par)Back Nine Total..... 46 (par 35)Grand total..... 90 (par 70)Pars: 6Bogeys: 7Double Bogeys: 3Triple Bogeys: 1Disasters/traumatic golf meltdown: 1It was still a great day yesterday, and for such a nice, plush, shorter-than-most, regulation 18 hole course, we all had a great time. I know what I need to focus on, where my strengths are and where my weaknesses are. I will break 90. I know I can! My main issue is during a bad shot/disaster, I mentally just lose it, get extremely PO'd, temper tantrum, etc... and about ready to bend a 5 iron over my knee! 🤬 I have to stay focused, calm down, and use my brain. (Example: Don't try a "bump 'n run" type of greenside play, when there is a big mound at the side of the green, 'cause it will obviously cause the ball to roll way off line, leaving me with a difficult putt. Instead, do a gentle chip shot over the mound, and take dead aim at the flagstick, trying to get the ball as close to the pin as possible).
  3. Thanks.... Update: As I said in that rambling video towards the end, I did stop by a local golf course (I'm playing next Saturday with members of my Masonic Lodge), and casually borrowed their giant practice green for a few minutes. Simply put: I'm a mallet type of guy. No question.... 😎 Odyssey Dual Force blade putter: Very nice, but only for short putts, 8'... 6'... and under. Constantly two-putted everything 10' and over. Constantly missed with wild inconsistency on longer putts. 😞 Generic, component, "Butch Ammon" mallet putter: Awesome putter that (obviously) I know how it handles and feels. Been "married" to this putter for years! Easy putts from 8'... 6'... and under. Two putted quite a few times from 10' and over. On real long putts, didn't have wild inconsistency, but yet was right on line, leaving it short for a simple tap in. Sunk two beautiful long breaking putts too! 😄
  4. Just a simple video, putting on my living room carpet this morning, and wanted to try to make a "comparison" video with the camera right down behind the ball, showing my putting stroke...1) Cheap, used, Odyssey Dual Force blade putter from "Play It Again Sports" here in town.2) My prized, custom made, generic component, "Butch Ammon" mallet putter (it's a copy of the Odyssey Rossie II).What do you think of my standard, pendulum, straight out 'n back, type of putting stroke? Those two errant shots off to the right, were me acting foolish and rushing the shot. Normally, I can make those simple 6' putts on the carpet over and over and over and over, 18... 19... 20 times in a row.
  5. butchammon

    Is the Hybrid on its return ?

    Hybrids are awesome. I have only one in my bag and love it. I was a late bloomer the hybrid scene, until a good friend of mine talked me into a used 21° Ping hybrid. I got a little small bucket of balls at the range, and only hit my 3-iron, used hybrid, my 3-iron, used hybrid... etc... over and over, carefully measuring each one, comparing the two. I struggled a few times to get the 3-iron cleanly hit out there 195-200 yards off the mat. The 21° Ping hybrid nailed the ball solid, laser straight, 200 yards with ease... every... single... time... My old 3-iron now sits lonely in the closet, and the 21° Ping hybrid is a permanent fixture in my bag and is the "go to" club for any lie from 190-200 yards out.
  6. In all the years that I have played golf (i.e. mid 1980's), I have discovered that everyone is unique when it comes to putting. Everyone has their own special grip, their own special stance, their own special swing tempo, etc...etc... I have my prized, custom made, generic/component mallet putter, 35" long, and resembles an old Odyssey Rossie II mallet putter with the black polymer insert. Anyway, I use a slightly bizarre putting grip, slightly upright stance, and it just works for me. I'll try to describe it when you look at the photo below, that I just took in my living room, while practicing putting across the carpet. Anyone ever seen a putting grip like mine? Right hand: Right thumb centered on grip, covering up the "Crown" logo of Titleist/Scotty Cameron Baby T putter grip. Right fingers naturally curl around the grip. Left hand: Left thumb centered on grip and tightly nestled into fleshy part of right hand palm. Left index finger, as odd as it looks, the left index finger points down the shaft, resting on top of the right hand fingers. Left fingers (middle, ring, pinky) naturally curl around the grip.
  7. butchammon

    Old used putters...

    Wow, there's a blast from the past.... I remember the Ram Zebra mallet putter! A golf buddy had one years and years ago. If I remember also, I think he put a piece of lead tape along the bottom edge to give it a little more heft.
  8. butchammon

    Wearing a Wedding Ring while Playing

    I have to keep playing with it on... It won't come off after 32 years of marriage and 15-20 pounds heavier!!
  9. I saw a thread about the ball position or something like that in regards to bunker shots. I wanted to take a little time, if possible, to discuss the #1 all time, best tip, best advice, best lesson, you ever had regarding getting out of the bunker the first time... For me personally, I struggled with bunker shots for years and years. Last summer I remember chatting with one of the drummers/percussionists in the Shriners "Million Dollar Band" here in town (I currently play 2nd chair trumpet). He too is a golfer and is also in the Shriners "ACCA Swingers" golf club. Anyway, one thing led to another and we were talking golf, and I casually mentioned that I always had troubles getting out of the bunker. I've been so tempted to just grab the ball and toss it out or kick it out when nobody was looking! He told me (since we're both Freemasons as well as Shriners), "Getting out of a bunker is easy... We all know 'Brother' George Washington on the dollar bill, right? Well, practice this next time you're at a range with a sand trap bunker...." Imagine a dollar bill underneath the golf ball. The ball is covering George Washington's picture. Now, we don't want to hit "Brother George" do we? That would be against our Masonic obligation! What you do is hit the dollar bill out from underneath him. (in other words, hit about 2" behind the ball, while the sand wedge clubface is open, and it will slide underneath the ball). Long story short - I thought about what he said, and tried it out last year at one of the local driving ranges where they have natural grass tees and a practice bunker way off to the side. I tossed an old Pinnacle ball in the trap and shifted my heels of my golf shoes down a bit. Thought long and hard about what he said, used my 58° sand wedge while imagining a dollar bill under the ball, and WHACK! --- I hit it right out of the trap with a descending blow, just like the pros do! It works!!! What do you think of this method?
  10. My brother-in-law did something similar a number of years ago, but a little opposite of the above quote... I forget what driver he had or had made from one of those component online companies, but he screwed up with the main specs - mainly the graphite shaft. He could hit his normal (but old) driver without a problem... The plain component, knockoff, whatever, driver was a disaster for him. Nice clubhead design from what I remember, but the shaft was totally wrong. He would slice it off into the trees every single time. No matter what... No matter what hole... No matter what tee box... CRAZY!
  11. Thanks... That's what I was wondering with Senior shafts. I had concern that if a regular everyday guy swung a driver with a senior shaft, and went up to roughly 92-93 mph swing speed, the club would be whipping all over the place from way too much force. Lord only knows the direction the ball would take!
  12. It sure is! Hundreds upon hundreds of types of clubs out there with even more varieties of shafts... I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to go onto sites like Diamond Tour Golf, Giga Golf, Pine Meadow, etc... and have them make me a generic, knockoff, Driver - but yet tailored to my personal specs. If it turns out to be a POS, well... lesson learned. Anyone ever do this, or am starting to lose my mind? LOL...
  13. As you might have seen in the other forum, The Grill Room, yesterday was my birthday and I hit 57 years old. It got me curious about my swing speed, tempo, etc... and am just curious if anyone has toyed with the idea of dropping down to a Senior shaft vs Regular shaft vs Stiff shaft, or whatever. Driver swing speed: 88 mph 90 mph 89 mph 92 mph 94 mph (if I really crank down on it with everything I got) Avg is around an even 90 mph according to the machines at Golf Galaxy. I was wondering about ordering one of those cheap knockoff/component drivers from Diamond Tour or Giga Golf or whatever online internet golf outlet store. Just a basic, no frills driver, but yet with a Senior shaft instead of a Regular or Stiff shaft. You know, just something cheap to test out and see if it would be worth it to keep for years... I'm just a regular buy, nothing fancy, 6'0" 210 lbs (still need to lose a few pounds) and currently have a 45.5" Ping G10 driver, standard length, standard lie, etc... What do you think? Anyone ever play around with different shafts in a driver?
  14. butchammon

    Happy Birthday Thread!

    Thank you... Yeah, I hit 57 yesterday 4/10. Or, as I joked to my wife yesterday: Me: Wow, I'm 57? Hey, let's add the two numbers together. 5+7=12. How about if I act like a 12 year old boy? Wife (not missing a beat): You already do! Gee, thanks, honey... Feel the love... LOL...
  15. butchammon

    What Do You Do for a Living?

    Hmmm... 1) US Coast Guard, Yeoman First Class (E-6), and I retired after a very nice career. To be honest (all veterans would understand), I got a little tired of trying and trying and trying to make Chief (E-7), so as the saying goes, I threw in the towel and retired anyway. 2) Unix systems administrator and then a database administrator. <disclaimer> I don't want to say anything wrong, but as you have all heard the horror stories of I.T. guys from back in the day... I too fell victim to the widespread "I.T. downsizing / job went overseas" scenario. I tried and tried to get back into I.T. and was viewed as too old, too outdated, a dinosaur, etc... </disclaimer> 3) Which leads me to my present job: I thumbed my nose at the I.T. industry, took a complete 180° turn, and got my CDL class B. I went to the county public schools, and became a school bus driver. It's a steady job and the hours are great. It's not for everyone - having to put up with 62 rambunctious elementary school kids on a bus - but it's a job and the benefits package makes it worth it. The pay is not great, and is a SERIOUS financial difference, coming from the I.T. industry, as you could imagine! But with a little juggling, refi the house, pay this off, pay that off, etc... we're doing okay...

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