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  1. Swing Flaw-Revealing Injuries

    What I would do is find someone on the tour with the same body as you.. if your tall and trimmed maybe ogilvy .. if your heavy and average maybe daly ... find what they do and mimic it... people have different bodies that need to accomodate more with a shoulder turn or what not
  2. Club twisting at impact

    First thing i suggest is slice all your balls to negate the hooking nature you have.. then you should alternate between slice and hook .. after you've done that you should be able to just throw your hand at the ball and towards the target...
  3. The best thing to do is tell the guy upfront.. Im not paying for another lesson so if you try and change my swing completely it wont work .. then at the end if you like him.. reschedule
  4. When things aren't going your way on the course.. remember there is still the next hole ... if you feel like you have done so bad there is no point in continuing, simply start practicing... hit 2 or 3 balls off the tee and try to make par ... if there is someone behind you.. just be happy your alive and able
  5. I went to Golftec when they had their $25 swing evaluation. All he told me was you need to keep on plane, that's why your slicing. I asked "extra" questions and he said that's for lessons. Personally, I think that the course is better for lessons because you can see where your ball actually goes. When the net is 10 feet away your slice or hook won't show and you will go to the course wondering what happened.
  6. I can hit my long irons (3-5) perfectly from the tee. From the turf I can hit them at all. If I can get them airborne they are either going left or right and not on line... any tips to help will be appreciated.
  7. chipping problems

    If your within 10 feet of the green you just resemble your putter with no wrist break. If your further than 10 feet keep your feet together, get low, and make sure to strike the ball.
  8. Hitting ball too high

    Put the balls to ball lengths ahead of the middle of your stance. Choke up on the club. Pick a spot on the ball to hit and focus on it.
  9. On the backswing I tend to want to close the club face and pull it way right... Even when I don't move the club in my hands I will still pull it left and hook it. Is there anything to resist the urge and hit a nice straight drive? Some things that kind of work is taking it back "flatter." Any suggestions appreciated.
  10. straight left leg

    My left leg is never completely straight. The "straightest" it becomes is at the top of the backswing right before I unload on the ball.
  11. The best chance any of us have in getting a 300 yard drive is getting the Hammer driver.
  12. Need help with irons

    visualize the shot before you make it