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  1. Not that I'm making a comparison but he did take the Broncos just as far as Manning did last year...
  2. If Slaughter can stay healthy he will be a great addition for a late round pick... everything else I agree
  3. A lot of the tournaments do let kids in free and some even let military in for free plus $150 for the week broken down per day isn't that expensive. It's the resellers that are making it expensive and they do it for every sporting/entertainment event. The major's are definitely pricey but again going to the super bowl or world series isn't exactly cheap either so I don't think golf will be hurting for fans more than any other sport.
  4. I can't remember the last time I whiffed it was probably 15-16 years ago but I'd guess the majority of people at some point have whiffed. Everyone at one point was a beginner and had the struggles that beginners have when they start playing. Now there are the few who just naturally pick up the game quickly and may not have experienced the pain as much as the majority of people starting out.
  5. He had a good year for never really playing football until 3 years ago but it's a risky pick. I'm guessing he either turns out to be a beast or is out of football in 2 years. Generally a team picking at 5 doesn't take the risk but if they feel like they can afford it might be worth it. There is a very real chance he will fall to the second round but I guess there's a chance for a run on QB's late first round.
  6. I just read the browns are trying to trade up and I'm not sure any of the tackles would be there for them to trade down. This is a tough draft to trade down because the tackles are the biggest chip and they may all be gone in the top 5. They might be able to make a deal with the Jets if the Jets want Millner bad enough and the Browns could take Rhodes.
  7. Be polite, great everyone with Mr. or Mrs., pay attention to when members are speaking to you and always ask how their round went today. I can't speak for every country club but where I am member if the members like you it will almost carry as much weight as your boss liking you.
  8. I played all winter with a Slazenger feel that I found so I'd guess 6 to 7 rounds and it held up pretty well. I pushed a drive and it ended up in a creek never to be seen again...
  9. I agree from a perspective of people playing the game, yes Tiger gave it a bump when he hit the scene. However guys that ran out and bought clubs just to start hacking it around on weekends because Tiger was dominating popular athlete has died down. However I don't think this guy has a point saying Tiger is bringing down the game since he did push more people out to play at one point which should have helped sales.
  10. I started wearing Under Armour golf hats and I have had zero sweat issues in fact they don't even get sweat lines.
  11. He definitely touches the weights might not be consistently but between that and an active lifestyle he can probably keep a solid physique. Not the best comparison but Bo Jackson barely ever worked out and he got by just fine.
  12. If he really wants to get good I'd say range time, practice all aspects, and play par 3 courses for a while. I understand why new players want to jump right on the course but it won't help you make swing changes or really practice. Lessons would also go a long way to putting him on the right path.
  13. If the are playable I will use them for winter golf and if I find extra I typically put them in them in the bin for the short game area. I went 7 rounds this winter with a Slazenger feel that I found and I was impressed it didn't take damage.
  14. I agree with this statement but one thing I've noticed is people will practice a ton by beating balls at the range yet totally neglect the practice green. Now this would be more for players that don't break 90 or 80 and obviously getting to the range will help. My point is I've seen quite a few 10 to 20 handicaps who hit the ball fine but if they miss a green it's automatically 1 or 2 strokes thrown away on poor chipping and putting.
  15. I'd be shocked if they actually pass it at this point because it will actually put the RB in more danger since they won't be able to lower their should to protect themselves. What I don't get if they are so worried about helmet to helmet and big hits on defenseless players just eliminate the pads. I'm not saying I'm for this by any means but it seems to work fine for rugby so if they want to get that protective of players it's a simple fix.
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