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    How can I go up from 105 mph?

    This. And This. And This some more. In answer to those who asked what I've been doing, it's pretty simple: 1. Diet and Hydration - I'm very overweight and if you want to HOPE to be a faster golfer, you have to be in shape 2. Core strength - I have been strengthening my core through workouts and going to the driving range with the goal of swinging as hard as I possibly can. Sometimes I shank the ball. Sometimes I crush it. But I just don't care. I just keep swinging until that number goes up and I start to him them straight at that number. Then I push harder. What I've discovered that is very surprising to me is that the faster I go, the straigher my ball goes. I think it's because when you have a fast swing you simply *must* swing correctly and therefore your form is on solid ground. The big things blocking my speed right now are: 1. A tendency to want to "lift up" (I hate this. I have done this my entire golf life and can't seem to stop). 2. Waiting at the top of my swing for my arms to catch up with my body. It was a fluke number (or a blessing from the gods) but yesterday I absolutely *destroyed* a ball at a radar speed of 111mph and it knocked out of the driving range. That range is at least 275 yards, so I'm wondering what was happening. Anyhow, I am going to keep working out, dieting, hydrating, and trying. I am going to do this!!!
  2. Darkenor

    How can I go up from 105 mph?

    Earlier someone asked me what I thought about my original post, so I thought I'd respond. The recommendations for the speed swing trainers look fantastic and I'm going to have to order some. And the advice to keep working out and refining your swing technique is also appreciated. Some other gems in the thread were personal testimonies on increasing/decreasing swing speed and what worked for them. On the negative side, I find that this thread seems to reflect a lot of the reason I believe golf has decreased in popularity over the years. Consider the fact that after I asked my (rather objective) question and got these as initial responses: 1. You can't/won't do it 2. Why do you want to do it? 3. You are wrong for wanting to do it. 4. You aren't physically capable 5. There are better things you could be doing 6. You should know your limits Shockingly, I believe (haven't bothered to confirm) that some of these thoughts come from what appear to professional golf instructors. This being the case, I can't help but think they must be terrible at their job. The coaches I had growing up always encouraged me to go toward any goal and to work at it harder and harder. A positive mindset can overcome most things. And while it alone can't make you Tiger Woods, it can certainly help you on your way toward becoming a better golfer. Something else I thought I should express is that it's also stunning to me how many people on this thread tried to discourage swing speed with an almost religious doctrine approach - even so far as to say it doesn't matter. I thought it was really funny when a post later said "No, you're wrong. It's important. Thinking it isn't makes you old fashioned." That made me laugh. Anyhow, I've been working out *hard* the past week and I've already seen an increase in 1mph consistently!!! :)
  3. Hi All - first time post for me, so forgive me if I make any posting etiquette mistakes. I'm trying to improve my sweed sping. Right now I am at 105mph and I know there are a lot of people who wish they could be that fast, so asking to go higher kind of sounds greedy. But I have a sort of "life goal" of driving 270+ yards. Dream goal of 300. Right now on a really good day I *think* I can get about 240-260 yards with about 225-240 cary distance, which is about right according to this handy chart: Coincidentally, I have one of those little swing speed radars that I love. My goal speed would be around 115 mph. From what I'm hearing, the thing to do to improve your speed is: 1. Lose weight (I'm a fat guy!) 2. Get a 6 pack (not beer) / do core exercises and concentrate on flexibility. 3. Do yoga 4. Swing, swing, swing! But I wondered if there are any other tips I could do to start working on this goal? Tips appreciated.

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