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  1. okay cool thats awesome... thought at first your strokes gained were that good haha
  2. might look into it since its pretty cheap as well. Do you feel any of the tracking items while playing? so those stats are how many strokes you are gaining relative to your handicap or pros or something else? Seems like an awesome tool
  3. Is there an easy way to calculate this or a spreadsheet you use?
  4. okay right i get that. i was just saying they aren't getting that close to the hole on average as I had thought. Do you have stats for FIR, GIR, length off tee,proximity etc that would give you confidence in if someone is a tour pro or not if you read stats?
  5. Right but 125th ranked on tour right now for proximity 75-100yds is only 18ft
  6. Thanks for the comments. Honestly, i'm hitting greens and driving the ball 300+ with ease but i just don't snipe the 15ft birdie putts - I have way too many pars. When i was playing a lot I was hitting 12-13 GIR but putting in the 30 range which obviously isn't good enough
  7. yeah fair point. Handicap can also be a lot better than you are if you go 69,80,69,82 and so on
  8. lol is he a legit plus 3 and not even coming remotely close in the qualifiers? that would be depressing from my point of view hah
  9. yeah that is a tad wild hah I guess you have to realistically get in the + high single digits (+8/+9) where you own normal courses like it's nothing that's a good idea. Make's it more like your actually playing minus the tournament atmosphere. Will try it out on vaca hah
  10. Right makes sense. Basically don't even think about it until you are scoring on the course ratings you stated and even then it has to be in tournament play. So a good goal i guess hah
  11. Thanks for the great answer. I guess the struggle really is trying to be able to practice while I work 12 hrs per day during the week. I plan on entering a few local tournament and maybe try to qualify for the amateur or mid amateur and see what happens from there. Motivation is completely for the game and love competing and think with hard work could get much better. Pretty much my exact thoughts. I am guessing you are no where close until you can consistently shoot -5/-6 on mid 7k tracks?
  12. lol fair point. Not really asking if i'm good or not wondering how you can gauge potential and if it's worth the time to bust your ass
  13. So, just found this forum and found it awesome. Here is my story and would love some feedback. I am currently mid 20s and have been working in NYC for 2 years post grad. I took up golf my junior year of college after quitting college hockey due to a car accident that rattled the ole head. My first time out I shot 50 and I was pissed to say the least lol. Fast forward about 15-20 rounds that summer going into senior year and I’m averaging 78-82. The next summer post-graduation I didn’t have a job right away so I was legit playing every other day and working on the range etc while I was applying for work. Just before I got my job I was sitting at a +0.5. Now, I know that there are tons and tons of golfers at scratch but how can one tell if they truly should make it worth their while? Any past experiences or feedback would be awesome.
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