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  1. Players irons vs game improvement irons

    thanks for the input smiterofpv1x , I am at a weird stage as I fell I have gotten to a point where I am striking the ball well with the wrong equipment, at first it didn't matter too much that they weren't fit for me as I wasn't making consistent contact. I totally agree about feeling comfortable and confident, if I am not confident you can kiss my ball goodbye. I have to wait til Saturday before I get my hands on them again, since I dropped them off to be bent and get them re-gripped, but I am itching to see how I do on the course and to be honest the rogue pros are very forgiving , I hit a few on the toe that didn't lose any distance just pushed it to the right, I went in thinking the x forged were for me and they are probably the better iron but I was way more consistent with the rogue pro so it was an easy choice. thanks again
  2. Players irons vs game improvement irons

    So after 4 days of trying out clubs and narrowing it down to the P770 , rogue pro and x- forged. The rogue pro came out on top for me, it was the most consistent for me in yardage and accuracy and although its a pro club I believe its more in line with a players iron and is very forgiving. The pga pro at Edwin Watts was amazing as well, being patient with me as I continued to try out mostly the same clubs the last fews days. now to get my golfpride align grips on and see what I can do at the course!
  3. I’m in the same position, I have a high loft(13.5) with a weak flex on my driver and have been using an oversized iron, I feel you adjust your swing but once I hit a few well it’s back to my normal swing speed which hurts my drive with the weaker flex. After switching to a extra stiff flex and a lower loft(9) ,my driving has been much more predictable, working on irons now but have hit a few I really like( x forged, p770s and rogue pro). I want to hurry and make a choice but I know these clubs will be in my bag for years to come. Good luck
  4. Players irons vs game improvement irons

    x forged, sorry I wasn't specific, , I'm not sure what all he had me swing but the x forged is what he recommended, now that I researched I found they were a player iron and not game improvement. I have very little experience in equipment as I started very late in life and first learned the game through video games. so I was just wondering what others experience was in making that transition. thanks you know I'm from texas since I want to use shoot for everything. yes I get a lot of slack for my irons and I got even more slack for the taylor made slider driver I had before the switch to the rogue, since it was 13.5 loft with a regular flex, it was going higher than my piching wedge
  5. Hello all, I'm your average golfer who didn't start playing until my 20's and had no background of it, however I'm pretty athletic and have good to great hand -eye coordination. I've been playing nike mach speeds irons for the last 6 years or so and never had an issue with the equipment. now this past year I have been playing much more and went from shooting in the 100s to shooting mid to low 80s. the people I play with laugh at the idea that I shoot with irons off the shelf and have never been fitted, so I finally get fitted and find out all my woods are the wrong flex for my swing speed and the loft is too high for my swing plane. he recommends me the 10.5 rogue with a accra shaft which I love but for the irons he suggested I get the forged callaway player irons. my worry is that I am getting ahead of myself ,even though I hit them well in the simulator. I just started really enjoying the game and would hate to struggle but would love to hear if anyone else has been at that crossroad and what were your experiences.

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