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  1. LeftyWhiff

    Club for long par 5

    I've been playing a few years longer, but have struggled with this issue as well. My driver has gotten much better, largely because I never quit trying to hit it, even when I didn't have much control over it. YouTube videos on driver helped. I've also struggled with controlling longer clubs and have used 2,3,4, 5 hybrids, and 3,5,7 woods in a variety of combos, but was never really comfortable with multiple clubs for longer distances. Didn't hit them enough in rounds to get good with them. What I've decided to do this year is use a 4 hybrid and a 5 wood for shots over 170 yards and just try to get consistent with them through increasing repetition. Seems to work for me, I use the 4H for 170 to 185 yards from fairway and light rough; the 5 Wood for over 180, but mostly only from fairway on par 5s. I've also quit trying to hit these clubs hard, and just focus on contact and swing through for a good finish. this seems to help with ball contact and with slicing and pulling. Both the hybrid and 5 wood are old Cleveland Mashies, I bought used for very cheap. I hit the 5W much better than 3 woods, consistency to me is better than a chance for more distance. my immediate goal is consistent bogie golf and I feel like i'm getting closer this way. Taking multiple lessons, practicing constantly, and using every club in the bag is probably the ideal, but not a practical approach for all of us. Hope this helps; good luck.
  2. Driver, 5w, 4h, 6-9 irons, pw, sw, putter. I actually have played this way a few times. Why split relatively rare shots you don't make often in a round with multiple clubs? Results of the stripped down approach: not a lot of difference one way or the other for me.
  3. LeftyWhiff

    Is the Hybrid on its return ?

    Everyone I play with uses 1 or more hybrids now. Some of my golf buddies have increased their use recently getting away from woods. I started playing in my 50s a few years ago and started with hybrids--no long irons, haven't seen anyone use a 2 or 3 iron. I have always had a couple hybrids in my bag. but I'm moving more toward woods now, because of the tendency to pull/hook my hybrids. Don't seem to do this as much with woods. One pleasant surprise for me is using the hybrid off the green rather than wedges or a chipper I used to use. Can put the ball closer to the hole with my 4 hybrid when just off the green than with any other club. Also, punch out of trees and forest better than with any other club. Hooray for hybrids.
  4. LeftyWhiff



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