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  1. LeftyWhiff

    Strong 3 Wood

    I've tried them all during my first few years of playing golf regularly when I really struggled with Driver. I've used mini-driver, strong 3 wood, regular 3 wood, 1 hybrid, 2 hybrid. Nothing stuck, and it wasn't the loss of distance so much--my first few shots with the mini-driver were quite promising, but the same issues that plagued my driver would eventually work down to the replacement club. None of the replacements worked well off the turf either. A few years ago, I started hitting the driver much better after lots of youtube videos. I quit swinging out of my shoes, made sure my hands and arms were relaxed, slowed my backswing and accelerated through the ball. I now hit fairways and close rough most of the time with the driver, rarely in the trees now. My next club in the bag is a 5W or 3H for turf shots and par 3s, and I'm not particularly accurate or happy with either. Glad I stuck it out with the driver.
  2. LeftyWhiff

    Top Flite Golf Ball Deal

    thanks for the heads up. I would prefer the old gamers in yellow, but they are discontinued. I started using some of the D2 soft balls I bought earlier in the season a couple of weeks ago, since it's been very wet here and greens are soft and fairways are mushy to swampy with a whole lot of rain. I've been very happy with my results with these balls. They do check up a bit if I hit down on them properly and I'm not rolling them off the green. I'll see what happens when the ground firms up, if it ever does here. You can't beat the price for a new ball. I bought a couple of more boxes and will finish out the season with them.
  3. LeftyWhiff

    Long par 3's and trouble with hybrids

    Long par 3s can wreck your scorecard. As far as laying up, if you can chip reasonably well, I also think it is the way to go. I'm better off short in front of the green with a decent lie for a low chip or short pitch than I am with a topped shot, or a shot in the trees, or a shot pin high 20 yards right or left of the green with a lob shot over a bunker. Lay up with a club you have confidence n gives you a chip and a par putt, a bogey if you miss the putt close. Swinging for the fences with a club I don't use much generally gives me a lot worse.
  4. LeftyWhiff

    What do you do when your driver isn't working?

    Wish I had a good driver alternative, but when I'm duffing the driver I don't do much better with the other clubs in my bag that would be logical alternatives---woods or hybrids. Don't quite know why, could be psychological. Slow down, tell myself to relax my arms, slow backswing and initial downswing, then accelerate and finish swinging out usually works.
  5. LeftyWhiff

    14 rules of golf Etiquette

    sometimes I will stand behind someone putting--didn't know this rule until now. Also, I didn't know that the line extended beyond the hole. Great, now I know.
  6. LeftyWhiff

    Man Hits Flying Bird with Tee Shot

    I've hit 2 in my 7 years trying to golf, crow at a range and a Canadian goose on the fairway. Wasn't aiming. Felt bad about it. Hit worm burners with hybrid both times. The crow lied on its side, then spread its wings, then flew away as I was walking toward the clubhouse to report it. The goose wasn't phased, although the ball made a loud thud, and he flew off with his crew as I approached him. Got a nickname out of it--Goose thumper.
  7. LeftyWhiff

    Oh my aching ______! (Fill in the blank)

    back for me. I pulled a muscle Labor Day and it keep me out for 3 weeks. I can swing now without pain, playing less and enjoying it more.
  8. LeftyWhiff

    Is pace of play (or slow play) a real problem?

    Once I was playing with a buddy and we got stuck behind a slow moving event, by the turn the event was finished but everything was backed up. 10th hole we joined the twosome behind us, since their foursome broke up for whatever reason. It took about 5 1/2-6 hour to finish. What made it especially miserable was the damned twosome we joined. Everybody was backed up and everybody was waitng, but these two constantly were bitching and moaning about the slow foursome in front of us. Most miserable round I've every had. Slow pace + incessant bitching about it from strangers = I wanna be a bowler.
  9. When I hear it, I mostly freeze and cover my head, but I may look up, which is idiotic. I holler when I think there is a chance that I might get close. I'm usually far short. Sometimes I'm late with the warning. Once a twosome was in front of me on the green, I went to my bag and by the time I looked at the hole they were gone. I thought they went to the next hole. I didn't notice that they were to the left of the green talking to a fellow in the maintenance cart and my ball went through them and I found it about 20 yards past, they may have kicked it up. The maintenance fellow said my ball was close and went through them. I apologized and explained. When we caught up to the twosome--two women--they wanted no part of my apology or explanation and I felt terrible because of it. I'm watching more closely now.
  10. LeftyWhiff

    A *Serious* Loss of Distance!

    Interesting post, which relates to an issue I've had. How accurate are GPS distance measures? The point to point from shot to landing point measure has to be calculated from the reference point on the green that the GPS uses. So if it's 400 from hitting point to green, and you hit 220 yards, but hit left or right of the point on the green and are 210 to the center of the green, won't your measure show as 190? Of course, the relevant number distance to green on 2nd shot is 190. The reason I've started questioning my GPS is that I once got a 160 something reading on a dogleg. I didn't hit my best shot, but it was longer than that. I have gotten a 230+ reading a few times (I used to think I hit my best shots about 240), and then I was pretty much center of the fairway on the shot. These were also quite exceptional shots for me, 200-220 readings are my typical ones, sometimes lower. I also don't want to think I'm hittng the distances the GPS says I am, and have quit looking. All of the above could be wrong, a rationalization from an old man resisting what he is, or is fastly becoming--older and weaker.
  11. I think there is a gap between 3W and 4I. 5W would fill it. I've got that in my bag today, but I go back and forth between hybrids and woods at this gap. I struggle with consistency with either.
  12. Up here (upstate New York) we are seasonal and stop for a few months to as many as 6 months a year. I don't like the long break, but the break in general does me good and I really enjoy the start of the season and my game early on isn't nearly as bad as I would expect. Breaks are good for me, helps to get perspective and when I return I enjoy it more. Good luck. I suspect we all experience the need to break from it from time to time.
  13. LeftyWhiff

    Sand Wedge Still Common?

    I typically use a stock S wedge (54 loft, 14 bounce) from my set when I need to get it out with distance, and a 58 loft "lob wedge" with 12 degree bounce when I just try to clear the lip. I have used PW on greenside bunkers. For me, the key with any of them is to swing behind the ball an inch or so and swing through hard trying not to worry about what will happen if I thin it (which will shoot it to the next tee box).
  14. Typically yes, but I'm p sure that a urethane cover makes more of a difference My own opinion is that the cheaper 3-piece balls will check up a bit better and hold the green better than 2 piece balls, but the cheaper 3-piece balls won't do this as well as the expensive ones and the ones with urethane covers. I've tried cheaper 2 piece balls, like the Top Flight D2, and the Maxfli version, and I seemed to be bouncing and rolling these off the greens more often. I was using Callaway Supersoft early this season (2 piece), and while these balls were very good for me for distance and keeping shots from slicing as much, they would bounce and roll off the greens a bit too much as well. Bridgestone e6 balls seem a bit better (and a bit pricier) and I really liked the old gamers. Thanks for the alternatives suggested above as well. i"ll try some of these when my current stockpile runs down.
  15. LeftyWhiff

    Consciously Hitting Down or Taking a Divot

    I take good divots but never think about doing so on the swing. Be careful swinging down steeply into the ball. I did this off mats on concrete when I first started golfing in response to youtube videos and the divot came out of my ribcage--I had a muscle pull that ruined golfing for about a month. Also, I started swinging more steeply with irons a few weeks ago with better results, but after overdoing it over the labor day weekend I've got a bad back strain that is going to keep me out of golf for at least another week.

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