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  1. Hi gents thanks for the replies. Just to clear up one thing. I did use all my clubs shorter than the seven iron so not the full tin cup experience.
  2. Hi After recent troubles with driving the golf ball. I made a decision to play a round using the club I hit the best most often. That being my seven Iron. I shot 91, which is about average for the way I have been hitting over the last 2 months. My best round is 83 about 4 months back and since then trouble hitting the fairways has been starting to affect my enjoyment of the game which is what ultimately brought me to the decision to try this. I enjoyed the round and hit all but 2 fairways which doesn’t reflect in the 91 but that was mainly because of my short game. I am not advocati
  3. Mike74


  4. Thanks for the responses I agree with nearly every comment to some degree. From what i read above it is about having confidence in your equipment. If that be an old set from the nineties or a brand new set of custom fit clubs from today. You simply can not expect good results if you don’t 100% trust what’s in your hands and for everybody that will require a different level of investment. I do get regular lesson and my swing in general is good but my coach has told me that until everything is where he wants it, he would not recommend spending a lot on new clubs because my game is still a
  5. Yes could be out of control but it does not feel that way. Just feels like the natural tempo for me. I have had some lessons and nobody is telling me I need to slow down. And when I do try to slow down thats when I really start spraying it all over because my hands and body get all out of whack. I think I need correct fitting with my irons to make sure I have no doubts when I’m standing over my shots. cheers
  6. Hi Colin007 I have shot under 90 just a few times in my life. So when I hit a wayward shot it can cost me 3 by the end of the hole because us average golfers are just not as skilled at recovering from a bad spot. So the difference between 96 and 89 for me can be just a couple of loose shots. Then you add the confidence and mental side of the game I would have thought the correct equipment on some days might save more than seven shots while on others it might save you zero. But it would never cost you a stroke. You just find such a difference in opinion on this topic. I can’t count
  7. Ok I’m am convinced that getting fit for the correct clubs can help your game but until now I never considered the possibility that playing the wrong clubs can hinder your performance to a point where it really damages your whole game. I recently went and had a driver fitting. Before starting I was given a 7 iron to warm up with. After a dozen hits I had an average swing speed of 98mph with the 7 iron. Now 12 months ago when I got serious about golf I brought a secondhand set of cobra baffled irons with regular flex shafts. They are nice and easy to hit but as the year has gone on my consisten
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