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  1. Greg

    Too HOT!!

    Its been pretty hot lately here in southern il, really notice it at the range, after just a few minutes im sweating so much that i cant see what im doing, have trouble gripping the club even with gloves on(which i hate wearing but have to because of moisture). Was off last week, played 18 with a cart one day, it was prob about 95 with heat index about 110, at least the course had some shade and had water available and drank several powerades but was still thirsty about the whole time. Actually played pretty well, think i shot a 45/48 for a 93 which is above average for me and it wasnt crowde
  2. Greg

    Night golf...

    Ive never played at night with a glow in the dark ball, have played a few times at a lighted par 3 course, got one close to me at governors run in carlyle il and another over at Yorktown at Belleville il though yet to play at that one. As long as you hit decent shots you're ok, hit it too far offline and you cant see too well but the holes are real short, most right around 100 yards, with the longest being about 150, 8 iron is the longest club I normally use there, maybe 7 iron if I have wind to contend with. Its a lot of fun on the weekends esp in the summer as its not nearly as hot.
  3. There's a guy in a wednesday league that will pace off yardages from the pin to the fairway 80 yards out. Just his style, he takes forever over putts. I was in the group with him, it didn't bother me at all, he holds the whole league up, but he has the right to play like that, who cares. Im guessing this guy is probably not that good either, pacing yardages, give me a break, thats what the sticks are out there for, take a quick look and make your best guess. Im surprised the league hasnt kicked him out. In reality, he doesnt have the right to play that way, he's not maintaining pace of pl
  4. Try ezlinks.com, its kind of like priceline except for tee times instead of hotel room. Sat a friend and I are playing 18 and cart for $17.20 each at a course where it normally costs $43, granted there are a limited number of times available every day but its free to join with no membership fees and yes you do have to pay up front but you can cancell 24 hours in advance. Even where I live in southern il there are a few courses available. You normally have to look probably at least 24-48 hours ahead of time to find a time you prefer, waiting until the same day and you wont find much. It
  5. Ive recently taken my 3 wood out of the bag and use my 3 hybrid which is a 20 degree. I can hit it basically as far as I could ever hit the 3 wood and can still make decent shots out of the rough and occasionally use it on long par 3's(200 yards+) so its a much more versatile club. I could really only hit the 3 wood off the tee or with a perfect lie in the fairway, end up chunking a lot of shots with it even then. I would add a 3 and 4 hybrid, I think you'll end up using them for those long fairway shots out of the rough, will be easier to get the ball up than the 5 wood. Go to a local s
  6. St Andrews actually looks like someplace i could play if i could keep it out of those bunkers, i doubt i will ever be able to travel over there and play but I dont think i would completely embarass myself like at some pga courses. Pebble Beach and Torrey Pines would be a great west coast trip someday. Augusta National would be nice to visit but it looks way too difficult for me to have any fun, same goes for Bethpage. TPC sawgrass would be interesting as well, love to play that 17th hole. I guess it might be one of the most copied holes as there is a course near me in Fairfield, IL in wh
  7. I thought most everyone worked out in some way or another whether to help their game or not. Ive worked out with weights for about 15 years, though the last couple years ive stopped lifting heavy at the gym and have some dumbells i use at home and run for aerobic exercise. I guess i see some benefits on the course, helps keep me stronger and more flexible and not as tired toward the end of the round. Im about 5'11" and just under 200 lbs and work out also to maintain my weight and fitness level. Even playing and practicing although i dont do either for exercise, im sure you do burn some ca
  8. ive worn glasses for 20+ years, never have tried contacts. The one drawback i see to glasses is moisture getting on the lens either from hot and humid condtions or rain and condstantly having to clean them off. As far as seeing the ball otherwise, i dont see any advantage. I would like to get corrective surgery to not have to wear either glasses or contacts but its still too expensive at this point, maybe in a few years.
  9. I play a few courses from the tips even being a high handicapper because they're so short, though i usually play from the 2nd longest tees. Most of the courses have red tees for beginners, white tees for intermediate and blue tees for expert in which i usually play from the whites.
  10. Im single here so i guess dont understand women telling you what to do and so on. After you're married and have kids is not the time to decide to stop letting your wife tell you what to do and when to do it. This sounds very familiar to a friend i have, he has 3 young kids and the only time he ever gets to play is when he goes with me maybe 3-4 times a month, he cant even go alone. Ive known both of them for a long time but it seems she really resents anything he does, she makes being gone 4 hours sound like being gone 4 days. I live quite some distance from him, i always come and play
  11. Im a high handicapper and although i havent had any eagles yet, ive had 2 eagle putts in the last 2 months or so. I drove a short par 4(about 245 yards) and reached another short par 5(452 yards) with a great drive and 7 iron and in both cases 2 putted for birdie. I almost chipped in on another short par 5 earlier this year, came up about 20 yards short on my 2nd and chipped to inside a foot. The courses around here arent long and it helps having par 5's under 500 yards. Ive been getting a lot more birdies this year but eagles are tough to get for anyone. But for all these great holes i
  12. Mine happened yesterday morning at Mcleansboro Golf Club in Mcleansboro, IL. Hole 6, 452 yard par 5. From the elevated tee(which is not usually used on this hole) and with about a 10 mph wind at my back, i hit my longest drive ever, about 290 yards and only had about 160 left for my 2nd shot. Hit a flush 7 iron to the right side of the green, first ever par 5 reached in 2. Almost messed it up by leaving eagle putt about 5 feet short but made the birdie. I guess i used up all my mojo on that hole as I played the last 3 holes at +8 but still shot a 47 for 9 as I made no worse than a bogey
  13. If you only hit shots on the range where you could control all the variables it would be a lot easier or on a simulator. Just simply addressing the ball exactly the same each time is hard to do if you think about it, its an inexact science done visually. A fraction of an inch toward the heel or toe and boom bad shot, even if you made the best swing you could personally make, maybe not so much with driver but matters more with the shorter clubs. And on the same plane as well, too high and top it, too low and chunk it and dont forget about alignment with the target and getting the right tr
  14. the pros on tv make it look easy. I never thought it was easy even before i started playing but it has proven to be difficult to stay consistent. Hitting good shots one day and and looking like a decent player and shanking them the next. Golf requires so much precision to hit accurate shots that im surprised i ever hit good shots. Just a fraction of an inch off is the difference of a nice straight beautiful lofted iron shot and one that goes straight right into the trees.
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