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  1. 31 years old and just starting playing. I know a few basics but still struggle a bit mostly with topping the ball and getting into a full swing...I'm still kind straight arming it and not getting into my backswing very far or follow through. But I tend to hit everything straight as an arrow. I had choice of two club sets, same price older Cobra II OS irons w steel shaft or Ping G5 that are graphite. Using both on air I felt I got better club speed w the cobra's. So I picked them up but kinda regretting not getting the G5s. After using the cobras at the range I'm not sure if either a> I don't have the club speed to be get the ball to carry (I'm getting ok height but not nearly as much as other golfers) or b> if it's just me being new and not getting under the ball and the difference between the clubs doesn't matter once technique improves. Debating exchanging for the G5s but not sure if itd make a difference. They have graphite shafts, which I've preferred in past just tooling around but I also had success w cobra brand in past. My question is would the newer G5s w graphite make much of a difference in getting more loft on the ball or would everything end up being equal w steel shaft cobra iis once i get more consistent in technique. Thanks
  2. Yea I think thats my biggest thing right now is the finish and follow through; I'm hitting down into the ball pretty well but not through the ball and def am not turning with my belly button towards the target. Felt like I was making really good contact and finally getting loft on the ball but felt like I was leaving it 20 yards short everytime.
  3. Thanks for the reply finally went out and played a full 18 w the cobras shot 113 with only the irons. Tried a driver and shanked both which is weird because when I first started playing 15 years ago I could hit drivers okay but sucked at irons. Anyway still struggling at times getting under the bar getting loft and getting distance. About 140 with the 4 iron, like 110-120 with a 7 <on very solid contact>. I know right now I'm not driving with my hips much and not getting fully into backswing or doing a great job w the follow through. What can I expect once I improve my iron game? I'm 32 and a average athlete.

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