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  1. Friz

    Pro AMs

    @carl3 I don't want to highjack your topic but I'm curious how a PGA pro performed at the CC @ Muirfield? As a kid I grew up living on this course, my house backed up to the 8th tee...I don't recall anyone famous playing there when I lived there although as a kid I may have just been oblivious, but am curious how it compared difficulty-wise for a professional compared to something like Muirfield Village
  2. this doesn't actually seem that difficult if unlimited mulligans is the only requirement. the 5 hour time limit changes everything, but his original statement makes this absurdly easy if it was actually unlimited mulligans without a time limit. Disclaimer - I don't know the golf course that well, so if there is something like a 280 yard carry required at any point that would take me out. But otherwise: -Hit drives until you're in the fairway -Hit approaches until you hit the green -Putt 20-30 times if you need to until it goes in Even on long par 4's if I can't reach the green, just get on in 3 and sink a putt and you're not falling behind. No reason you should have more than 18 putts on your scorecard in this format.
  3. Friz

    Aaron Wise

    he jumped up to 66 in the OWGR with the win, so he still has a decent shot to make this year's US Open - needs to climb to Top 60 by June 11 That said, its hard to say what this will turn into. I think we are a very long ways away from talking Ryder Cup...compare him to someone like Patton Kizzire - he has won twice this year and then sort of fell flat, and don't think he's in much of a Ryder Cup conversation. I always like to see young guys do well, always looking for the next star, but as impressive as he was this week he still has a long way to go.
  4. Friz

    2018 AT&T Byron Nelson

    very interesting course...no trees, no water, and pretty much no rough. good opportunity for players to increase their fairways hit percentage....i can't decide if I like the course or not, but I'll certainly be watching as much as I'm able to, at the very least its interesting seeing the Tour on a new course. i've seen it called a "second shot" course, so pretty much everything will be decided by the approach into the green. Not sure what the wind looks like in Texas for the next four days, but that will be significant in scoring, and could play a big part if it only impacts the morning or afternoon groups Thursday or Friday
  5. Friz

    TIL who Angelo Spagnolo is

    I was not alive when this event happened but believe this is the one my dad told me about, and unless I'm mistaken on the 17th at Sawgrass where he eventually carded a 66, he did eventually use his putter for the entire hole and putted around and up the walkway to reach the green...after hitting 2 dozen balls in the water or so
  6. It all comes down to whether you think you'd get use from the 3W. It sounds like you took it out due to never using it. If you have a reliable distance club off the tee that isn't driver, what would your 3W be used for? Not looking for an actual answer, just a question to ask yourself, because from your original post it sounds like very little if anything at all, and you'd just put it in because you feel like you're not supposed to have the gap after your driver, but if it works for you then keep it out. Personally I like having more flexibility around the green than off the tee
  7. Friz

    Driving Range Etiquette Question

    Ah yes, when the club hits the ground too early there must be something wrong with the club....people are funny, absolutely refuse to accept they're doing something wrong even though the only way the club could get to the ground was a result of his swing. That said, I certainly wouldn't say there is anything wrong with your scenario and for sure good etiquette, but definitely a big difference between approaching someone to ask for help vs. approaching them to give them advice. If that scenario had begun with you seeing him having issues and approaching on your own, I think it goes very differently for most people.
  8. Is there more to it? it sounds like in the event of a tie whoever is still there gets the spot. Ties can't be uncommon at all for a qualifier, so why leave?
  9. I would look at who is in the field, but that said I don't know where to get this info. Does anyone know if there is a list somewhere of who is in each qualifier? Even for not going to watch I'd be interested in tracking how the PGA guys do that don't automatically qualify and are going through the local qualifiers. Anyone know which PGA guys are playing in which local qualifiying tournaments?
  10. Friz

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    3 rounds over the weekend, 95, 90, 90. My general target is trying to break 90, but can't complain for the most part. Shanked an approach into the water on my last hole of the last round to finish with a triple bogey, something in the 80's felt certain there until I did that. My goal for the year was a round under 85, and I feel like I'm close very early, just need to keep some consistency and drop the disaster holes
  11. Friz

    Driving Range Etiquette Question

    i am nowhere near the best golfer, i could probably learn something helpful from a real lesson, but the absolute last thing I would want at a driving range is someone I don't know critiquing my swing, no matter how polite they were about it. I have a swing that works for me and I'm perfectly happy golfing at my current level. I play quite a few rounds as a single getting paired with random people, and have on multiple occasions had someone say something about my swing. Most of the time its not helpful or accurate, and all of the time its unwanted. If I want tips I'll seek them out with a lesson or ask, but as its been said, almost no one is going to appreciate getting unsolicited advice from someone they don't know when they're not looking for it.
  12. Friz

    2018 The PLAYERS Championship

    This is an interesting discussion. For all the sake of a label, its not a major, but it is absolutely treated like a Major in every single possible way. Fed Ex Cup points - same as a Major. Purse - same as a Major (more than The Open and PGA Championship). PGA Priority ranking - same as every Major in getting 5 years of a tour card, and actually in priority is higher than the Masters and The Open, not that it matters at the top of the priority list. So, all thats missing is a label and prestige of winning a major. I don't have a strong feeling either way, but it is interesting that it can't be called a major if its treated like a major. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck....
  13. Friz

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    first round of the year, i typically strive for bogey golf so any round in the 80's is like playing under par for me, so I was quite happy with a 44-44 / 88 (+17) for my first round of the year. I'll try not to think about the back to back triples I had on 15 and 16 as I was trying to close a great round, but I bounced back with birdie and par to finish. I don't get a lot of birdies or rounds in the 80's so I'm quite happy. Next up, 36 holes on Saturday and another 18 on Sunday
  14. Friz


  15. Friz

    PGA Tour's New Slogan: Live Under Par

    I get what they were going for, but at the end of the day being under par is good on the golf course, bad in life. If you want to make a campaign about living your life under par, you might as well just have your slogan be "Exist Below Average." Its the same thing. I get that you're supposed to naturally take the leap to under par being a positive thing in this scenario because its a golf slogan, but it doesn't work, every time i hear this slogan I just think about being less than average.

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