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  1. For me, over 90. Hard to hit my shots when I'm drenched in sweat lol. Particularly, when there's humidity involved (which has been the case here in Michigan, recently).
  2. Driver, 2-Iron, PW, Putter. Pretty much all I use anyways, at this time.
  3. I really like this post. Thank you for your contribution, Carl. Will be trying this later today when I go out to the driving range. 🙂 Like the other posters here, my biggest issue is the mental part/side of golf. For example, I couldn't drive to save my life last week (and the week before), but made it up with my iron play. These last few days, my driving has been great, which has caused me to get anxious on my 2nd shot. Because of the anxiety, my iron play has suffered. 😕 Again, mental. My chipping/pitching game improved drastically over night. I literally went from not knowi
  4. The set I have now (I don't count the set I got when I was 9 years old, or even 13 years of age, as I never used them ... unfortunately), I would say. Got it for $ 75.00 off a popular social media site.
  5. I don't mean to hi-jack the thread, Iacas, but what causes the ball to spin too much ? Generally speaking. I ask because I checked out a golf simulator this past weekend in my area and was told that my golf ball was spinning too much. I believe it was at the 6000 mark. I don't remember any more stats than that, other than my club speed being about 103 mph. Thank you.
  6. Shot 115 on Friday and 111 on Sunday. Any questions ? Because I have a ton lol
  7. Did you share some of your lunch with them, Patch ? ;P
  8. Reading through some older threads, I took the advice of a few people here and decided to spend more time out on the golf course, rather than at the driving range. And I do have to say, that my swing has gotten consistently better being out on the golf course. The driving range is nice and all (and I still frequent it once, twice a week), but being out on the golfing course just feels better, more natural to me. In MY opinion. I assume it's a mental thing.
  9. Not a fan, personally. But then again, I'm not one who likes noise anywhere I go lol.
  10. NoName

    Short Putting

    Missed a 2-foot putt yesterday on a hole I laid up beautifully with, with my iron. Got anxious/nervous and missed it slightly to the left. Grrr. But ... it happens. Right ? RIGHT ?? Lol !
  11. Wonderful news !!!!! Can't wait !!!!!
  12. Have been golfing a little over a month now and have played a total of 5 rounds, with my first 18 being yesterday. Made a conscious decision this past weekend to golf more and hit the driving range less (mainly due to what I've been reading on this forum, YouTube videos, etc. in regards to becoming a better golfer), as before I was hitting the driving range 4-5 times a week, for roughly and hour or two. After TODAY'S 9 however lol ... whew ... I don't know. Tempted to go back to the driving range and stay off the golf course lol (though to be fair, today seemed to be purely mental).
  13. You guys are the greatest !! Thank you for the replies !
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