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  1. NoName

    What are Your 2018 Golf Goals?

    Seeing as how I started last month, my 2018 goals are to get through Q-School, win my first PGA Tour Event, and last, but the not least, qualify for the 2019 Masters. Now when I'm awake lol ... I would just like to consistently hit the ball straight. And if I'm able to do that well these next few months, I'd love to enter a tournament, just to get the experience under my belt. Competing in Tournaments (particularly National ones), with success, is my overall goal.
  2. NoName

    Newbie Observation Driving Range vs. Course

    Haha, dully noted, my friend. And thank you for the warm welcome. I often have to tell myself to calm down after I hit a " good " shot. Because generally the next one is a violent hook. I fear I may have to start showing up to the golf course in disguise until I get better lol.
  3. NoName

    Newbie Observation Driving Range vs. Course

    I initially started hitting off the mats, until I noticed a good 90 % of the others were hitting off the grass. And when in Rome ... lol But yes, I have noticed that my shots on the mats appear to go much further than on the grass. Have also noticed, on the grass, that my divots sometimes go further than the actual ball hahaha.
  4. NoName

    Newbie Observation Driving Range vs. Course

    Thank you for the post, Dave. 🙂 Specifically, in regards to the muscles being used in golf, as well as the concentration that is needed. I sometimes find myself drained after driving range practice. Or even after 9-holes lol. Didn't initially think that golf required any amount/type of conditioning. I was wrong lol. And I have been seeing an instructor. Thankfully. I think ... now 3 times ? In the past month or so. I find that each time I go I learn more and more about what I'm doing wrong, and less and less about what I'm doing correctly lol. But that's what I love about golf (as I'm a perfectionist by nature). I love learning. I love the challenge. And I would assume, even after having played for 50 years, that you are still learning. Again, I would assume lol. But what a great game it is. And I think I'll check out that Member Swing thread. Would love some extra pointers and anything/everything that you good folks have to offer.
  5. NoName

    Newbie Observation Driving Range vs. Course

    Well said. And something I need to keep in mind. Certainly not trying to become a driving range pro lol (I believe that's what they call it ?).
  6. NoName

    Newbie Observation Driving Range vs. Course

    Thank you for the replies, guys. 🙂
  7. NoName

    Pro AMs

    Great story, Carl ! Thanks for sharing. Would love to hear some more myself. Will, hopefully, be attending a Pro Event here in the near future. Am curious to see just how good these guys are in person. Plus, I think It'd be a lot of fun.
  8. NoName

    EA loses PGA Tour rights, The Golf Club gets it

    Tiger Woods PGA games will forever be the pinnacle of golf games in my opinion. Through and through. Just love them. Particularly, 2011. The Golf Club ... not a fan. As one poster mentioned, the physics is ... well, off. By quite a bit, in my opinion
  9. NoName

    Newbie Observation Driving Range vs. Course

    No, sir. Hitting the actual signs/markers. But to be fair, 4-5 times out of 10. Certainly not 7-9 times out of 10 (which would be remarkable in my eyes ... with all due respect). And again, to be fair, the golf ball isn't actually making contact with the signs/markers. The golf ball, however, generally sits right next to it. With that being said, my strength at this time is my will to learn the game. My weakness is everything else lol. I appreciate your post though. Truly.
  10. NoName

    Newbie Observation Driving Range vs. Course

    LOL, well said, my friend ! It certainly is hard. Will, hopefully, attend a PGA Event here in the near future. Am quite curious with just how good these guys are in person.
  11. Not to sound arrogant, but with that swing I'm quite surprised he was able to achieve the goal. But ... it's clear that swing got the job done. Myself ... I wouldn't stand a chance. Maybe 10 hours, if given the chance. But certainly not 5. Well done, Mr. Portnoy.
  12. NoName

    Newbie Observation Driving Range vs. Course

    Well said !!! And thank you for the reply, Krupa ! Very informative post, trxEden !! Thank you !! And will put your advice into practice, my friend. Particularly the bit on flipping the time out on the driving range to actually playing golf. Which, to be honest, makes a ton of sense. I just oftentimes get a little self-conscious when I'm out there golfing lol. And sometimes fear my slice will take out a golfer or 2 from 3 fairways over haha.
  13. Hello gentleman ! As mentioned in my Intro a couple of days or so ago, I am a newbie to the game of Golf. Have watched it since I was a child (am 34 now), but never really knew, nor appreciated, how difficult the game really, truly is. With that being said, I've been playing now for roughly a month or so. And in that time I've spent a good 80 % of it on the driving range. Scratch that ... 90 % lol. Have played a few rounds in that time (have lost SEVERAL balls, 10 my first time) of course, but am really trying to hone my swing (see: hit straight) before I get back onto the course. Now to the point of my post ... I tend to practice 6,7 days a week. Generally the driving range followed by some work on the greens. Have noticed these last couple of days that I'm hitting targets (100, 150, 175 yards) more often than not with my irons. However, for example, I'm hitting targets consistently for about 30 minutes or so into my practice session. After that, I'm struggling to hit the balls squarely. Today, for example, I found myself " topping " the ball A LOT towards the end. Or, rather embarrassingly, whiffing the ball completely. And, also embarrassingly, I cant' seem to hit my driver and woods straight to save my life. I mean, they tend to go 200 plus yards everytime, but almost always to the right. Sometimes violently lol. So my question is this ... what I'm experiencing, particularly out there on the driving range ... is it mental ? Newbie mistakes ? Or is Golf something that one PHYSICALLY needs to become adjusted to ? Perhaps I should pace myself ? Not hit 60 or so balls each day ? Golf more ? Etc. ? Thank you.
  14. NoName

    Poor Lucas Glover

    Ah. Thank you.
  15. NoName

    New guy here

    Welcome to the forum, CasualG.

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