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  1. I really like his instruction and it's not that difficult to understand. Here's one thing I can't quite get: When he opens the wedge's face and rotates his body and re-grips the club. Maybe I'm doing it incorrectly, but when I open the face, I have to rotate my body so far around that the club feels extremely awkward. It's like it's out in front, toward the target. To clarify, I'm trying it with a 56* wedge and he was using a 60* wedge. Perhaps it would be easier with the more lofted club?
  2. Shawn Clement

    Absolutely! You just have to take the time to understand what he's saying. He emphasizes using momentum to carry the club up and around to the parallel position. If you don't do this correctly, it will be difficult to let your weight fall on the left heel. But if your weight falls correctly, you can make the swing naturally. He packs a lot of information into the DVDs and I'd recommend them to anyone.