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  1. Now I'm confused. Sorry. So if it's 43" tipped 2" it's 43" or it would then be 41". For example from golfwrx "3-wood: (14.5 degrees)Shaft 85 grams 6.5-flexLength: 43 inches (tipped 2 inches)" so is the length 41" ?
  2. Thanks very informative. Do you know if - When they say shaft length 43" , tipped 2 inches . Then does this mean it's 41" after being tipped. Also will the shaft be same flex if it is cut at the butt? Thanks again
  3. It's very simple . The lofts take care of the distance gaps. Make sure you are fitted. Also have a consistent swing speed. Shaft should match swing speed. If you really want to get your distances track man it. But it works. Been using it for 5 years +
  4. do you mind if i asked what length your sons driver is? just for reference. thanks
  5. I have mid sized grips and wanted thicker grips already but dont want to shell out for new grips. was thinking of using tennis wraps to temporarily wrap and feel if it works on the course for me. think is may work?
  6. Was at hawaii and saw a bunch of guys on tour that looked like they had a significantly shorter driver and fairway wood. thinking of cutting mine to 43 inches Driver & 41 inches 3wood. and maybe one inch off my hybrids. think it would add to accuracy? please let me know your thoughts
  7. Legit. I really think i works. has a learning curve but it will really improve your game. simplifies things and take guess work out. been rocking single lengths for more then 6 years now.
  8. think Xander Shauffle, not sure if i spelled that right. is using a shorter driver? saw some guys in Hawaii and looks like a shorter driver around 43"
  9. Does anyone know if any one on tour are using driver shafts shorter then 44 inches? Cheers
  10. Great advice I'm thinking of gripping down an inch just so the club works for me. It's just sometimes it doesn't sit right in my eye during set up. Not sure if you ever feel that way. Cheers Thanks for the reply very informative and it gives me options in my set. Cheers
  11. Hello people, hope all is well and those greens are cut. I just wanted to ask if anyone has cut their 3wood to 41 inches. Seems easier to game. And plus I feel right now standard length doesn't sit right in my eye when I set up. Please help thanks again peeps
  12. It's Smart I had 3/4" tipped of mine and am hitting at 80% fairways I'm also using a medium size grip plus 4 wraps. Go for it
  13. I cant see them wrecking your game. I myself use old irons from the 90's i think its just really knowing your sticks and be confident in them.
  14. No way. Its the worst thing specially in hot weather . The heat destroys rubber and anything thats not metal . Its best to take care of em.
  15. @1badbadger thank you so much its very helpful. Needed to see if they would bend. And the specs are very helpful too. Thanks again
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