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  1. I think I'll go with #2. Can't afford to be out of work again if #3 goes bad.
  2. New to forum and looking for advice. Hope this is the correct form to post this? I had an abdominal Aortic bypass 3 years ago, followed by rotater cuff surgery last year. Hadn't swung a club in 3 years until yesterday. Went to practice range. Physically I felt fine, no pain. But mentally, I'm so afraid of hurting myself that I can't control any long iron or wood. My backswing is shorter than it was, which I can live with, but I just can't relax and do a full follow through. I seem to be pulling up after impact, protecting the rt shoulder. This is giving me a hook....which I NEVER had. I can feel it as soon as I do it and know it's going to be a bad shot. Short irons were great out to 125yds, never missed a green. I was never a long hitter, but I was always straight, no hook, no slice, even with long irons & woods. Couldn't hit either of those yesterday. My immediate plan is to hit the practice range once or twice a week before attempting the course. If I can work through the fear and get my long irons/woods back, I'll be good to go. Any advice on how to get pass the mental block ? Should I just let er rip and risk more injury? BTW...Dr says I can't hurt his work by swinging, but it's it's not his shoulder or loss of work/income!
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