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  1. Thanks I'll try this. Am I right that laying down the club is legal? I mean can I use this when playing tournaments? I heard that the golfer may lay down the club, but it has to be removen before making the stroke. Is that ok if I lay down the club I am going to use for the shot, place my feet and then take the club from the ground, grip and make the shot?
  2. No. I tried to solve this problem by standing more to the left than usually, but if I checked my foot allignment putting the club to my feet, I still aimed to the right. I tried practising with correct foot allignment and that was really strange. Although I felt really open stance the ball flight was straight.... Ahm... I don't even know how to manage with this....
  3. My feet tend to be lined to the target. Of course I tried to fix this but I can't. I watched on my feet and in my opinion it's parallel to a target line, but when I checked they were about 10-20 degrees right. This caused problems in the past but not now. I just changed my irons. I used to play with GI cavity back's Callaway X12, but now I bought blended set of Titleist ZB. So my terrible push changed to the beautifull draw. That's amazing. P.S. My club face always points at the target.
  4. Right grip, stance and allignment are 80% of the success. So you have to be sure that's everuthing ok with your grip. Check this. If it's ok, there's a possibility that you grip it too hard. This often cause terrible hooks.
  5. I have had nearly the same problem. The first advice will be to use a long iron off the tee. I was able to hit my 3 iron about 190-220 yards prety straight and this is better then have a terrible contact with your 3 wood. I used this strategy on some tournaments. People were a little shocked that I play without woods but that was ok when I hit my 3 iron longer than they their drivers. But the really sollution is to make some experiements with your 3 wood. Try different tee height and even playing without a tee(some pros do so). When hitting, concentrate on your weight balance and saving the angle of inclination of your body. Don't try to hit it very long, just concentrate on hitting the ball with the sweet spot.
  6. Recently I bought Titleist ZB Forged 3-PW and without a doubt they are really great irons. It's very easy to make a controllable draw or fade and even a straight shot. The feel of hitting the sweetspot is really great. I'm in love with Titleist.
  7. Tempo

    I had the same problem with my tempo. Making swing (hitting the ball) with only your right hand helps a lot. I always start my warm-up with this exercise.
  8. Irons to choose

    I'll go for ZB. Thanks.
  9. I've always played with split cavity Vantage irons and now for some reasons I want to buy a new set. I want to buy Titleist blend set(cavity - long irons, blades - short irons). I have to make the right choice beetween Titleist ZB Forged and Titleist 735 CM Forged. I heard that ZBs have more blade feel than 735 CM, but 735s are easier to hit. The price in the local store is nearly the same. Any thoughts? Have anyone used both 735s and ZBs?
  10. Bye-bye short game

    When something in my game become worse, I always go back to my basics. It's a great tip. Check everything: stance, ball position, rhythm and e.t.c. P.S. Shortgame needs lot of practice because it depends mostly on feelings, so when your previous feelings will get back, everythyng will be all right. Good luck.
  11. Divot or no divot?

    The divot shows that you stiked down on the ball and the lowest point of your swing path is some inches after the ball towards the target. In many tour guys swings' this point is about 4-8 inches away from the ball!
  12. Divot or no divot?

    As for me, making a huge divots helps me to control ball launch. I believe that with my current swing it helps to increase backspin, that is very usefull when playing on my homecourse, which has very small greens covered with bunkers.