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  1. A few weeks ago in Baytown I had a guy come from another fairway and hit my ball from the middle of my fairway. I was not sure imediately as the ground was blind to me from where he was. When I got up there I found his ball in the rough, it was a Callaway ball which is what I was hitting only it had a different different color symbol, and he had put a line on his. Mine was clean. So a few holes later when we were parallel again I gave him his ball back and let him know that the ball he smacked into the lumberyard was mine. I was a little pissed as that was one of the few drives that actually was in the fairway. JR
  2. I did not start playing golf until I was in college back in 1991 and a buddy of mine and I hit the course in Athens, TX. I think this was actually his first round and we were riding. He sets up to hit a long iron and I tell him to wait just a second so I can move the cart, I am about 15 yards away and at a 45 degree angle from him. He says its ok and starts his swing as I am desperately trying to get the cart into reverse. Well he blades the crap out of the ball and it glances of the side of my foot just below my ancle. It did not hurt the rest of the day as it was numb, but the next day I could not walk, x-rays were negative though. Well needless to say my coach was none too happy, I had to sit out of basketball practice for two days. JR
  3. Well today I did two things that I have never done before. I played an entire round with one ball, and I FINALLY broke 90 with an 88. This was also the first time I played this course. I have played since college in 1990, but never really tried to get any better, well I tried, I just did not have the time or the $ to do so. Well back in July a buddy and I decided that we were going to get better. Since then I have played over 20 rounds, consistantly hit the driving range, and bacame a student of the game. Now tomorrow I could go out and shoot 110, but today was an 88! JR
  4. Congrats on the great round! JR
  5. I am 6'7" so all my clubs have an extra 1.5" on them, I have been using the same putter for several years and was wondering if it should be lengthened as well. I assume that it is all a matter of personal opinion and feel, just curious. Are there any draw backs to adding length to a putter? Thanks, JR
  6. WD-40 will work, also charcole lighter fluid, and the above mentioned. JR
  7. The one my buddy picks up the green fees on! I like links style couses. JR
  8. Ther are running a special on them $35 for 60 balls. I made the purchase, well just because I can lose 2 balls in a round or I could lose a dozen. Thanks, JR
  9. Now I am not 100% sure, but won't changing the ball you use make some difference? JR
  10. Thanks guys, that's why I asked the question. JR
  11. Has anyone used ••••••••••.com ? They have some really great prices on some equipment and I was looking for some feedback. Thanks, JR
  12. Well I started off with a nice 106 (NOT) and had lunch and decided that I would not sleep tonight thinking about it so I played another round. Shot much better with a 93, ok now I can sleep. Played in a group of 3 on the first round and it took the normal amount of time. The second round I played solo and there was no one out there. I was allowed to play through twice once on the front and once on the back. I thing I finished under 2 hours. Lightning Golf! JR
  13. Well yesterday got out with a buddy of mine and started out with a 9 on the first hole which is a par 4, so I though it was going to be one of those days. I turned it around pretty good though and ended up the front 9 with a 45, at that point I was pumped up. Started the back 9 and after 12 started feeling bad, but decided to keep going and ended up with a 51 on the back, so I keep it under 100 which is one of my goals for this year. And now that is three rounds in a row under that mark. Who would of thought that practice actually does help, go figure! JR
  14. Should have specified I have the X18R irons, I did not realize that there was an x18 set as well. I appreciate everyones input, I plan on calling Callaway on Monday to see what they have to say. Thanks, JR
  15. I came out of a Tommy Armour set of 855's and had a 3 and a driving iron. I could actually hit them pretty well, (considering the way I play) but see a big difference in the Calloways, and want to get a bit more distance. I also got a Taylor Made burner driver and a #3 rescue club which is a crap shoot each time I pick it up. I would like to stay with the same model club if possible. Thanks, JR
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