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  1. Are you noticing that when you think outside of the box on this website that the entire forum tries to jump down your throat?  I completely understand everything that you are saying in the playing golf without a though thread and it is amazing to me how no one can even make sense of what you are saying.  I am literally blown away by reading the responses.  Best of luck with your golf journey but realize that you are examining golf at a much deeper level than most can comprehend.  Take care R to L

    1. iacas


      Thanks for the chuckle.

      Here's what's actually happening, because it's got nothing to do with "thinking outside the box." While each of you probably see what you're saying as "the truth," and you see everyone else just being "sheep" (you've used the word "flock"), and you see yourself on some noble quest to share enlightened information (really, "you are examining golf at a much deeper level than most can comprehend"? Uh, no.)… what's actually happening is that both of you have unfounded opinions which not only defy common sense but defy actual practical application, what we see day to day in the real world.

      @Righty to Lefty: Ballstriking is historically defined as including the ball's distance and direction. If you want to discard those, that's fine, but almost everyone's going to disagree. They'll also point out that your facts are wrong when you say that ballstriking doesn't matter much in determining a golfer's score, and they'll also say bad things about your opinion that a golfer is not really playing golf and shouldn't be concerned with distance or direction so long as they aren't positive that every shot will be solidly hit.

      @Puttin4Dough: You're arguing against having any sort of swing thoughts, and say that it's a "negative" thing that causes "tension" and that nobody will reach a high level if they are thinking over the ball. You trot out really bad "stair" analogies… that don't even hold up to people running up the stairs, and have yet to demonstrate that you even know what a swing thought IS because it's certainly NOT "thinking about what muscles you need to move to lift up your left leg and put it on the next step." Nor are they "negative" or cause tension. You maintain this despite plenty of evidence thatt Annika Sorenstam (a Vision 54 gal), Tiger Woods, Justin Rose, recent PGA Tour winners, major champions, and more all clearly demonstrating or saying that they have swing thoughts over the golf ball.

      You're not tilting at windmills nor are you on some noble quest to educate those of us who can't think about things as such a deep level… you're just continually expressing opinions that almost nobody agrees with or getting basic facts wrong. Your opinions lack a foundation, and once they're let out of the vacuum chamber that is your head, they're crushed by the weight of reality.

    2. Righty to Lefty

      Righty to Lefty

      Time will tell...sorry for posting publicly in your account Puttin4Dough. My apologies.  I will take this back to the public forum!! 


    3. iacas


      Time will tell what? Whether your definition of "ballstriking" holds up? No. Whether ballstriking is the single most important part of scoring? Time has told on that one. Whether players with a swing thought can perform well? Same answer: time has told.


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