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  1. Yesterday I started a thread about how people don't turn anything in. I went back to the course today and as it turns out, whoever found it turned it in. Now I just wish I knew who it was so I could give them a reward. If it is anyone on here thank you soooo much and pm me.
  2. Over the years my 15 son has left various things on the course, usually clubs. He has gotten better and no longer loses things until yesterday. The rangefinder he uses must have fell out of the cart he was in and he did not notice. Do you think anyone would turn it in? No way. I once found $100 in a parking lot once and found the owner and gave it back. No one has ever turned in a club. Where is the etiquette? I have found clubs before and turned them in. I am sick of this. I know it is his fault for losing stuff, but c'mon. Please if you find a club or other equipment on the course don't take advantage of someone else's misfortune and turn whatever you find into the clubhouse. Just because someone lost or forgot it doesn't mean they don't want it.
  3. My son plays in junior golf tournaments and occasionally we talk to the players he is playing with. It seems like the top players in the tournaments always say they have been playing golf for about 2 years and when asked how much they practice they usually say they play once a week and then either see a coach once a week or practice for about 1-2 hours once a week. This is not just one or two kids who have said this, it has happened a lot. These kids are winning with scores that are even or under par. It is a pleasure to watch these kids do so well and I would recommend that anyone who wants to see some really good golf go to a junior tournament, but when I read the posts on here people say it takes lots of practice and years before someone reaches scratch. So, still being somewhat new to the sport, are kids just more natural athletes and are able to become scratch or better in 2 years or we being misled?
  4. The title pretty much sums up the thread. When using the driver or woods I have a tendency for the ball to go to the right. It doesn't slice, it just goes at about a 40 degree angle to the right. My irons on the other hand go straight and then, near the end of the ball flight the ball curves to the left. What can be done to correct these? Thanks.
  5. My 14 year old son has been playing golf for 2 years now. He wants to play golf for a college someday. He puts in a tremendous amount of practice and playing time and his scores have gone from the 100's to the mid to high 80's in those two years, however, when he plays in tournaments his scores are terrible. For example, recently he played a practice round and scored very well, the next day he played a tournament and his score was above his average score. He is getting frustrated because the other kids in the tournaments say they have been playing about as long as he has but they rarely ever practice yet they score better in the tournaments than he scores in a casual round. Does anyone have any advice on what he can do to improve his tournament score?
  6. That's kind of what I am asking, this is for my son. I am curious how high school students practice and see improvement yet still have time for all the other things that come with school. I would like to have a good plan on how to practice and still see results without burnout. My son is playing competetively and wants to improve.
  7. My son and I start school next week (I am a teacher) and we have been practicing a lot during the summer. My question is, now that we have limited time how would you practice if you had three hours a day for 5 days a week? I am figuring 45 minutes a day on putting, 45 on short game, 1 1/2 on the range using EVERY club (meaning more short game practice included). Three days a week practice and play two days.
  8. Golfing Dad

    Broke 70!!!

    Great job...How long have you been playing?
  9. My son inherited Big Bertha x12 senior flex clubs from my dad. Currently he uses his sand wedge for chipping, and it doesn't flop enough when he uses it so the ball rolls too much. I happen to have a 60 degree steel shaft wedge. Is it a big problem difference to have one steel shaft in your bag if all the others are senior flex? I am not loaded with money and I figured this is a cheap way to add a lob wedge to his bag. I figure if he practices enough he will get used to the differences. Thanks
  10. My son broke 90 yesterday for the first time also. He shot an 89. Congratulations to all of you. Now if only I could break 100.
  11. Then that must be the problem. On the scorecard next to the red tee yardage it says 127/76.2, but right below that it has a line that says, "Women's Par 118/72.0." On the courses' website it has those reversed. I called the course and they said that information was correct. Something must be wrong because it was not a very hard course.
  12. I looked back as for a 2008 on this site and couldn't find any answers to questions I had about handicaps so I hope no one minds me asking (most people on this site seem pretty nice) I have been keeping my son's handicap for the last few weeks because he has been playing 18 holes instead of 9. His home course is rated a 70.2 with a slope of 122 from the whites and is around 6300 yards. His scores are in the mid 90's to the low 100's with a 110 and a 112 on two bad rounds. Using just the scores from his home course his handicap was around a 20 after 7 rounds. Recently he had a tournament and we went to the tournament course a few days before and played a few rounds. Being that the tournament is a shorter distance than what he usually plays, he played four rounds from the reds, which is around 5500 yards. The tournament course has a rating of 76.2 with a slope of 127. For four rounds he shot between 90 and 94. If I include all 11 of his scores in his handicap index it comes out to be 15.2. Could that be correct? I saw on another thread that a person hits their handicap about 1 out of every 5 times they play, but if he has never even hit an 87 how could that be his handicap? It seems too low.
  13. How do you guys play a ball that has gone OB when you are walking? Yesterday I hit a drive that was off a tee box that was high on a hill. I sliced it right, which I have done on this hole on several occassions in the past, so based on my past experiences I figured I wasn't OB and I didn't hit a provisional. When I got to my ball it ended up being OB by about 2 inches. I ended up playing it where it lay and took a 2 stroke penalty so I was lying three. Do you walk all the way back to the tee and tee off again if you are walking?
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